Sunday, October 20, 2013


Well, finally!  I got desperately brave and called my eldest grandson in LA area, and in no time flat he had me on the right track!! 
I cannot begin to tell you my relief.  I have always used AOL as a browser, and he informed me that it was NOT the best "browser" to use.  He had me go to enternet explorer and I was immediately back in business, AND I learned some things! 
He is coming to visit in the next couple of weeks and show me how to do several things.  I cannot wait!
He is the most patient young man.  Seems like yesterday he was toddling around and today he is in his mid thirties, a husband and a father and the sweetest grandson to me.
SO... :)

 This is the fireplace mantel..which I've already shown..

...but this is an idea I came up with from the suggestion that Joyce @ Octoberfarm came up with.
She suggesting putting the orange Halloween lights in containers..and I loved it.  So I used a basket with a weave the lighting could show through.  Nice!
In the evening it looks like the glow of coals on the fire.. it is MUCH too warm here yet to light the fireplace.
It gives off a cozy glow!
Love it!
My tabletop is ever changing..and
Would you believe there was some things I didn't have room for? 
Believe me ..this place is crammed.  Every nook and corner..and I love it.
So...are y'all proud of me that I didn't cave and do my usual storming off in a huff and at a rash moment delete my entire blog?  Because you KNOW that is exactly what I came close to doing.
What did I learn?  I learned what a lousy BROWSER is!!!  :)
Many hugs and thank you so much, all of you, for being there for me! 


  1. Hallelujah, hallelujah... Another thing you have learn't is to reach out to your grandchildren and say HELP.
    You don't know how pleased I am to see your beautiful Fall decorating. What a great idea about those orange lights.
    Yippee Mona you are back.

  2. I bet you are so happy to be able to post some pic, it is such a bummer when the computer won't act right, love the autumn pictures around the fireplace and I love the Halloween sign it is so fancy...

  3. I love your fall and I love it crammed into every nook and cranny! That's how I do it, too!!!
    Modern technology is tough sometimes.
    I use Google Chrome and it works pretty well. I bought a 'grown up' phone this past summer and all of a sudden I couldn't send pics from my phone to my email. After fussing with it and doing a lot of 'drive by clicking' I finally went to the AT&T store where I bought it and the nice young man that sold it to me straightened it all out for me!! I could have hugged him!! I'm baking a batch of chocolate chip cookies tomorrow and taking them to him!!
    LOVE your blog!!!

  4. Hello my Mona friend,
    GOOD GOING !!! Everything looks BEAUTIFUL !!! And, YES !!! LOVE how the sights looks in the basket !!! It really looks just like a fire glow !! Sooo warm !!
    I put mine in jars at Christmas, filled with bulbs and beads .... Sooo FUN !!
    Sure hope everything is going well with you and yours !! Been busy around here, with just running around, baby showers, birthdays, and fun celebrations !! So much better when it's fun things !! Doing better all the time, and, really getting excited for the holidays and everything it brings ... happy times ..
    So happy you figured it all out !! Missed seeing your wonderful face around and happy to see your charming FALL home !! You've done beautiful everywhere !! Lovely mantel and table scape !! Now, for FALL cooking ... stews, soups and chili !! LOVE it !!
    Have a happy FAll week, enjoying your cozy home xo
    Love to you ~Tanza~

  5. Hi Mona! I'm your newest follower and I'm so glad you didn't delete your blog because I love it. The idea of putting orange lights in a basket is fantastic. It does look just like a fire is lit behind it.

    Isn't technology great? I always say it's wonderful when it works!

  6. Oh I am thrilled that you are back in business. How fun. Since Blogger is Google and Google is Chrome, if you ever need to, just use Chrome as your browser, no problems ever and everything loads to fast. Thrilled you are up and running again. Hugs, Marty

  7. What a fabulous grandson... I say that you change your will and leave every penny you have to him. LOL

  8. yay!!!!! so glad you did not cave in mona!!! and what a good idea to put lights in the basket. i never thought of that! your table is glorious! i'm so glad you did not quit!

