Tuesday, October 25, 2011


I have been looking for just the right breadbox..and I finally found one.  It was made in New Hampshire and I had to wait for it to be made.  I am delighted with it. 
I always wanted one made with a punched tin design.

 I really like it a lot.  It took a bit to get it..but worth the wait.
It's RED!  YEAH!

Ok..  Now ...just this one thing I want to share. 
Some months ago...I met a very sweet woman on ebay. 
She was delightful.  Time went by and we became fast friends.
She works with children with special needs..which probably helps her to understand me.

Recently I turned 75 and this dear lady surprised me with a gift.
A note from the postman was left on my door...I had a package at the post office.
I thought it was the little doll house I had bought..however when I picked up the package it was way too small for that. 
Puzzled I took it home and opened it...and this is what I found..

Is she not ADORABLE

I think she is just gorgeous!  Thank you so much Erma!

 So between this darling little doll and...

My precious Abigail given to me by my dear friend, Joyce @ The Bears Blog, my little family is growing! 
My life has had it's ups and downs but blogging has brought me the sweetest people I could have ever imagined.  
My followers...my dear followers who give me encouragment..and sometimes read my mind and seem to know me better than I know myself. 
It never fails to amaze me. 
Yes, you who are reading this.  You.  YOU amaze and delight me.
Thank you so much ..for everything..for being there. 
I love you for it.


  1. What wonderful treasures, Mona! I love your red bread box, with its sheaf of punched wheat. It's exactly what I'd have envisioned a bread box in your home would be like. Your new baby doll is absolutely gorgeous! I can guess how joyfully overwhelmed you would have been upon unwrapping her and I know she would have had you in tears...tears of surprise, happiness and appreciation! We ALL love you, Mona and we get so much pleasure sharing in all the things that bring you delight. You have the heart and soul of a little girl and I mean that as a compliment!!! Big hug xoxo

  2. Miss Mona,

    What a beautiful baby doll. There are some very sweet & kind people in this world. I think Blogging brings them all together, don't you?

    Well, Mom & I love you to pieces. We are so happy that we met you through our Blog. (o:

    Heaps of Hugs FOREVER
    Prudence & Mom

  3. I love the bread box, it's the prettiest I've ever seen. As for the baby doll, she's beautiful. You're so lucky to have such wonderful friends. Hugs

  4. Hi Mona, Your bread box is just how a bread box should look. Love the punched wheat on it.
    What a beautiful surprise when you opened your parcel. The little doll is beautiful, and even nicer when given by a friend.
    Wilbur and I are very happy we have met you in blogger land. We love your writing.
    Wilbur and Granny

  5. She is so beautiful and what a wonderful surprise!

  6. A Baby??! She sent you a baby???! Criminy, I hope she sent formula and diapers too. And a crib, a stroller, and a nanny, and......

    Sheesh, that baby sure looks real. She is really pretty. Do you buy her clothes and change her outfits???

    And my big question: Does she fit in the breadbox? ;)

  7. Congratulations sweet Mona. 'Just goes to show you the lives you have touched and how very much you are loved my dear.

    Isn't it amazin' how 'real' these babies look. I swear the one I have has eyes that follow. Kinda creeps me out sometimes! Heeehehehe!

    That bear is just precious. Along with angels and bunnies I also have little bears tucked here there and yonder 'round here.

    That beautiful read breadbox is so you sweetie! I'm thrilled you found the one of your heart's desire 'cause you've got to be one of the most precious gals in all of Blogland!

    Have a wonderfully blessed day beautiful Mona! :o)

  8. I love the breadbox...it is from my neck of the woods!

  9. At first I thought she sent you a real baby. It looks so real. It is beautiful. What a wonderful friend. Happy Birthday......you do not look that number. You are such a sweet person that makes being friends with you so easy.

  10. Your breadbox is fabulous, Mona! I love the wheat design on it. It was well worth waiting for!

    The doll is gorgeous...she looks so life like!! Erma is a very sweet lady! And I love your new bear...very cute. Yes, blog friends are the best!


  11. Oh Mona, the bread box is just wonderful. What a great treasure, and I love the wheat punched tin design. Red make it just perfect. The baby doll is absolutely stunning. She is so lifelike and just the most precious baby. What a fabulous and precious gift from a friend. I also love the Bear, so sweet. You are such a special lady, how wonderful to have friends that know that and show you such love. Hugs, Marty

  12. Hola mona,que panera mas bonita,y que bien se expresa,la muñeca parece una niña que linda,.gracias por visitar mi cocina ya puedes leerme con el traductor un abrazo muaaa

  13. Oh, Mona, I missed your birthday ... I apologize. Happy Birthday, my friend. I ADORE that baby doll & the fur baby is a cutie, also. How sweet your gifts.

    Do hope that all is getting better & settling down for your family.

    We are preparing for our first snow this weekend, & we haven't even had a frost yet!

    I will be out of blogging for a wee bit until after surgeries. Until then, I send you prayers & love ...

    Have a beautiful day ~
    TTFN ~

  14. PS That breadbox is so you & quite unique. Love it & glad you found it.

    TTFN ~ Marydon

  15. OH, Mona...that baby takes after your side of the family :) So precious and lifelike. Love the bear too. Now that breadbox is to die for. Are you gathering recipes for home made bread to fill it?
    Have a nice evening...Balisha

  16. Hi Mona! Oh how I love your wonderful bread box! I love the red too. Now how sweet of your friend to send you that darling little doll - she's beautiful! The little bear is precious too!
    I've missed you!!
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  17. Every day is Christmas at your house - gosh someone sending that gorgeous doll - whew.

    Do bread boxes keep bread from molding as fast as it does on the counter - I keep mine in the icebox - but it is not as fresh as when you first bu it.


  18. What wonderful treasures you have there Mona!
    I can't believe how real that baby doll looks!
    She reminds me of Addison!
    And I love that very cool breadbox!
    Blogging is wonderful for the friends we meet!
    So glad to have gotten to know you...

  19. What a beautiful doll!@ She is so pretty and she kinda resembles you.], Mona. The bread box is stunning too. How exciting to get new treasures...Christine

  20. Mona, your custom made bread box is very nice. Sounds like you had a wonderful birthday due to some very generous and loving friends. You and I would probably have a fun time together showing each other our dolls. My grandmother gave me part of her large collection of dolls several years ago. I have added to the collection because I prefer babies and many of hers are fashion dolls. Yours is absolutely beautiful. I love the crocheted booties. Happy Belated Birthday and keep that baby warm!--------- Shannon

  21. Mona, belated Happy Birthday wishes!
    We are currently on a road trip thru NH and I did not see a bread box like yours, which is very lovely. What a nice surprise you got when the baby doll arrived, those unexpected ones are simply the best! And I agree with your comment (and many others) that you can meet some of the nicest people (like yoourself) thru blogging.

  22. She really is a little bundle of joy! How sweet of our precious friend, Joyce to surprise you! I know you will enjoy her! Does she have any new clothes yet? It looks like she could wear real baby clothes! Have fun, my friend! Hugs! ♥♥♥


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