Saturday, December 15, 2012


Such a tragic day.
I love our front porch and even when it's cold outside I still enjoy morning coffee out here and watching the birds at the feeders and watching them drink fresh water from the running fountain.
PH faithfully fills it every single morning when he gets his newspaper.
I removed my usual container, found a pretty red Christmas bucket, filled it with water and fresh bows from trimmed Christmas tree's.  The lot where I bought my tree is happy to have me haul the greenery away.  I overloaded it and I love the look.  (saved some more in the back fountain to do a refill if these start to fade.) 
*The brown frame on our windows and garage are going to be painted  red..SOON!
Not to much, just a touch.  I added fresh greenery to my baskets.  They will stay watered along with my plants.

Ok..just a touch more..
The front window where Mele loves to lay and watch the birdies!  (I must catch a picture of her there.)
The birdies watering hole. 
Sooo comfy!
No, really!  Go ahead, have a seat!  It's nice!
Sometimes when it's so hot in the summer, people will take a little break when delivering flyers...I don't mind.
Oh..and a neighborhood cat..well, she likes to nap here., I don't mind.  Honest.  But it drives Mele nuts!! 
One day when my family is all united again for Christmas, I have promised myself  these tree's will be lit up.  It's why I wanted them planted in the first place and they are growing so fast.  Our poor lawn was just fed and reseeded..looks sad, doesn't it.  Sandy wants to come out in Spring.  I want her to see them...
4:31 a.m.  Today is the day I lost Patrick exactly 15 years ago.  Sometimes it seems like yesterday.
I haven't been to bed, just too much on my mind.  I haven't done this for awhile.  Just one of those nights when my mind refuses to let go of what's happening.  There are no answers sometimes.
Love to all,


  1. I always enjoy my visit with you! I know that chair has my name on it:) Sweet view of your porch and all of the green! Have a blessed day dear Mona! Hugs and prayers to you as you remember this day!

  2. everything looks beautiful! Sorry about your loss, even though time has passed I know it must be difficult.

  3. Your porch is so welcoming & peaceful. I hope you find rest & peace today. Blessings . . .


  4. So sorry. The loss is still fresh but know he is watching over you.

    He may sit with you in your beautiful oasis.

  5. It sure looks beautiful, like a really nice summers day :-) I wish I could have Red wood here, they would look magnificent when really high with lots of lights in them :-)

    Have a great day!

  6. Oh, Mona! I'm saying a prayer for you today.
    Now look at your front porch! It's gorgeous, beautiful and I wish I could visit you and sit there with you! Oh, your plants are just thriving and all your accessories and furniture and rug - are perfect.
    What a treat it must be for your visitors to come up and see this.
    Now about my Christmas dishes - they're cheap and from Target! :)I think I paid $24 for a service for 8 one year at Christmas. The next year I decided I needed some more and prayed they would still have that pattern - they did and so I bought another set! I don't have any really nice ones but I love these just fine! ;)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  7. Mona-Your porch is gorgeous but sometimes there is no refuge for the mind. I have nights like that, too. I am sure today is a bittersweet one for you...even with a new life it is hard not to remember the old- xo Diana

  8. mona! your porch is gorgeous! i love the throw in the window too. go to bed woman!

  9. Your porch area is gorgeous, all that green, Mona...I am looking at brown with the tiniest bits of green peeking through!
    I am sorry this is such a hard time of year for you...remember Patrick is looking down on you smiling.

  10. Mona your magical touch is really showing through. Your porch is beautiful, so lush and green. I would love to sit and have morning tea with you on those comfy chairs.
    You need to go to bed or you won't see the day through. Let PH hold you tight and it might help melt the sadness.

  11. I have nothing to compare the beautiful colour arrangements of plants and furniture, accessories, etc with. All I can have you think about is my frozen pond, my skates on, winter clothes and ski pants, red mittens and red scarf blowing in the wind as I skate round and round. Thanks for the beauty you have given us today and your thoughts are just where they should be when you remember Patrick. If you didn't remember, then that itself would be sad with not just his loss, but the sharing of all those wonderful years. You are just doing what normally comes to us.


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