Monday, October 4, 2010


This Saturday we went on our usual garage sale treasure hunt!  And I found a treasure that really captured my heart.  I am now the new caretaker a lovely little sewing kit.  After buying it and going through it's contents, I began to realize that I had bought a very cherished item that once belonged to a woman who loved to sew!

  I do not craft as much as I used to when I was younger, but I know when I have found something that someone cherished.
The tiny roses attracted me to I bought it for $1.00. 
It wasn't until I got to the car that I looked inside...and I was amazed and very touched. 

The first pocket had thread in it...and needles stuck in it..for a quick find.

The clear plastic zippered pouch was FULL of needles of every size plus a tool that had never been removed from it's card.  It was called "Purple Thang" which I thought was funny.  It claimed to be a tool for just about everything in the world of sewing.  Getting stuffing into very tight places, for example? 

This pouch had four seam rippers in it of all sizes.  One was in a case. 

And there was this little "housewife" as they used to call them.  It appears as though someone had made it.  Perhaps a very young beginning seamstress.  A gift for someone?   It is in the shape of a winter mitten...with little flowers embroidered on it.... lift the cover and you can see all the little goodies that are there.  l

A pair of wonderful needle nose pliers that were like brand new.  The spring keeps them at the ready...I've never owned a pair like this and I love them. 

A lovely ornate sterling silver little heart needle threader guarenteed to thread even the tiniest of needle eyes... excited half blind me!!  :)
To thread that tiny needle eye you just lay the needle on the little bar and push the delicate wire through the needle eye and it pops open so you can thread your needle and pull the thread through the itty bitty eye!  WOW! 
(well...I get excited about things like that!)

...and would you just look at this?...perhaps you have seen them..but I never have.  I have seen some made for the wrist, but never for the finger.
It is handmade...which interested me right away so I studied it carefully.
You take a bottle cap
Drill a neat little hole in the top of it.
Then you take a little length of golden stretch cord, thread it through the hole and tie a knot in it and snug it down and clip off the excess.
Then you fill the bottle cap firmly with cotton and cover it with your favorite velvet fabric..or whatever and glue it to the sides of the bottle cap.
Then you glue and wrap a pretty braided length of trim around the cap and let dry.  Then you add the pretty cord around the top...and slip it on you tiny dainty finger...and you are set to sew ...and always know where your needle is.   :)
So...whaddayathink???   :) 
I thought it most clever!!    No...honest!  I did!

Now this I really loved.  Three tiny pairs of is beautiful and I forgot to show it.  It is a pair of lovely silver stork scissors.  I'll add it later..ok?   DO you see that gorgeous Victorian scissor holder in silver?  It has a tiny chain to hang around your neck with a ribbon if you like.   Very lovely. 

I added this photo to show you the delicate little charm hanging on the second pair of scissors accompanied by fresh water pearls.  Sweet?  INDEED!!

Look!  LOOK!  Leather thimbles.  Now I know avid sewers are probably familiar with these but I had never seen them before...and used to sew all the time.  The tops are of brass I believe...REAL leather in two sizes..

A....tatting shuttle?  It looks as though someone was attempting to learn...or had begun to make something and put it aside.  It is made of ivory.  Not plastic.  I won't buy anything ivory..but I will not throw it away either.  It's perfectly beautiful!

And these are the four seam rippers.  and  *taking a bow*   that's all folks!
Now wasn't this a treasure to behold?  It was for me!  Would you have paid a dollar for it?  :)

Love and hugs this beautiful Fall day!! 

(To the dear former owner who has passed on.... I will treasure and care for this little sewing kit.  I just want you to know that.)


  1. How exciting!! You really got a deal!!

  2. Oh Mona you done hit the Motherlode of sewing my friend...Girl I would have paid more for it..How sad that someone just sold it at a yard sale...but how great that it's now in a good and caring home....Hugs and smiles Gloria

  3. What a wonderful find. If only sewing kits could talk the tales they could tell. Lucky you.

  4. Lovely find...I just love the sweet little pink felt needle and pin holder...

  5. What a treasure Mona!
    Your right, it really was a find!
    I love those little scissors!
    And I have a new grandbaby!
    Come see her pics when you can.

  6. Wow! So much in one small case. It is definitely worth more than a dollar. Wouldn't you love to know more about the woman who owned it? It must have a history, that now is lost. How sad!

  7. I think she must have SEEN that snippy neighbor who wasn't ever nice to her pawing through her lovely things, and so her heart sent you right over to get that wonderful bit of her history. She knew you'd love it and be pleased with all the special small treasures she'd collected for so many years.

