Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Today, February 28, would have been...

his 78th birthday.  "Happy Birthday, dear one!"

 I often wonder what might have been.  He was just beginning to get gray when I lost him and we used to tease each other about growing old together.

I remember once we were in the market doing some grocery shopping and all of a sudden I heard him say "Awwww..honey...." and he kissed the top of my heart..right there in the store. 
I said "What???" and he said "you've got a couple of gray hairs right on top of your head.:
I remember I glowered at him...and marched off..then of course I was on the look out for some on his head.  And so it went.  Then he was gone.

 Memories of the way we were... *smiling*



  1. Such an endearing memory you have shared today. He was a very handsome man. Thinking of you with love. xoxo

  2. Hi Mona,
    Grey hair or not that is the question???? You look wonderful with grey hair,very elegant.

  3. What a sweet and dear memory. I'm sure he smiles upon you from heaven.

  4. MY GOODNESS but he was a handsome dude. :))

  5. What a wonderfully lovin' post to your lost love sweetie. I'm sure he's prouder than a mule in a turnip patch when he sees what a wonderful life you've made.

    God bless ya beautiful Mona and cherish your memories but bask in the present!!!

    Have a sunshiny kinda day my friend.

  6. I must say, I agree with bj....he was very handsome! What great memories you must hold in your heart. Sounds like a lovely man! Thank you for sharing your memories with us!

  7. I don't know how you loose someone so dear. He was a handsome man.
    Just wondering did he kiss your heart or your head........people might have starred at you if it was your heart. Not trying to make light of the post, seriously.
    I am glad that you have such fond memories to remind you of him. So glad that you found Mr. Sweet.

  8. What a sweet memory. He was a very handsome man. I remember your Memorial Day post from last year. You obviously had a wonderful life together.

  9. His birthday is the same as mine. He was a very handsome fella! It sounds like he was also a very sweet and loving fella too. Thanks for sharing this tender memory.

  10. Mona, memories are what keep a loved one near and your Patrick will always be with you. This was a wonderfully sweet post and he was a good looking fellow too! Thanks for sharing with us.

  11. It is wonderful you had this time. You are so lucky, not just once but more. Mona, you just attract good men!!!

    1. No, good men attract me!! :) Patient husband had a dear wife and lifetime partner for 55 years. I had 43 years and will never have a 50th wedding anniversary. My dear husband an I celebrate every day, because we have learned to value our time together. One day you have love, a life and a partner and the next you are alone and your life as you have known it is gone. We are grateful not to be alone and lonely. He and were both fortunate to have had long lasting marriages.

  12. Ahhhhhhhhhh.........Sweet Mona... Such a sweet and dear memory. My Mummy lost my dad when he was only 59 and my daughter lost hers when he was only 31. Such a great loss when you lose your forever partner........ Sending you big hugs today.


  13. Hi Mona, yes, sometimes the Lord asks us to come home too soon for the rest of us remaining here. But everything is in the Lord's time! Hope all has been well with you these last few months!

  14. How lovely. So sorry you were parted too early.

  15. I am so glad you had to love even if just for a little while. sandie

  16. Such sweet memories you can hold on to, Mona.....Christine

  17. Are you doing okay these days. DId you have your surgery?
    Thanks for stopping by COzy Blanket. I had to laugh about your husband on the John Deere bike. Our adopted son that is challenged doesn't drive. We bought him a sturdy dirt bike kinda bike that looked like a Harley. Since he weighs about 300 (no kidding, but then probably less) he needed something that would hold him. He sure got the looks and the thumbs up and I am sure laughed at.
    You take care.

  18. This one was just as sweetly said as the post I just read.Wonderful words of love remembered-Denise


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