Saturday, December 22, 2012


We had company this evening and were visiting in the family room.  I've told you the story of my Christmas Bear..he is in my header with his little knit hat on with my name on it.  He's mine, you see.
He has been sitting silently in my chair for days now, not a peep. 
We are chatting and as always I pick him up to move him so I could sit in the chair, and suddenly Silent Night begins playing, his little red heart beating away..I almost jumped a foot!  He hasn't played in a couple of years now.  I nearly cried.  My friend that happened to be visiting lost her husband just ten days before mine.  Pat died on December 15th and her husband died on December 5th.  We met at a "Grief Closure" seminar my daughter made me attend.
When the song finished playing..we were both silent but she knew how special the moment was.
I sat him on the sofa and we went on chatting.  PH came into the room and I told him what had just happened.  He knows the story.
About a half hour passed while we visited.  Suddenly, Mona's Christmas Bear began playing again.  Just sitting on the sofa..not being touched.   It Came Upon A Midnight Clear began to play sweetly and we all just sat staring at him.  I said "See?" 
Now I know it has to be some glitch..and PH being savy about things like that has to be a lose wire.  He said with electronics thing like this can happen.  I know he is right...or is he? 
I will always believe I am being reminded. 
I take it as a sign.  I always will.
 Every year my daughters and I get together and make egg ornaments for our trees.
We save our Christmas cards and cut out tiny scenes to glue to the eggs.  We save and collect old jewelry to decorate the eggs with and I buy German crushed glass to add sparkle. 
Fuzzy pictures, but you get the idea. 
These are getting pretty old.  Made back in the 1970's. 
 This particular egg has Christmas scenes all the way around.  Mom trimming the tree.
Bringing home gifts..
The family gathered around the piano.
An old woman taught me years ago..and she had her eggs shown all over the world.
Mine are a little rough compared to what hers were like. 
Blowing out the eggs is the hard part! 
If we get two or three really nice ones made, we feel lucky. 
One of my first.
They are here and there all over the tree.  I lose one or two each year to my daughters. :)
It's where they belong now. 


  1. Hi Gloria,

    Beautiful post and I love the "snow". Yes, I decorated blown eggs too and I always loved creating the winter scenes. I have 2 very old goose eggs and I think I will get them out today and work on making ornaments for the tree in the living room. Thank you for the reminder.


    MERRY CHRISTMAS sweet friend.

  2. Oh dear friend, peace comes to us in the sweetest ways! Yours was in the music playing again from your sweet bear:) LOVE all of those sweet egg ornaments and the memories you have making them! Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!

  3. Oh Mona - the egg ornaments are just lovely - I can remember making these with my Mom as a small girl. Each and everyone is just beautiful. So, Mr. Bear has decided to be musical again. I remember the story and know he making himself play just for you and sharing that with your friend. Uncanny or just plain thoughtful. I pick just plain thoughtful. Happiness to you and yours kiddo.

  4. haunted bear! haha! that is so sweet! and the eggs are wonderful!!! we only got a bit of snow....damn!

  5. Mona, your egg ornaments are wonderful. I've often thought of making some of my own but have never gotten around to it. Merry Christmas to you and your wonderful family.

  6. Oh your bear is fabulous and I agree, it is a special blessing when it plays. I adore your eggs too, so gorgeous. I hope you have a very Blessed and Merry Christmas. Hugs, Marty

  7. I would take it as "a sign" too and believe it to be so . . . I loved this Mona . . . Happy Christmas and New Year . . . Love, Lynne

  8. I call things like that a God Wing - something God gives us to go on.


  9. Your tree is lovely. I can't believe how nice those egg ornaments are and that they have lasted (not gotten broken) for so long. What a great tradition. I'm sure they bring many happy memories to your kids. I loved the bear story and I'm glad he still has that magic that sends love to you each year. Have a lovely Christmas Mona!

  10. What a beautiful post. I am sure that the music is from the angels watching over you. Thank you for sharing such a tender story. And the ornaments are beautiful. Such loveliness. Thanks you for sharing. Hugs,Karie


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