    A lot of them were gifts from people who loved her, you know, and now you're holding that love in your hands.

    She KNEW a Good Keeper when she saw one.

  8. Oh, my! Heart stopping good things in that kit. how super LUCKY that you came upon it! I am drooling over those scissors!

  9. Hi Mona,
    this is really a find. All is so neatly made and stored, the little buttons and the safety pins in a handmade cute needle-holder. But what catched my eye immediately and is a real treasure is the scissor-holder with the stich scissor. I guess it is silver and very old, maybe older than the contained scissor. Because it has a chain and in ancient times the women wear such holders on their waistband. If this item is stamped with 800, it probably is a piece from Germany.
    Greetings, Johanna

  10. Hi Mona what A great find I love everything in it I wish I could find something In Australia like that I would say you would have one in A million chance of ever finding something like that again It is fantastic.
    Hugs Mary.

  11. I certainly would treasure that! You got alot of sewing stuff in that little bag and for just $! Good find!

  12. What a delightful find! All those pretty things in one lovely place. I envy you finding such a treasure. I love the little scissors. Your Garage Sales sound so exciting. I must get Larry to take me to one when I next come over there. I wonder what I will find?
    Blessings, Star

  13. What a wonderful find Mona! I loved learning about the ring. I've never heard of that before and the ivory tating thingy is really neat!


  14. Oh Mona, what a find indeed. I would have just died right there for that little find. Someone was a very thrifty person i'd say. Everything you need in one little pouch. Awesome. Hugs. Tammy

  15. Now that little tiny thing held some really great treasures. I adore the silver holder. Just precious. You really scored on this one!!
    xo bj

  16. Hi Mona. What a wonderful surprise you found in that purchase. I so love all the little things included with it but the scissors with the case is just so beautiful.

  17. Even if I and sowing doesn´t go together at all :-) :-) I can appreciate how fun it must have been finding that sowing kit! I wonder what the history is behind it.

    Have a great day now!

    By the way, I´m moving from my blog to a new one! There´s a link in the bottom of my blog and I´ll post one on Thursday too!

  18. hi mona...SCORE...what a find!!! i LOVE the ring pin cushion! i just know this is how i will end up. very under priced at a garage sale! it's karma!

  19. You sure found a jewel. I can't believe everything that was in it. Great find.

  20. Hi Mona,
    What a find! I can't imagine all those things came in that little thing. I used to use leather thimbles when I quilted. Love those little scissors. Little vintage stork scissors are used for embroidery. A real treasure...Balisha

  21. Hi Mona! Oh, what a little treasure you got. You're so right, this had to belong to someone who loved needlework. You even have a tatting shuttle. I haven't seen one in so long. My grandmother could tat! Those little scissors.
    Thanks for popping in to see me and your sweet words about my fallen table.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  22. That sewing kit was packed full of useful items. It's so fun going through items like that. Loved those little scissors.

  23. Hi Mona,
    It's been a long time.
    You did find such cute treasures; it had to be someone who loved to sew;like my mom.
    Great photos; thank you for your visit.

  24. Mona you always find the nicest things! I am afraid if that had belonged to my family I could have not let it's just too special and I realize that the person who owned it treasured it as well.Shame you dont know who it belonged to.

  25. What a precious find! I especially love the little silver threader, so cute. You've done it again Mona, you lucky devil you!

  26. Mona....The Treasure Hunter ! How wonderful that
    you found this beautiful little sewing kit.....
    Isnt it nice that you found it and can treasure it and use it as it should be.....wish I didnt have to work Saturdays, you are inspiring me to
    garage hunt....someday.....glad that you shared this.....take care my friend.......

  27. Hi Mona! Thanks for all of your sweet comments on my home! :) You're so silly and make me smile a lot! I love hearing about you anytime!
    Thanks for popping in.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  28. What a lovely find Mona. Like a little sewing treasure chest!

  29. Hello Mona...I do believe that YOU were ment to find that sewing fell into the right hands...Love those embroidery scissors! When I did shows in Arizona and S. California, there was always someone that did the finger pin cushion....I have one, but I find it distracting to sewing....
    Have fun with your new treasure!

  30. Mona, what a find, I was teary eyed by the time I finished reading. The tatting shuttle was more than likely made before ivory became illegal to trade. I am so glad you found it, to treasure and take care of.
    PS, thanks for visiting my blog, I know it isn't much but since I have the time now, maybe I can get some pics up.

  31. I have been in awe with every photo! What a precious treasure...filled with memories! I love it...I really do! ♥


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