Friday, November 30, 2012


I accomplished NOTHING today.  It was overcast and rainy out all day but PH did.  He did get the garland up. Tomorrow the lights.  I hope.  I usually have my tree by know.  I've been lazy...BUT on Saturday...I did good.  Not much..but GOOD!
 At the first garage sale I found this lovely little Nippon teacup.  I gave the woman the dollar she asked for it because it was worth every cent!  I didn't quibble (which I usually do!)  Holding it to the light you can almost see through it.  Not a chip!!  Just beautiful.  No saucer, of course, so I paired it with this pretty but lonely little saucer.  It works for me.  Would you just LOOK at that sweet little rose? :)
 Then I added this little Christmas spray of pine etc.  I love it because my end tables are very old and narrow.  Unfortunately I painted them..but I after 30 years I was so tired of them. 
They are very narrow so this little bit of Christmas cheer is about all they can handle.
 The next thing I found was the silver water pitcher filled with exactly what you see in it.  However it also had several very dirty cream ribbon on floral sticks.  I cut off all the broken berries with the white showing through..gave the velvet poinsettia's  a bath along with the greenery.  (not the berries!)  They just got a good dusting..  When everything was nice and dry, I put it all back into the pitcher I had shined up.  I like it.  I really do. 
This little cream iron basket is made of heavy iron.  My daughter had a garage sale  and this was in it.  She wouldn't let me pay for it..just said she was tired of brought it home, filled it with tiny pinecones and another little Christmas spray like the one in the teacup.  Yep...this is good too! :)  Daughter keeps looking at it...and of course she can have it back anytime.  DARN!  :)
Everything on this coffee table are garage sale finds.  The cloth is heavy and lined.  There was also a lovely runner at the same sale and I bought that too.  The bookends are little owls.  The red book has a velvet cover.  It's a childs story. 
N i c e Saturday's shopping.  Total spent?  $6.00.    I had to use flash, unfortunately, because when I didn't everything was a strange yellowish color and very blurry. dishes, new bedspread and shams.. :)
Ok..back to decorating...
Love'n hugs!


  1. How do you do it Mona, some hoe American garage sales are far, far cheaper than here. That Silver pitcher would have been at least $20.00. Your little cup is a treasure, and has another life with you. The best thing I like in that setting on the coffee table is the cloth.What an absolute dream. I hope you go again this week, and have more fun.

  2. Oh how fun, you did find some great treasures. I love the silver of course, and the iron basket is wonderful too. That teacup is so beautiful, I just love it. Can't wait to see your new dishes and bedding. Hugs, Marty

  3. What I love about you Mona isn't the fact that you find the bargain..or the coolest stuff...or the prettiest's the fact that you put them together so beautifully, and display them with flair. Your finds are so nice and your home looks ready for the season. You've inspired me to finish up my decorating today! Have a great weekend.

  4. You know what I like the best about your adventures at garage sales, - its what you produce from what you bring home - sometimes it needs nothing at all - perhaps just a little cleaning and tlc, but then some of those pieces come together with Mona's magic touch and become splendid showpieces throughout your house. I want you to decorate when I purchase my new home. OK :)

  5. Girl, you got some pretties:) I adore that little pitcher! Have a blessed day and don't work too hard! HUGS!

  6. Hi Mona...Feeling better? Hope so.

    Love seeing all your finds. The teacup is my favorite. I didn't realize that the cup and saucer didn't match...they go together perfectly.
    Have a nice time decorating...don't overdo.

  7. Hi Mona - I can't believe the deals you get out there - we have nothing like that here that I know of. You found a lot of pretty things. I'd love to go shopping with you someday.

    Prayers and hugs,

  8. Mona, you do find the best treasures! That little tea cup is so pretty and goes so well with the saucer you matched it to.

  9. Just love the things you picked up. Aren't garage and thrift sales awesome? I think I like the little basket best of your finds. If your daughter wants it back.....just tough it out!! Or break down in tears as you give it to her. Either should do the trick!! Joan

  10. Very nice finds, Mona, and you really make those bargains look so wonderful with your added touches. I'm sure you will be busy with your inside decorating on the rainy days. We have put up very little this year, and no outside lights but we are enjoying our little tree.

  11. You must live in a great area for garage sales! I would have a ball living near you. Your finds are always so interesting and beautiful.... Connie

  12. Bargains and decorating for Christmas. Life is good.

  13. You certainly found some great things. I love all your sweet florals...and that cloth is marvelous! The silver pitcher is amazing- xo Diana

  14. Hi Mona,

    You just left the sweetest comment on my new blog....My Cottage on the Lake. I'm Barb from the old Bella Vista blog.

    How sweet to hear from you again and your pictures are so lovely. Please come back over and visit me anytime.

    Hugs, Barb

  15. Hi Mona! Oh, you did so good. What a pretty little cup! Your silver pitcher is so pretty too! You always find the mot wonderful thingss.
    I always enjoy your visits.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  16. Beautiful tea cup and the silver pitcher is wonderful. The pretty red tablecloth just sets off the pitcher arrangement perfectly.


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