Sunday, December 26, 2010


Sweet daughter, Mary, delivered Christmas cookies to me.  Most of them were gifts for friends..but some were for us..and with them came the smell of cinnimon and spices.
 Beautiful big gingerbread men on that silver platter on the dining room table..but it's enough to make the house smell wonderful. 
When they first arrived...within the hour I had eaten two of them with my coffee.  And they are at least six inches tall.  *sigh*
Christmas is all over, but the smells of Christmas linger and I love it.  Only three of these left..and I admit to looking longingly at them every time I pass by.  The aroma of cinnimon lingers...

If I look a bit frazzled in the above photo, I was!  Hot coffee and Memosa's were ready and waiting when we arrived at daughter Mary's home (on the left) and food preparations were underway.  Later we were off to dinner at Erin's home..What a day!

My wonderful son in law pitched in to help..fried bacon, sliced ham...all sorts of things, bless his heart.
My daughter is lucky to have him..we all are!
We had brunch at Mary's and dinner at Erin's.  I could have rolled home WITHOUT the car!

Our little punkin, Emily, was just not up to par for Christmas.  She had a cold and a bit of a cough...and was probably a bit exhuasted by all the celebrating by the time she got to Auntie Mary's home....still she managed to wish everyone she met a "Merry Christmas" in that baby voice of hers.  When she said "Merry Christmas, Grandma Mona..." well...I wanted to grab her and squeeze her...but...I just gave her a tiny love hug.  Another *sigh*
~Son, Grandson and Greatgrandson~
And then there was little Kyle with his comic smile and delightful ways.  He spent most of his time searching for petals on roses to save in a plastic baggy.  When told he could take the entire flower he said "I don't want the flower to die."  and...I sighed again! 
Be still my heart.
I am so blessed. 

Lots of family, just the two little ones..and I didn't get a family photo...not this year.  Perhaps next year.
I hope and pray for that! 
And on to New Years!

Love and hugs to you.  


  1. Looks like you had a wonderful time!! Still not too late to get a family photo!!

  2. Lovely photographs Mona and the gingerbread men look delicious. Sounds like you had a wonderful day!
    Blessings, Star

  3. Hi Mona I am glad you had A good Xmas I hope you and your family Have A Happy New Year.
    Hugs Mary.

  4. Wonderful family time for you, Mona. Happy you were all together!

  5. What a blessed holiday...your wish WILL come true.

  6. What a wonderful photo album, thank you for sharing. You are truly blessed, your children and grandchildren are too - they have you and Howard. (o:

    Hugs, big bunches of hugs, my sweet friend.


  7. Looks like a wonderful Christmas -- What a blessing it is to be surrounded by family at Christmas. Wishing you a Happy New Year -- filled to overflowing with love and blessings!

  8. Such Blessings, such Blessings!!

    What a lovely family, and what a sweet Grandma to share all the festivities with!

    Brunch with one family, dinner with another---no wonder you're such a happy woman---all those welcoming homes and loving children.

    SO glad it was all you'd hoped for,


  9. Hello Mona!

    Sounds and looks like you had a fabulous time celebrating Christmas with your lovely family! Great photos! The gingerbread men are cute!

    ~ Tracy

  10. Love those cookies, would look so good with my post for Tea Time Tuesday this week!

  11. It's great to see all the love in those pictures! Doesn't that really make Christmas perfect. Now ya throw in some great gingerbread men and some warm cocoa and really doesn't get any better that that!!!

    God bless you sweetie!!! Our big bash is on Saturday. Shhhhh, I really need to be bakin' instead of bloggin'!

    Have a beautiful day sweet lady!!! :o)

  12. Love your pictures Mona,,,little Kyle, how precious ! Love to you all and your precious family !


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