Tuesday, June 26, 2012


What a wretched weekend it was!  (whine, whine!)  The flu put both PH and I down with the flu..I would call it colds except we hurt from head to toe...so from Thursday until today I have been in bed....IN BED! 
I never get colds but this one certainly  hit me hard.  Poor PH is still hacking however it didn't put him down but for one day last week. 
 I am up and about today..thank heavens.
 I hope all of you had a better week end than we did...

Some of you probably know that I have been working on a little Fairy Garden on and off.  It's finished, of course, but I keep puttering around with it. 
 I had sent for this sweet little swan planter...and requested cuttings of tiny plants.  I had NO idea I would be doing most of it with the tips of sissors. :)  Making tiny holes and inserting the little plants.  This is the best I could do.  Now it has to be watered with just drops of water.  
I think....I have complicated things a wee (no pun intended) ... which is what I usually end up doing. :)

Anyway, isn't it cute??

Wow..but that morning sun was BRIGHT!
This little birdbath stands just three inches high, approximately, and is adorned with grapes and vines.
I didn't get a really good photo of it..

I placed it just here...at the edge of the arbor..
You can probably see how fast the baby tears are growing...
I also found this tiny lantern and even a hook that sticks in the ground to hang it on..

I think I need a my mini lawn mowed  and soon!!!  I put in a request to PH..but he looked at me as if I were mad as a hatter and told me to buy a tiny lawn mower!
What a GREAT idea!
According to PH,  he has enough lawns to mow...so...

:)  ..I found one..all of about 4 inches high..or so.   No..I didn't buy it.  :)  Well, not yet!  I am going to use some scissors and see how that works...
Work, work, work....I do think I have made more work for myself.
Isn't it great??
The wheelbarrow
So far everything is coming along nicely..what a lot of fun it's been and tomorrow...or rather by the time most of you see this post, my little 7 year old Great Grandson will be here for the day.  He is here on summer vacation all the way from Missouri!! 
I ADORE  my little Greats and I can't wait for him to see it.  Sunday my little Great Granddaughter will be here!  :)  She just turned four years old.   I can't wait I tell you!!  :) 
If I could do one thing all over again in this life,  it would be to have my seven children.


  1. Mona! I can't believe your garden. You have put most of us to shame! It is wonderful and so very very pretty- xo Diana Still traveling so will catch up with more later-

  2. Mona, I can't believe how every thing has flourished in your fairy garden. You have green fingers. It looks so enchanting.
    Sorry to hear you have had the flu, tell PH I wish him well too.
    Precious grand Greats, will love the fairy garden.
    Love and Hugs

  3. the followers is very cute!thank you for your sharing!

  4. Oh Mona, you are the Martha Stewart of Gardening. I know you are very modest about your garden, however I have been watching all of this grow, so I give you the label and you just say thankyou. It is so much fun to watch your garden and I love the excitement and energy you put into it. You may not think it, but you do have a gift. The Fairies told me so :)
    Wonderful that you will be having young family visiting and glad to hear you are feeling better. Nothing worse than a summer cold/flu.

    Take care, good health.

  5. glad you feel better! that wheelbarrow just gets cuter by the day. try to get some pics of the kids when they see it! i would love to see them.

  6. I'm so glad your weekend "storm" blew by so quickly, with no trees felled and your power lines down but not out.

    And to look at that enchanted barrow and know that your own hands had a great part in creating such a magical place! It's just the sweetest, most charming home I can think of---and you are welcome to visit EVERY day.

    Pure magic. That and your own creative, energetic, joyful spirit. You're contagious!

  7. I sure hope you get to feeling better dear friend. I LOVE your tiny creation!!! Have a blessed and feel better kinda day;). Hugs

  8. Lovely . . . Love the little lawn mower . . .

  9. Hi Mona! So sorry to hear you and your hubby have been sick and glad you're feeling better. Your little fairy garden is so cute! I'll be it takes constant prunings to keep it looking so cute.
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  10. Mona I just love your fairy garden. What a great idea. I like how you used a wheel barrel for the garden. Thank you for vising my blog last week and I'm glad to hear that you and your hubby are feeling better. Theres nothing worse than summer colds.

  11. Mona, your fairy garden is one of the prettiest I've seen. Everything you touch seems to thrive. That little lawn mower would look perfect in that setting. I'd buy it if I were you. Hope you and PH are both feeling better. Have fun with the great grands. Hugs

  12. I thought that you might be ill,,,when you didn't post for a few days. Hope you and Howard are feeling better.
    Your little garden is so special...just like you. Where did you find those tiny plants? I need some for a terrarium that I am building. Please share.

  13. Oh good....I've been wanting to see how your fairy garden is coming. I just love all the little touches you have added. I do think you should get that little mower. Too cute!

  14. Hi Mona,
    Oh my stars....I love, love your fairy garden! and that tiny little lawn mower and birdbath are adorable..
    How fun to have your greats visiting. We have our 7year old grandson Ty with us this week. He is so much fun!!! Love him so much..
    Enjoy you babies, I know you will.
    Really big hugs, Elizabeth

  15. Mona, sure hope that you and Howard are both recovered soon. A summer cold/flu is not fun at all and I know how bad hacking can be cause it seems allergies do the same to me even now. Your little garden looks lovely, and the wee lawnmower is such a sweet touch to it. Have a wonderful visit with your great grands.

  16. You really have a gift with gardening and decorating. I love seeing what you are up to. Thanks for the joy you give.

  17. That was so beautiful and sweet. sandie

  18. So sorry you were ill Mona, glad your on the mend!
    Your fairy garden takes my breath away it's so gorgeous!
    Come say hi when you can!

  19. Oh sweet darlin' Mona, I'm soooo sorry you've been down and out.

    I've dropped out for the summer but had to pop in and check on your my dear friend.

    Your fairy garden is amazin' to say the least. What fun!

    Woohoo, what fun your little Missouri Lad is gonna have a Nana's house!

    God bless ya sweetie and enjoy your grand summer!!!!

  20. Sorry you and hubby have been sick. Nothing worse than being sick in the summer, I think. I love that tiny lawn mower! I think you definitely need to add it to the garden.

  21. So sorry that you and hubby have been sick...it's just a terrible thing...but I have to say your fairy garden is looking so sweet...the tiny lawn mower is so cut...lol poor hubby must of though you was silly as could be...lol...I so hope you and hubby feel better real soon...with love Janice

  22. Oh, how I love the little Fairy Garden. I have been thinking of making one for weeks, but haven't. Too hot, lately!

  23. I had a couple of moments to play with, so decided to come and take a peak at what you've been up to and look where I ended up! In the most exquisite Fairy Garden that I've ever visited! It is absolutely beautiful, Mona and I can just imagine how much joy it has given you creating this little masterpiece! I hope that by now you are both well over those nasty colds/fluey symptoms and that each day is filled with bright sunshine. I miss you a lot but am being very self-disciplined in staying away from blogging, apart for this fleeting stealth visit when no one was around to catch me at it ;)
    Sending lots of hugs your way! xx

  24. WOW....this is sooo pretty. Everything looks so nice and healthy. How I would love growing plants like you. You do indeed have a green thumb.
    Love your little fairy garden. It is so dry and hot here, the little fairies all flew to join you in beautiful calif. where you grow beautiful flowers. :)
    Your little great-grandboy is adorable....


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