Friday, July 29, 2011


Ok...the time has come for me to share something with you.  I am going to come out of the closet..which is where I have been hiding for a long time. 

By now some of you probaby have guessed that I love to write..I was married to a writer and because of that..stayed away from it.  Besides, I was busy having babies.  Seven of them.  Changing diapers, washing, ironing, cooking, cleaning and even sometimes trying to work outside our home.  Patrick always hated that! 
He felt someone should be minding the store...and he was right.  So I did.  Mind the store, that is.

Eventually our little ones grew up..and over time I began to write. 
We moved to Santa Maria California and my love affair with writing childrens books became a passion.
However, my stories began to take the form of...nursery rhymes.  I loved it.  I had found my niche and recently these little chests were found again ...
...and inside
..I found my lost writings I have been looking for.

So...I thought since I was a wee hung up with blogger's block..I would share my first one with you.!  You have something you have to do?  :)  I don't blame you one bit! love of goes...(it's not that long, I promise!)

"Tiny Bill"

Once upon a tiny time
Upon a tiny hill
There lived a tiny little frog
His name was Tiny Bill.

Now all the other little frogs
said Tiny Bill was wrong.
He should not live upon a hill
He should live in the pond.

Now Tiny Bill was very sad
He loved his tiny hill
He did not think the other frogs
Should pick Tiny Bill.

So from his hill moved Tiny Bill
Back to the Froggy pond
But still his friends with downcast eyes
Said something else was wrong!

For heavens sake, what could it be
He had left his lovely hill
They said it was his tiny name
NO froggies were named "Bill"

So Tiny Bill, he packed his bags
And moved back to his hill
Because he knew that real true friends
Would love the name of "Bill"

A lesson learned, it's not so wrong
Being different is okay
To follow your heart is very smart
Or peace is the price you pay.

Now Tiny Bill has found a friend
Who loves his tiny hill
Who even loves his tiny name
Her name is ..Tiny Jill.

Hugs and love,

P.S.  If you are still here, be kind!  :)  But then you always are!


  1. Hi Mona! OH, I'm so glad you've shared this with us! I love the little poem and can just imagine what a sweet childrens book it would make. Did you ever publish any of your work? Precious little cases too. You're so talented.
    I'm so glad you'll be coming to my party!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  2. Mona,

    This is are full of talent and I enjoyed the little story so much. I hope Bill and Jill live happily ever after,

    You have knack for writing...go for it girl!!


  3. That poem is so cute, Mona. Muy daughter loves frogs!...Christine

  4. What a great poem! Have You ever tried to get them published? If not do try!

    Have a great day!

  5. I love froggies too, and I enjoyed reading your poem.

    Every time I visit I can't help but notice your little Pom. I had two sweet Poms at one time. They always had a smile on their face.

    I can't remember if I already invited you to my party... It's an easy one, nothing to do but share a favorite post.

    xoxo Bunny Jean

  6. Oh, Mona! This is just too cute and the moral comes through so beautifully for little ones! I can see this, beautifully illustrated, in a children's book of rhymes! You are a lady of many talents, aren't you?!

  7. I also meant to say how lovely the picture is of you and your dear, sweet hubby together!!! I also see a new one of the three sisters together! Beautiful! And you and your baby sister are a lot similar, also a lovely picture but I know you've had that one up for a little while already. I love seeing all the pictures of your beautiful family, Mona! Raising your children so successfully was the very best "job" you could have tackled and, I'm certain, by far the most rewarding of all professions!!!

  8. Awww cute! You are so talented Mona! Love those little painted cases too. I suppose you did those in your spare time? Isn't it fun to find things you have lost and all the memories come flooding back?

  9. Mona,

    That poem is precious. You know, it would be nice to start your writing again.

    Hugs & Happy Weekend.

  10. How sweet. Love this little story of Bill and Jill who lived happily ever after on their little hill.

  11. Hi Mona...What a sweet little poem. You must have a "treasure trove" of things hidden away.

  12. Hi Mona
    You are just full of surprizes. I loved this little poem and think that if this is a sample of what's in the cases you'd better be seeking a publisher. You are one very talented lady.Have a wonderful weekend.

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  15. Oh, Mona!! You are a woman of many talents!

    This is just so precious and so sweet, and I can just hear you reciting all those wonderful rhymes-with-reasons to your little ones. What perfect rocking-chair poetry, with perfect meter and scan.

    My own stash is scattered in cardboard boxes all over the house and garage, and I'm always amazed at the sheer volume of it when I open a long-taped box.

    I'm SO glad you found these! What a joy to share with you such childhood memories, and such a lovely legacy for your children and grandchildren.

    I'm so sorry about the way my comments are going all wacky lately.

  16. Mona, I strongly urge you to unpack them, dust them off, and send them licketdysplit to a publisher, or to an agent. We are given our talents for free and they deserve to be shared with those who don't have those talents.

    Being a writer is great; being a PUBLISHED writer is better!

    Go for it!


  17. I was smiling the whole time I read it. YOu need to get that published. I love it.

  18. Very Charming. If you love it-keep doing it.

  19. Okay I loved that poem - you write a nice story - have you ever tried to get the opportunity to publish one of them?

    I love frogs too - but I collect them!!


  20. This is too cute Mona! My little Granddaughter is in love with all the little peeps (frogs) in our yard. She catches them and I have to make sure she leaves them outside as I've found a few in the house after she's gone home! This story would be so fun the illustrate..if I were an artist! I think you need to keep on writing!

  21. Mona, you are a good writer. You should be trying to publish that. So cute, I can just imagine the pictures to go along with the story.
    You have a great life story to tell too, with 7 children. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I would have liked to know you too. We lived in Tehachapi unitl 1995, then have been in Bakersfield since.

  22. Why am I not surprised at this talent you just unveiled.

    What a sweet story. I think any child would be delighted to have such a book to treasure.


  23. Great stuff Mona....Right On!!!

  24. I loved it!! Like everyone else says "get it published". Actually you should just follow your heart when it comes to whether or not you publish them. But make sure you share them with the people you love. Connie Everyday Blessings

  25. Hi Mona,
    I love your Tiny Bill story very much!!!
    It's just priceless..
    Writing is a gift, so thank you for sharing your gift with us.
    I love your patio it looks so restful and peaceful.
    Have a sweet day and big hugs, Elizabeth

  26. Delightful, Mona. We DO like frogs and penguins too!

  27. I hope now that you found your poems, you pick up your pen and write more.

  28. Since the very first time I read your accounts of Pat, I have told you have talent as a writer. I do hope you will send this tiny, cute poem to a publisher somewhere...or better still, combine your poems and stories into a childrens book. Keep's good for the soul.
    xo bj
    I pray your daughter is doing better each day.

  29. Each wonderful story has a perfect!

  30. I'm certainly glad you found these little chests full of your writing. I'm a retired elementary teacher and I can tell you this and the one above about the pig would make excellent material for teaching reading. You should get these published and for certain copyrighted. You could have an entire series here. Good luck!
    ~ Sarah
    Love the Mary Engelbreit chests. They too are treasures!


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