Monday, November 7, 2011


HOW I love to mess around with my tabletops.  I do have a problem though.  It's my coffee table. 
I just cannot figure out what on earth to put on it...working on it though.. working on it.
You see...tabletops are NOT my strongest point. 
So..I'll just show something else..ok?

I already had a Princess House cake keeper but when I got the chance to buy another at half price at an Estate sale..$12.50, I knew  could use it.
And I am really glad I did.  At that same sale I found this little set of Bavarian china cups and saucers.
Would you believe...I got ALL OF THEM inside??  So..two cake keepers, both full of dishes for now.

(Well, you see, storage space is getting to be a tiny problem!)

I love childrens little china tea sets...and this new one just arrived a few days ago.  I found it on ebay.  Bavarian Winterling.  So sweet.  Mixed in is my Beatrix Potter set  and some old children silverware I found.  The silverware even came in a silverware protector with divisions for each piece.
Sooo cute.

Toy corner of my living room.  Sort of childish, don'cha think?  :)

Too much stuff?  Probably.  :)  I tend to over do. Everything on the tabletop came from garage sales..(and probably looks like it! )  LOL  ....except the cup and saucer. 
And..I think that came from one also..found by my sweet step daughter in law for me.  She gave it to me for my birthday. 
The three little books are poem books I found from the 1800's!  :)

I am joining our Marty @ A STROLL THRU LIFE  for Tabletop Tuesday.


  1. Your home is so beautiful, Mona. It speaks of love in every corner and I LOVE your Children's Corner...too, too gorgeous. Were I to visit you, I'd spend ages quietly wandering about and carefully taking in each and every piece. After all, so much loveliness needs to be admired! Thank you for sharing your wonderful home with us :)

  2. Mona,
    Over do??? No way!! Just my style!! I definitely subscribe to the more is more theory!!
    I LOVE your toy corner!! So cute!! I would so love to see it in person!!


  3. Hi Mona, love your little nursery corner. I too am drawn to old childrens toys etc. As the Mother of four my life has been all about the kids (which I have loved), I imagine it is the same for you. Went to an antiques fair on Saturday and came home with an old doggy on wheels and a Pelham puppet! We are all still kiddies at heart! xx AnneMarie xx

  4. Your home should be a place you truly love. You have surrounded yourself with items that make you happy and that is the way home should be. It matters not what others think (although it is beautiful) what matters is how it makes you feel.

    I would be much happier in your home, built from love than the cookie cutter home of sterile "style" I sometimes see in magazines.

    Our styles are so different but we each decorate with things that make us smile, things that make us feel "at home".

    Absolutely beautiful, Mona, it welcomes me home.

  5. Your home is amazing in all of the treasures that you've collected. I wish I had an area in my living room where I could set up my toy corner but the only space I have for mine is in one of the bedrooms. Everything looks beautiful Mona. You really have an eye for displaying all of your wonderful things.

  6. Hi Mona...I love that children's corner...It is probably the most used area in the house...Your home is very charming..
    Hugs to ya..

  7. Dear Mona,
    Your house is just like mine. I have a high chair with a doll in it in my kitchen; the girls say I should get rid of it. I like it so it is staying put.
    Wilbur says he is coming over for afternoon tea, so he can drink out of that lovely cup.
    Warm Hugs

  8. I love cake plates and those are really nice! You'd be so fun to buy for. It would be a great excuse to hunt all the fun garage and estate sales and get some goodies that you would display and enjoy....the best part of being an adult is feathering our nests just the way we like them! Have a great week!

  9. I love your vignettes, Mona. The Bavarian dishes are a real beauty!..Christine

  10. Everything looks great, Mona. Love those pretty dishes.
    Yep, storage for dishes has come to a standstill here at Sweet Nothings...just NO MORE ROOM, so I have stopped buying them....well.....for NOW, anyway. Hahahhaa/....

  11. Mona, To much? NEVER!!! How yummy it all is:*~:*~ pinkaliscious and little girl *~:*~dreamy:*~:*~the toy corner! just a little candyland fantasy I say!

    I am now following because I like your style, not only in decorating....never giving up on love!!! 3 times? Yay for you! Love is wonderful isn't it!!!!!
    Thanks for coming over to visit me, please come back often!!!
    your newest follower

  12. So many beautiful things! Delightful!

  13. Over do...never! Childish...nah! Ya know a beautiful gal needs to surround herself with beautfiul things that make her heart sing.

    Sing on my sister!!! Your home is wounderfully charmin'...just like you.

    God bless and have a fun fall day!!! :o)

  14. Oh you can never have too much can you? Love YOUR little corner of the room - we should all have a place of our own.

    Love the song- Both Sides Now.


  15. Hi Mona,:) So nice to visit your blog again. I have been absent so much. I'm surprised anyone stops by to see me anymore!
    Well it looks as if I've found my match for "most dishes" contest! LOL! You sure have some pretty ones. Well, I now have a granddaughter! Amelia was born a week ago today SO that means I need to be on the lookout for tea sets and tiny silver! Oh, let the fun begin!


  16. Mona, whatever brings you joy is what you should have in your life - and in your home.

  17. I have told Mary that next time I want to go with you guys! You are the queen of this!

  18. Mona, I'm giving you my permission to decorate your house in any way that pleases you. I like to see homes that look real where real people live and are surrounded by the things that mean something personal to them. There is no law that says you cannot have that cute little corner in your living room. I think the vignette on that table is very nice. The plate is lovely and the books look right at home stacked there with all those pretties.---------Shannon

  19. I love your things. There's a reason for each one and I bet many of them hold special memories for you. I love your children's corner. Those are important. I have one in my house, too.
    I also like your falling leaves. That is so cool.


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