Saturday, August 17, 2013


It was NOT my idea to go to garage sales this morning, but PH rolled me out of bed at the ungodly hour of 7:30!  Yes, I am usually up earlier..(old folks get up early, because they want to get as much living in as they can...) I know.  That wasn't a nice thing to say at all.  But in my case, it's just plain true! we went by 8 a.m.  with the sun already beating down on us..
Bless his little heart!  I am glad he made ME get out of the house.
(I think he is sick and tired of me crankying all over the place!)
The first sale we stopped at had not a thing I would want...but then..the second one..and what cute things.  Since it was already getting hot..I didn't spend a lot of time looking..
I thought this big planter with gorgeous rooster and hen on it..could not be passed up.
I really DO like it a lot.  A real Ivy is going in it for the front porch..Fall is on the way..(yeah, sure!)
I paid $3.00 for it.   It measures ten inches high and 12 inches across and is round. 
Very heavy.  A nice piece.
Now I wish I had bought more than just the two frames..but PH was already in the car..and it was getting HOTTER by the minute.
$1 for each frame. 
 Oops! Not a good picture of this frame..but it really is adorable.
 Little Fairies adorn the edges of the frame.
..and you KNOW how I am about them there Fairies!
Soooo sweet.
I also found a garage sale on the way home that had every toy that was ever made for a little boy.  Most were way to big for our tiny toddler, Roman..but I did buy a few things for the Great Grandma's little toy box.  I like to have toys him to play with while he is visiting.  The Rubic's Cube??  Hey, the kid is a genius!!
NO idea WHY I bought the Rubic's Cube.!  I loved the doggie necklace with the black chain..and the little airplance with propeller and wheels that turn beautifully.  Had a few scratches on the matter.  Roman won't care one bit!  Besides, I have that color paint and I can touch it up a bit.
The little fish..well that was a keeper!  You push the buttons and bubbles come flying out and you are suppose to put rings's a game.  Like I kid!
No..really ..he is! :) 
I bet anything his daddy will play with it!

Hmmm...not sure who this little guy is but looks like someone from..???
soft rubber...really nice little necklace for a tiny boy.
Like brand new..probably is. 
And of course the WHITE FOOTBALL!!  Wha' the heck?!
I gave the little boy $2.00 for all the toys... :)  He was thrilled!  So was I!!
We got home before the really bad heat hit us...then visited with our son in law who came by for awhile.
I miss them living nearby. 
And that was our Saturday.  Nice.  Really nice.
Now I am off to turn off the sprinklers!
Wanna come with me?  No?


  1. Oh it was 114 here today, so I do know what you mean. I didn't do any shopping, I went to a BD party this afternoone, so glad it was all in air conditioning. You found some great treasures. Love the planter and the toys are fabulous. Hugs, Marty

  2. I love you for getting out of bed that early! Now, how do you guys find your sales? I used to get the local paper and circle a few and then go on the weekend. I fell away from that when we started going to the lake, but sure would like to catch a few before it gets cold.

    I love your planter! Cute, cute, cute! The frames are great, too. I'm having trouble finding 4X6 frames, most are 5X7. As far as the toys, I think that little guy may be from the Simpson's show. He looks like one of those cartoon characters!


  3. When will that heat lift, I say . . . sounds like PH knows the hours that are best to be out and about . . . Fun finds!

    Try 6:30 AM next, it will be cooler . . .

  4. The Simpsons - "Sideshow Bob" character that doesn't like Bart - now you are going to say - "of course I knew that" he,he.
    Oh what a find you had - love the little toys. I have a magic closet, where - when the kidz come, they always find something to play with or take home. My great nephew "Kyle" was here recently and of course first place he wants to go to is the "Magic Closet" and magically found a UKE with his name on it and was soooo excited to play with Aunti Lilly on her real UKE - we had such fun parents told me later that night that he played and sang all the way home????? - and took it to bed with him - aaah, there's just some days that are delightful, Eh
    I love your Rooster planter - I collect those roosters and have some that are really old from my Mom and Grandfather. Oh Mona, how I would love to go "garage sailing" with you - we would have such fun,Eh. My brother Gary found salt n pepper roosters (olde) at a Flea Market quite a few years ago and bought them for me. I guess we call garage sales Flea Markets here, although the term garage sales is used too. The little bubble fish is way cute and I think even I would use that:) Have a wonderful day.

  5. your weather would do me in! we are going into the 80's here and i am dreading it. i love all of your finds. the planter with the rooster is great! i am off to a fall festival this morning.

  6. Great Saturday finds, AGAIN:) Love that ROOSTER planter! Can't wait to see it all filled with a gorgeous plant! Enjoy your day sweet Mona, stay cool! HUGS!

  7. MOna, You had a fun day. I love that planter. I can't tell you how many yard sales we drove by yesterday. I know it doesn't hurt to stop and look, does it? Enjoy your Sunday. xoxo,Susie

  8. Watering the garden never ends in summer. You certainly got the pick of the bunch with the rooster planter. It's good just to have fun.

  9. That planter is wonderful! What great bargains you found Mona.

  10. Anything with a rooster and a hen is a good buy :-) and as some already told You, that figure is Sideshow Bob. He who wants to kill Bart Simpson all the time :-)

    Have a great day!

  11. Hi Dear Mona! Oh, such sweet little boy things you found! I love your Rooster planter and the picture frames. I do believe garage sales at your place have much better prices than the ones around here. It's hot here too! And humid humid humid. Just puts me in a bad mood thinking about all of this heat!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  12. I love the rooster planter! What a great find and all the toys will be great for that little guy.
    Hopefully the heat will break soon and I can hardly wait for fall. I do not go out in the heat and I get a little stir crazy.
    Stay cool dear Mona.

  13. I'm starting to get in that fall mood with our nights being in the 40's and 50's the last week..but it's going to get a tad warmer this week because the kiddos go back to school and it's always stinkin' hot that first week! Your finds were good and I know Roman will enjoy the toys! Stay cool!

  14. As I get older, I wake up earlier but only because nature is calling! Hate that!! I'm not an early bird at all, but a night owl.

    Love your garage sale finds. The chick and rooster planter is great! I love roosters. Better nail that one down on the porch, if I should drive by....haha!

  15. Count me in for anything that has Roosters or Chickens on it! I've been missing going out to estate sales myself. Trying to resist them as the house is full and the purse is empty...but there is one coming up this next weekend that we are NOT going to miss. Planning to go, God willin and the creek don't rise :) Always love seeing your latest finds.

  16. What a lovely Saturday morning-you found some great stuff:).



  17. Great garage sale finds...
    yep, us grandmas and great-grandmas gotta have toys around. :))
    I used to be considered the garage sale queen around these parts but I've not been to even ONE this whole summer. Just knowing whatever I bought, I'd have to move, so ......


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