Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Saturday my baby girl took a plane and flew down to spend the weekend with us so she could attend  her nieces baby shower.  How wonderful it was to see her.  She is the youngest of my seven children.  My 20th grandchild, a little boy is due in just a few weeks.
Daughter #6 baked these adorable cookies..

Not sure which dipped the strawberries but it may have been my daughter in law...or then again, maybe it was my daughter.  (If she recognizes her dipped strawberries...too bad!)  :)

These little red velvet mini cupcakes..with cream cheese frosting...YUM!
I think Mr. PH ate the onces I brought home!  AND the strawberries...and the cookies.  I did get one. :)

This morning...ahhhh yes..this morning..HOW I do love our yard.  Every morning finds me out  looking at all the weeding I have to get done.  It certainly isn't the most beautiful yard..but I feel so fortunate to have a nice yard for Mele to play in.  A place to grow my roses and a few fruit trees. 

I know so many folks don't.  I do feel fortunate to have my wonderful family.

I have lost two precious husbands to cancer...
So...every single morning is a blessing to me.  Every day that I have my dear ones ...I am so grateful.
Yep...just wanted to say that.  :)
Thus the cancer candle burns on my blog.

P.S.  Have you ever written a post..put it out there, gone to read it and ran back and deleted a whole bunch of it.  I tend to get wordy.  You never noticed that, did you? :)


  1. What words of wisdom. I have suffered some losses in my life, too. You just never know what God is going to hand you...and so you enjoy every single moment you can. Bless you-xo Diana

  2. Great title! I've lost several of my family to ALS aka Lou Gehrig's disease...my mother and both my brothers. (And her dad who was my grandfather, but I never knew him.) I try to never take anything for granted. Life is so precious and each day is a gift!
    Your daughter is very pretty!

  3. What a wonderful precious time you must have had with your daughter being able to stay. (Loved the blue pram bickies.
    Mona you yard looks peaceful,and wonderful. You have created a little piece of Heaven on Earth.
    I'm sure Meli adores it. Every day is a blessing and if one day we can't see it, we just need to look a little bit further.

  4. Mona, so true that we should never take anything for granted. Each day is a gift to be opened, shared and enjoyed fully. You do all of this by sharing your life with everyone, whether I person or on line. Thank you.

  5. I love your yard, Mona, but most of all I love your spirit.

  6. This is a great post for me to read before I head out to spend the day with my folks. I know life is precious. We just found out one of my uncle's has bladder cancer.
    And, no ~ I've never noticed you were wordy. Your writing is very conversational!

  7. Oh what a sweet post for so many reasons:) Love the picture of you and your Daughter, precious picture! I know you enjoyed your time with her and I know she enjoyed it too! Yummy treats and a GORGEOUS yard! My yard isn't magazine worthy but I sure do enjoy it! Have a blessed day dear Mona, HUGS!

  8. How nice that your daughter came to visit! Your yard is so pretty Mona. I bet you get a lot of enjoyment sitting there in the mornings. Your fairy garden looks like it's getting full and lush. Beautiful!

  9. What? I bet your yard is the most beautiful in the neighborhood,right? Am I right? I think it's gorgeous and it certainly looks weed free to me. On to those desserts... they look professional. Do you have chefs in your family too? Yummy.... And yes, I have deleted a lot of stuff on a blog because I was just to wordy. Oh well... I think I'm getting wordy now. Have a great day and thanks for the beautiful pictures.

  10. I do so enjoy peeking at your yard and love your garden. Everything is so beautiful. Makes me feel it quite peaceful and loving here. We are all blessed for each day that we have to share with family, friends or no one in particular - its just a gift that is given to us each morning, and this girl tends to make the most of it. After viewing the photos (excellant by the way), you have make me hunger for sweets - off to find some n have a great day.

  11. you have such a wonderful family. and i can just imagine sitting on your patio with coffee in the morning and gazing at your yard.

  12. That is why my trips to Colorado is so important to me. I need so many things around here but sacrifice for my family visits.
    I didn't realize that you have lost two husbands. I can't imagine loosing one.....so glad that you have the one you have now.
    Love your yard. The weeds have moved into my yard and gardens, oh my.
    Your daughter is beautiful just like you.

  13. I enjoy reading your blog and viewing your pictures. Love the yard, so pretty and peaceful, would love to sit there enjoy a refreshing drink and view the flowers while thanking the Lord for each day. Especially like the green border, what kind of plants do you have?
    Thanks for sharing with us.

  14. I think your yard looks beautiful! The lawn is so manicured..like you cut it with scissors! Love the food pics, they sure look yummy. I have lost family members also. I miss them everyday and I am very grateful that my Mom is still with us and healthy and I think I have a wonderful family. I feel blessed. I'm trying to cheer Donna on and now that she has completed 1/2 of her Chemo treatments the end is a bit more visible. Thanks for sharing your pretty pics with us Mona!

  15. Mona, I love your posts...don't you dare change anything!...:)JP

  16. I love your words - and you and your daughter look so much alike. The food looked delish. Keep on writing. sandie

  17. Thanks for visiting me, I enjoyed your comments and have had a good visit over here this morning. So many beautiful children and grandchildren!


  18. Beautiful picture of the two of you!!
    Shower looks sweet and fun!


  19. Your home setting, yard is very nice. I like to see well cared for homes, landscapes.

    Losing two husbands to cancer is very sad. You exude a simplicity and Grace in your writing and your life. Extremely authentic . . .

  20. The cookies are beautiful! How nice that Dawn was visiting you!


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