Friday, June 8, 2012


This is my pretty daughter-in-law.  She is married to my eldest son and is the one who owns the bakery and keeps me supplied with CHOCOLATE BREAD PUDDING.  Why is that all in caps?
Because I'm SHOUTING it!  That's why! 
(sorry..I just get carried away when  Bread Pudding is the subject!)  Thank you, sweet girl!  For everything. is a flagstone walk way that leads to.. (she would hate this if she saw it because she was complaining that she hadn't be able to find the time to get out and work on the yard.
Since this photo was taken...the yard has been all grass..etc.
.. this little arbor where a garden is in progress..every single year.  Ohhhhh..I want a garden too!!
I really, really do! 
What I love about the way this garden is that the gate and arbor is right at the corner of the fence.
 This was taken early last month when the new plants were going in.  The corner of their lot is where they situated the garden.    Perfect.  If I can't have a garden at least my daughter has one. :)

There are so many little nooks and crannies in this yard..
My daughter works full time as a high school counselor so she is very busy but loves to get out in her jammies in the early morning and work..or on the weekend.  She is the reason I have roses.  We share the love of our yards. 
She is the fifth of my seven children and put herself through college.  Has her Masters.  Graduated with honors.  I am so proud of her.
Now she is going to become a Grandmother..where have the years gone??

My precious granddaughter...and her soon to be, baby boy!  She graduated from college last year and is now a teacher also.  I had to show you just enough of her face so that you can see how beautiful she is.  Can you see? (I'm not a proud Grandma!  I'm not bragging!  Not at all..I'm just being "real" here and telling the truth!)  heh heh.. :)

My daughter thinks there should be gardening pajama' do I.  I guess all of my pajama's are for gardening.  Must be because I wash a pair a day and they always have a bit of dirt on them by the time my first cup of coffee (with vanilla creamer) is gone. 

Memosa's with our nice!
I would show more photo's but we have a privacy thing in the family going :) .. you know.
That's our "baby boy's" soon to be grandpa  there to the right in the background. the left is another of my grandson's.. :)  The very sweetest young man in the world!
You wouldn't recognize him if you saw them on the street, now would you?  OH, please say you wouldn't.....



  1. Your new garden looks wonderful...happy weekend...with Love Janice

  2. The garden is lovely! Your family sure is attractive and loved.See, it's not just you who thinks so, so you can't possibly be biased, oh no! ( ha ha )

  3. You have such a wonderful family Mona and you have every reason to be proud!
    How exciting for yet another grandbaby to cherish and hold!
    Love the garden pics too!
    Hugs friend,

  4. "I hear nothing I speak nothing, and I see a little." Although I couldn't tell you what I saw it was so fleeting and all a blur...
    You make me laugh so much.
    Love you Mona.

  5. Sweet gardens and disguised family;). Nuttin sweeter than a new baby to love! Enjoy your day dear friend. HUGS

  6. It's wonderful!! I have such a brown thumb, but the garden that lives in my head looks like that. I just have to imagine it and be satisfied.

    I guess they do kind of have gardening pjs. You could use those pajama jeans that I see advertised on TV.

    Your granddaughter is beautiful, and I know you are anxious to meet her beautiful new baby.

  7. mona..why don't you have a garden? that back yard of yours would be perfect? i've already designed it in my minds eye!

  8. Well, I'm looking at those 4 raised bins in the back yard and thinking - has Mona thought of her own little veggie bin in the back yard, especially now that the fairies have moved in?
    Lovely photos, the chocolate bread pudding sounds delicious.
    No joy greater than a new child to love.
    Very nice.

  9. Hi darling, thanks for sharing
    "bits and faces" of your beautiful family. I can grow most anything but food, a garden would be so much work for me..I admire anyone that has a garden and enjoys the fruits of their labor... hugs ~lynne~

  10. Greenthumbness must 'grow' in your family, Mona! Love the sweet tucked away garden behind the little fence. Your climate must be just perfect for growing! Everything looks wonderful. Love seeing the little sneaky snaps of your dear family and congrats on the little boy to be! :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  11. I TOTALLY agree, there should be gardening PJ's! I also sneak out in the early morning hours and putzy in our yard in my PJ's. It's so fun! I love your new way of sharing about your go girl!
    Have a delightful weekend!

  12. I TOTALLY agree, there should be gardening PJ's! I also sneak out in the early morning hours and putzy in our yard in my PJ's. It's so fun! I love your new way of sharing about your go girl!
    Have a delightful weekend!

  13. Mona,

    You're richer'n Trump and Gates!

  14. I'm all about gardening in pajamas. Is there another way? If I had a family member who had a bakery... OH MY! I'd have to sample every item before it hit the shelves... every morning!! hahhahaa Those Mimosa's look great. Have a great day surrounded by the beautiful garden.

  15. CHOCOLATE BREAD PUDDING??? My you are blessed! That is the yummiest of deserts. And ~ what a gorgeous garden! I love the idea of gardening pj's. Everyone needs a pair or two. You have such a lovely family and your heart must be bursting with pride and happiness!!

    Big Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

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  17. Mona, you sure are having fun (I hope) with your family aversion to their photos being seen on your blog...shhh you secret is safe with all of us as long as you send some of that Chocolate Bread Pudding our way (and soon).

  18. You have the right to brag any time about your kids. Your granddaughter is beautiful and best wishes to her and the new baby. And your garden is lovely lady! sandie

  19. I loved the garden . . . The path, the gate, secretly in a corner. Your daughter is beautiful . . . In fact your entire family that I see on the side bar, they are gorgeous. That little Emily is the sweetest. So many "bright spots" in your life!

  20. Great pics! I love the garden with the fountain in the middle. What a great idea to do raised beds like that. So pretty and inviting. Don't worry about knowing your family on the street. With about 3000 mi. between your street and mine I think they are safe! Gardening PJs is a good idea..make them and sell them on QVC, you'll be famous!

  21. Dear Mona,
    The garden is so pretty...and the roses are amazing. I would shout out chocolate bread pudding too, if someone made it for me. I love bread pudding. How blessed your family is babies are so wonderful, we are having another great nephew due in July.
    Have a sweet day and big hugs, Elizabeth


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