Sunday, January 8, 2012


This is going to be a good year.  If I write this one hundred times do you think it will come to pass?  If I visualize a wonderful year, will that work?  I do that a lot you know..use visualization.  Been doing that for years.  From that I have learned NOT to visualize bad things..because as surely as you do..they will come to pass. start out the new outing to L.A. for grandson Alex's (Brock) 25th birthday.  What a fun bunch of people my children are.  The birthday boy is on the far left of the photo...the one with the huge dimples.  His lovely wife Natalia is holding my little great granddaughter, Emily.  The chubby gray haired woman in the center is me...and their wonderful step grandfather is standing in the top row next to my grandson Adam.  Adam is Emily's father and the son of my eldest son, Patrick.  His wife, Cristina (Emily's mother) is standing to the right just behind my shoulder.

You really don't want me to go into further detail now do you??  Of course you don't.  ;)

My two granddaughters in law and their sweet mother.
My Columbian relatives! :) 

That bright sunlight is not too flattering....Ug!

Natalia and Grandma Mona.. (that's what they call me..) 
My own grandchildren all call me Grandma Duffy.  If you have grands...what do they call you?  Of course when there are lots of Grandma' has to be identified.  :)

Sweet, patient husband always has such a good time when we all get together and laughs constantly.  What a great sound that is! 
The serious business of getting down to eating great food, lovely afternoon, great company.

What a great start to this New Year of ours.  The house is nearly back to normal..except for a bit of window washing..putting Christmas cartons back up in the garage...checking for pine needles under the cushions of the couch..and for the next month I will find little things forgotten in corners that didn't get packed.  It happens every year. 

Family.  That's what it's all about isn't it?

Love and hugs,


  1. This was a WONDERFUL post, Mona! All of yours always are, but this one really tugged hard at my heart strings. You have a beautiful family and you and your patient hubby, heading the clan, are the perfect cherries on top. I loved each and every photo and could never "have enough!" I studied each in detail and the sunlight just highlighted all the smiles and brought all the love out into the open for the world to see and enjoy! I am wishing you the most beautiful 2012. May every single one of your visualizations come to pass :) You remind me so very much of my own darling Mother with your wise comment that visualizing bad stuff makes that happen too. She's always said that. I know you and she would get on so well together. She's the perfect lady, just as you are and such a gentle, loving, giving soul. You are about the same age, too.
    Sending a great big hug your way!!! xoxo

  2. Oh, and YOU are beautiful! And not at all "chubby!"

  3. Hi Grandma Mona, I'm just plain Granny. I love the photos of the family, you always look as though you are having the best time.
    Visualizing happy, good things is a great way to go. I will join you.
    I just love your writing so much.

  4. Beautiful photos as usual! Lovely to see the sun shining too. My little Soraya couldnt say Grams, it came out as Gy, so thats what I am now and hopefully will always be! Looks like your New Year has got off to a good start, I am sure the rest of the year will be wonderful too! I always look forward to your posts, Mona, they make my day. Love and hugs AnneMarie xxx

  5. Looks like a fun filled time with the important people in your life! Great pictures and you're beautiful whether in the sun or not. Have a delightful day!

  6. Lovely photos of you and your wonderful family. I think you look great and not even a little bit chubby. My grandkids call me Gramma except for one who calls me Grandma Maddy. Keep visualizing good and happy things because that's what you deserve. Have a wonderful week. Hugs

  7. Definitely a wonderful way to start the year. I am wishing you and your beautiful family a fabulous 2012!

  8. So sweet pictures. It is just so much fun being with family, isn't it. Just gives you that warm fuzzy feeling. You are all beautiful. Hears to many more family gatherings in this new year.

  9. Absolutely posatute!!! Family is what life is all about and yours rocks my friend.

    Just look at all those happy faces and I know in my heart you are responsible for their zeal for life and the joy in their heart! Wonderful...just, wonderful.

    Here's sendin' that handsome Alex many big old Ozark birthday wishes. Better late than never, huh??? 'Just sayin' :o)

    God bless you my beautiful friend and have yourself a fantastic week!!! just shine!

  10. Beautiful pics of a beautiful and happy family! Many times I wish I could hold them all still for years in the happy state of a photograph...but times change, kiddos grow up, and we all age. But you're doing it gracefully and with a smile that lights up your face! What do my Grandkiddos call me?..hmmmm, lets see..oh yeah...YaYa!

  11. Oh Mona - you are beautiful - and your family takes after you. How wonderful they are there. Such a big family and I am sure they are not all there either! Love it. sandie

  12. You really have a beautiful family, Mona. And I love that solo pic of you. And love your watch! XOXO

  13. I just soak up all your wonderful family gatherings---they always seem to be filled with smiles and sunshine.

    So glad that all seems to be well and warm where you are, Faraway Friend!


  14. Mona, I just loved seeing your family, all having such a great time. Happy happy New Year to you and yours!

  15. My goodness what a beautiful family you have.

  16. Looks like a very happy birthday was shared by all, Mona.

  17. Dear Mona,
    Wishing you and yours a very happy and sweet New Year! I loved your post, family is so special indeed!.
    My two grand-kids just call me "Grandma" I love being Grandma.
    I have been catching up with you today and must tell you your teacups and plates are beautiful! I see one of your teacups is one that I have too.
    Take care and big hugs, Elizabeth

  18. ahhhh, Mona girl, you do have such a beautiful family. I love it that you have such good times together....we are blessed in that!! :))
    hugs, bj


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