  9. If I only knew you were using AOL, I could have told you the same thing. My AOL was hacked!! Glad you have a smart grandson to lean on!...:)JP

  10. Remember our phone call - "Call the grandson", plus many friends commented a similar statement - so you see Mona, we did not have to lose you. I am going to have to remind you now and then that you are a terrible computer technician. We always say if you have a problem, ask a 6 year old.hehe. Well, so happy to have you back and listening to wise advice my dear. I love your table and mantle. I also have a "baket" of halloween lights on the porch, which look extremely cool at night - Yep, the 8-9 foot witch went out on deck yesterday. Looks awesomely creepy :)
    As our dear friend "Kotter" said -

  11. Oh goodness, I also am doing the AOL browser, now I know, thanks to you dear friend, that maybe the grandson has helped me also. thannks Grandson. I al so so happy as I love your blogs.
    Your Florida Buddy

  12. HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY! Welcome back the decorations!!!

  13. help, nOW MINE IS SO MESSED UP. help

  14. Glad you're back. I've had trouble with Internet Explorer and use Google problems. So, if IE gives you fits ever...use Google Chrome.
    Love the basket with lights.

  15. Yay you are back in business! My brother is a computer geek and he got me to use Chrome. It works so much better for me.

  16. Can you hear me screaming with JOY from Georgia? Wait... let me scream again:) I am SO excited that you kept at it until you got your groove back on with blogging AND that you are loading gorgeous pictures again! Love your Halloween decorations and what a great idea to use the orange lights to add a glow! Enjoy your day dear friend! Tell your Grandson thanks from ME!

  17. Wonderful to see that you're back! I have way too many blogging buddies with blogging woes. Currently, it's BJ at Sweet Nothings, but I'm encouraged by your return! Your home wears autumn beautifully!

  18. So glad you got the problem solved. Love your Halloween decorations especially the basket with the orange lights in it. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  19. I am so glad that you fixed the computer. I would hate not reading your posts, dear friend.
    Hopefully the weather well be getting cooler so I can come out and visit with you. You know you are always welcome if your ever down in Orange County.
    Your home is so pretty with all your fall and Halloween decorations.
    Have a great day.

  20. Yeah! I use Firefox for my browser. I gave up on the others a couple of years ago!

  21. Hi Mona! Oh, you do have a wonderful son and I'm so happy to hear he's coming to visit you soon! My oldest son is a computer whiz and always helps me, too...sometimes patiently, and sometimes not so much! Ha! But, I can be a bit dense sometimes!! When I began with e-mail and the internet, I used AOL, too. It was probably about the only thing available then, but I always had computer problems of all different kinds and he kept telling me to get rid of AOL....that AOL was causing the problems. BUT, I didn't understand how that could be, so did I listen to him?? No! Not for a long time, but as soon as I did...everything worked fine again, just like you said yours is. Yay!! I'm in the middle of writing you an e-mail, but I thought I better check and see what your blog said first! :) ....Oh, and I LOVE the lights in the basket!!! You are right, they are gorgeous!! Hugs...

  22. Very nice Mona...I like the idea with the lights in the basket, I may borrow that one :) Blessings

  23. I am so delighted you decided to stay with us. I was worried.

    I did not even think of the browser! Your grandson is wonderfully smart...I wish I could borrow him to teach me some computer knowledge.

    Your place looks so beautiful. I can hear the joy in your voice.

    At Music In The Mountains where Andrew played music they decorated the stage with orange lights in thin orange material. It was beautiful.

  24. Hooray!! I'm glad all is well..thank goodness for smart grown kiddos. Your basket is pretty with the lights. We may have snow by Friday so I can have real fire...not that I'm happy about that! I once put a basket with greenery in the fireplace and my grandson said:"Yaya, why do you have weeds growing in there?" Little smartie pants!

  25. Yeah, Mona and kudos to your grandson. Seems so many of us had thoughts on how to resolve your problem and changing browsers was the easiest. I didn't even know that AOL was still around and much less that it had an internet browser. As someone already suggested, Google's Chrome browser would be another good choice and you can have both Internet Explorer and Chrome on your PC. I do and use them interchangeably.
    Beautiful fall decos, as always.

  26. Oh you have to bake your grandson when he comes over. That was sooooooooooooooo sweet of him. I know you are relieved. And you are bad girl.

    ANd I love your home and all those pictures - it is gorgeous and everything is back to normal.


  27. I am so happy that you are back and able to post pics! Your fall décor is very cozy and pretty. Loved the lights in the basket.

  28. SO happy that you're back and all fixed up! Like some others who have commented, I use Google Chrome as a browser too. You don't have to eliminate Internet Explorer, but you can install Chrome to try it. I have 3 browsers on this laptop, but use Chrome almost exclusively. It's a learning curve with anything new that we try to use, so I understand if you use what's working for you now. Thank Heaven for computer savvy grand children, eh?

