Sunday, October 10, 2010


I just wanted to let you know...that I am very aware that tooting one's own horn about their birthday is ...not really the thing to I must publicly apologize. 
You see, I just suddenly became very aware that most of my life I have been...hiding from my birthdays.  Not wanting to admit my age?  Hating it when someone wished me a Happy
Birthday...even though I would
NEVER have thought of saying anything but "thank you!"'s changed.  I LOVE to hear it because I suddenly became aware...that every single hour of ever single day, of every single year is a gift!
It always has been.  I just didn't realize it.  I was ashamed of...weight gain, gray hair and all the things that come with losing your "bloom" as they call it.  No more.  Today I am grateful to be aging...(ok, I do have my moments!) :)

As of Friday, I will always welcome every birthday with horns blaring and flags waving!  Yes, I am sorta embarrassed about "tooting" my own horn and shouting it from the rooftops, as I told Dena of Swaddle Cottage but...what is done is done...and I am just so pleased to be alive and healthy (now!) and so delighted for the time I have.  Time to love, to enjoy, to sing, to play to enjoy my friends. 

Happy Birthday's have taken on a new and glorious meaning!  So sure and shout yours from the rooftops too so I can wish you all the joy there is to be had in this lifetime...because it is so very short.
Tick, tick, tick!  :)

Love and hugs and more love to all of you!!


  1. Oh, Sweet Friend....

    You are truly a gift from God. I love you so much.

    Prudence & Sissy too.

  2. Sob!!! :)'s just almost too much! Thank you, Joyce!

  3. It was not tooting your own horn, but sharing with us your special holiday.

  4. You tooted your horn at the right time and it is just for me.My birthday is coming up and in many ways I was not looking forward to it. BUT your post changed my way at looking at it and at me.
    Be listing for my horn and cover your's gonna be tootin' real loud ;-)

  5. Happy Birthday!! We should be thankful for everyone of them!!

  6. You truly are a precious and rare bloom Mona. Beautiful, sweet, and sincere. I adore you, with all of my heart.


  7. Birthdays are for celebrating! Each is a milestone and a victory!! So toot away! It is your right!!! Enjoy the days and the years will take care of themselves! Happy, happy, joy, joy!

  8. Oh you should toot your horn. Such a delightful and lovely lady and way younger than your years. I hope it was the best day ever. Hugs, Marty

  9. Your message goes beyond horn tooting Ms. M. It's more about appreciating every single minute you have with loved ones, here on earth & in our skin. Since being dx'ed with lupus and RA, you can bet I don't wish away days as I once did. They become even more important as time goes on. But still... HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Hugs. Tammy

  10. Oh Mona, don't forget to come by for your chance to win my GIVEAWAY! I know it will match in at least one room! Hugs. Tammy

  11. Hi Dear Mona! Toot toot toot away! You're such a blessing to us in Blogland and I'm so thrilled I've gotten to know you! You're beautiful - inside and out!! Happy Birthday, Most Dear One!!!
    You wanna come to my blog party on Wednesday? It's called Heart of the Home Party - we'll be showing our kitchens.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  12. I always do sweet lady and don't ya dare apologize tootin' your horn 'cause you have much to toot about! You are quite the blessing to us all. Happy Birthday sweetie!

    Have a super Sunday....any cake left??? Just askin'......

  13. Oh h0w I loved your post...I wish you the very happiest of birthdays! Wise words...thanks!

  14. We are all sooooo glad you told us of your birthday. We all take joy in wishing our blogger sisters a happy birthday. You are such a joy, Mona. Happy Birthday, again :)

  15. Toot, toot, toot away!! Happy birthday dear heart. Love ya! Pat

  16. What a sweet post. Happy Birthday Mona!

    Deanna :D

  17. What A special Post Toot Toot all you like you are special I am glad I found your blog.I hope you have lots of Happy Birthdays.
    Hugs Mary.

  18. Happy,Happy Birthday my dear friend!
    You are a beautiful woman and you just get better with age!
    Toot all you want! Like you said, life is short!

  19. What a great attitude, Mona! I hope you have lots and lots more tooting to do.Thanks so much for your sweet words on AJ's birthday post....Christine

  20. Sweetpea, you're one of my happiest Blog Blessings, and I'm glad to hear a trumpet-blast or a happy toot-toot, or even a little bleat of indignation now and then---I'm with you all the WAY, Baby Girl!

    Echoes from the Heartland,


  21. Happy birthday Mona, to one of the sweetest women around, no matter the age. And speaking of age, just accept it dear heart because that part isn't going to change.

  22. It's TIME! We SHOULD be celebrating our lives! Especially when we are so happy and blessed! I'm proud of you...and plan to follow your example! Of course it helps that we both LOOK so great! heehee! Enjoy your week, sweet girl! ♥

  23. Happy Birthday girl!
    May you have many more. Love your post.

  24. You had a bday on 10/10/10 - very cool! Happy belated bday and have many many more happy days ahead!

  25. Happy Birthday Mona! Hope it was Perfect for you.
    I have the big one coming soon and like you, I am feeling kid of nervous about it Reading your post made me open my eyes that I should, re- think it and accept with a smile.

  26. Hi Mona,
    Just checking in to see what is new with you.
    Happy Birthday, even though it is late, heartfelt
    wishes for a wonderful year ahead for you....
    So glad you are doing what you love, living the life you want....All Birthdays are wonderful...
    With age comes wisdom, you are to be treasured
    my friend....


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