Friday, October 21, 2011


I found an artist that lives in Canada and makes these darling little shoes.
I wanted to add them to my  Fall decor...I love sweet...
They belong to little Goblin Grim..who wants me to change his name...
Think I should?  :)
I in a Fairy Tale world.   Always have...
I think I always  will.   Pat used to say that he felt like he was living in a story book.. :)

I have always wanted to furnish a little cottage from know..just every single thing.
Floors, carpeting, walls, curtains..
So..I decided to start small and bought this little cottage all ready to go.

 When shopping..price is always a consideration.. :)
I wanted something already built and ready to be finished.

Another is  under my bed.  It's an English Tudor..still in the box ..but...I have NO NERVE!  :)
This  little cottage is going to have tiny window boxes...roses growing over the windows..even a cellar door in the back.  Grass surrounding it...just wait and see.. (might have a very long wait.)
Come on around back..I'll show you ...the tremendous amount of work I have ahead of me..
See?  Very small and cozy.  I want the little bedroom to look something like the one in my home..

I love our little guest room..
That wall right there is where the little fireplace is soon as I get the wall painted and the flooring laid.  .....oh dear...sounds like a lot!!

See where the little stairs come up?  And that's the bathroom on the right..
There is a little window seat under the octagon shaped window.  Perhaps some tiny rose covered wall paper?  Who knows. :)
LOVE these little stairs..leading up to the  bedroom... about ...this little stove?
Or maybe a little bed something like this?
This little WORKING sewing maching?
A little kitchen something like this? 

A fireplace??

This tiny Halloween wreath on the front door??  Hmmmm??

Ok...I'm done.  Wore myself out just thinking of it...

Later then? 
Hugs and love,
Mona  :)


  1. Firstly, I love those adorable little elfin shoes! Secondly, your little cottage is so cute and I really am looking forward, greatly, to seeing what you do with it! I love the ideas you've shared thus far! What fun, Mona! You really have the most beautiful soul and I love how you keep the magic alive in your life! What a beautiful compliment Pat gave you :)

    Now, did you ever check out Jeri Landers' blog, Hopalonghollow? She is definitely a kindred spirit of yours! You will LOVE her!

  2. Oh Miss Mona, I can see it now - you will become hooked on miniatures. Once you start you want more, and then some more. Yup, that's how it began here. One little project - you will never be the same.

    Have fun with your house. You will now find yourself always thinking "small". (o:

    Can't wait to see your progress.

    Heaps of Hugs

    Is Abby going to help you?

  3. What a wonderful project. I can't wait to see how it will turn out. Love the sweet little elfin shoes. Have a great weekend. Hugs

  4. I know this house will be as beautiful as the one you live in.

  5. Oh dear Miss Mona, I would love to peep in your windows while you are renovating. Make sure there is a big comfy chair for the Grandpop bear.
    Hugs Wilbur.
    p.s. Don't forget the honey in the pantry.

  6. Do you read Claudia's blog? She's been working on a dollhouse too and just put wood floors in it with popsicle sticks that she stained. Can't wait to see your and hers done! So cute!

  7. Those shoes are adorable! You are going to have so much fun decorating your cottage!

  8. I am anxious to see your cute little cottage all decked out, will be adorable.
    Have a great weekend!

  9. The shoes are adorable---I'd love to see a penny-comparison or something in the picture to show the size.

    Not WORK, Sweetpea----MAGIC. Enchantment and charm and lovely sweet accommodations for the tiny folk who will love to live there.

    And one MidSummer Night, when all is quiet save the peep-frogs and the willow-wind, the lights will come on in the little cottage, the fire will spring to life, and they will be HOME.

  10. "Found" you commenting on Wanda's Moments of Mine...So glad I check you out. I have a few little cottages like yours. One day I shall show them again. Meanwhile, I'll be checking on you frequently. Keep dreaming! There's no rush :)

  11. Hi Mona, what a sweet blog you have! I just wanted to say thanks for dropping by my blog and for your comment. I love making new blogging friends. I'll be back very soon to read more of your posts. Hugs from Mamabug!

  12. Oh my word Mona, this is the cutest little house and your ideas are just fabulous. I can't wait to see it all done. Such detail. Love those cute little shoes too. Hugs, Marty

  13. When I was a little girl, I had a doll house, nothing was made of metal and had some furniture painted on! Still I had hours and hours of fun, rearranging and changing the rooms whereever I could. (I suppose I should have warned Mikey about that little pasttime. It might have prepared him better for all the projects I came up with over the years!) I love your little house. You can actually decorate it for real! How cool is that?

    When I grew up a bit, and Mikey and I began dating, we went to The Art Institute (in Chicago)a lot (it was a cheap date!) The Art Institute has many many wonderful collections of artwork by the masters of Modern, Impressionist, etc.

    But the one area I always loved the best was the miniatures collection. It was lovely. Not full "houses", just individual rooms encased behind glass. Some were replica's of actual rooms from homes of days gone by, some were examples of different styles of architecture, the variety was amazing. I could spend hours looking at those little rooms....always thinking, "Oh I would have used a blue rug, not brown" or "This room just cries out for a four poster bed." But I could only change them in my imagination. I don't know if that collection is still part of The Art Institute, but if you are ever in Chicago, check it out. You would probably love those little rooms as much as I did!!

  14. It will be so cute when you're done! You can do it! I think you should investigate your "former life" might be the real Snow White or Cinderella!


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