    My own website doesn't display well with Chrome. It does best with and other things don't play when viewed with Chrome. I wrote the HTML code by hand myself, back when I was creating email signatures and Incredimail Stationery, (years ago now) and I am not good at making it look good in all browsers. I really should get an html editor. At 73, it's getting harder and harder to learn new things, so I hesitate to take the time to learn how to use an editor program. Oh well, I haven't updated that site in years anyway. Don't know why I keep paying the $50 a year to keep it. Kind of like hoarding things in the house that I might use again "someday"? LOL

    I'm so glad you are back up and running. I would miss you terribly if you weren't posting.

  29. Dear Mona - SO glad you got it figured out! Those grandkids are the best!! Love your Halloween/Fall decorations and looking forward to more great posts now that you're back at it! Hugs - Rhonda

  30. God Bless ALL our Home-Grown help who so patiently steer us through the mazes of the great world out there.

    I'm loving all your decorations---we've been at such sixes and sevens that I have not even the wreath on the front door yet.

    Glad you're all smoothed out and enjoying your OCTOBER!


  31. The kids know everything about computers, don't they? I'm glad he helped you. I love your decorations. I think Fall colors look the prettiest in our homes. I always put lights in a basket, too. They look so neat! Enjoy your week my sweet friend! Hugs!

  32. Dear Rhonda...I hope you get this message. I hate not being able to thank you for stopping in and saying "hi" to me. You leave such nice comments! :)

  33. Dear Mona -
    Soooo happy that your Grandson was able to resolve your computer problems & that you are back posting, photos & all. I didn't have any idea that AOL still existed, let alone doing business as a browser. I assumed AOL had gone the way of the dinosaurs when dial-up disappeared. These days you really have to compare the features different browsers offer to know which one(s) you want to select. Not every browser performs every function a person may need, so it is not unusual for some people to use multiple browsers in order to perform certain applications.
    Thank you for your kind response to my previous comments. I don't know why my email address does not show on your end because I do have it set-up to do that.Thanks for letting me know because I was not aware of the issue. I don't have my own blog yet, so if know you can't reach me via a blog link. I will check into it because I set up my Google profile with the option to provide my email with comments. Meanwhile, here is my email address:
    I Loved seeing your beautful Fall decore. The basket with the lights is one I will definitely be copying, so thanks for the inspiration.
    Mona, I very glad that you decided not to close up shop (I didn't take you too seriously, given that you were batteling a computer). I could tell that your computer had pushed you to the edge after eating a lot of your time. I am so glad you summoned the courage to call your Grandson for help. Luckily, the photo problem was an easy fix for him and fortunately for you your photos were uploading again and you got a bonus of having your Grandson say he is coming for a visit. A total win win situation for everyone. I love it when a bad situation ends up being a positive experience.
    Mond, you are a fantastic lady & I would dearly miss, along with a whole lot of other nice followers. How else do you expect us to keep up on all your latest creative exploits, garage sales finds (treasures) & that adorable PH of yours? You are the real deal Mona and that is a rare thing these days. My hope for you is that you have no further confrontations with your computer for a long time. If your computer starts giving you consternation (hardly ever get to use that word anymore), scare the crap put of by warning it that you are officially related to a technically proficient person who you can contact for advise if it choses to starts giving you a bit of trouble - that should keep any computer from acting up. Well,....maybe not, but it is comforting to think a computer could be intimadated into behaving itself.

  34. Ooooooo . . . I love the orange lights in the basket. May I idea borrow?

    So happy you are back . . . I think your grandson gave you some good advice!

    Your house looks so festive and ready for Halloween!

  35. Glad all has been settled and you are blogging again!! We would miss you if you were gone!!

  36. :) Thank you,Jean! I am addicted to blogging and would be lost without it... I keep hoping you will one day blog.

  37. Please tell me how you contacted Blogger with your problem Maybe they can help me....

    I am going to buy orange lights and put them in a large basket of fall flowers...just like yours. :) I love that idea.
    and...I love you, too. :)

  38. Hi Mona...sent my email addy in case you want it. It was to the AOL addy on here.

  39. What fun decorations and such a festive home. Like the idea of the little lights in my baskets.

  40. I'm glad You're back again :-)

    Yes browsers can be a pain in the a.. to be honest. I use two different, Opera and Comodo Dragon. For me they work better than explorer and Chrome.

    Have a great day!

  41. Hi Mona,
    I am trying to get caught up on blogger posts.
    Love all of your festive fall and Halloween decor.
    And oh I am so very happy you didn't delete one of my all time favorite blogs!
    Big Hugs lovely lady,

  42. so glad for you that your GS could help you and that you did not delete your blog. that basket of flowers is beautiful and what a super idea to put lights in it. i might use that for Christmas..


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