Friday, October 29, 2010


 I take nothing for granted...nothing...

This Halloween season has been fun.  The problem is that it is arriving at the speed of light.  It just seems I found most of my things is over in just a couple of days.  But what fun I've had...
I just need a wee more energy...

This time, just a few days ago or so it seems...I was busy getting seven little ones ready for trick or treating..then came the Grandchildren...and now even they are all grown up.  Some having their own children and some still in college.  Only one in highschool..and soon it will be over for him. 

No matter...I will continue to do Halloween, and Thanksgiving, and Christmas and Valentines and St. Patricks and Easter and the 4th of the end. 

My Mom stopped..will I?  I wonder...

My favorite Halloween cat...probably because he scares me? 

Just stuff....this is not a good picture of my hand made crow..but he really IS a work of art.  He is all sculpted with stitching...and then mounted on a post. 

5 to 6 inch cookies.  Impressive? :)

Just one filled the candy dish...bless it's heart!
A cup of hot tea and one of these and you won't want dinner.  I promise!
Daughter Mary is my cookie maker.

Small cookies.  Pumpkin, as you can plainly see..and..a tombstone..and a black cat and a moon...

Now this is my all time favorite thing..pumpkin to be precise.  His arms and legs are roots..and he is all hand sculpted with I wish I could do things like this! 
I might...but..why when I can find such great artists that do them so beautifully. 

I hang on to what used to be.  I don't necessarily think that is a bad thing.  It's just the treasuring of memories of time gone by.  It's ok. 
It's been a beautiful Fall and I hope I see many more of them. 

I have been enjoying all of your beautiful Fall photo's of your Halloween babies, and some fantastic Holidays.  If you haven't met Joyce at October Farm..please go by and see her recent trip to Salem MA.  I was fascinated...and tomorrow on Saturday I must post a most beautiful card she sent me that she made herself. 
What a time is all is....what a time! Makes me want to sing and dance under the moon..and if I could, I would!  Ok...I kidding around!  Sorta....

Love and hugs..


  1. Mona,
    Everything looks great. Your daughter is very talented. Those cookies look wonderful!!! YUM!

  2. Happy Halloween Mona,
    You are full of the spirit and all ready for the celebration; have fun,

  3. Keep the holiday spirit Mona, whichever one it is, for it keeps you young... and busy!

  4. Beutiful post so full of spirit and sharing...Happy Holidays.

  5. I bet those cookies are wonderful! I like your pumpkin too....your cat, well it is scarey looking, ha, ha! I love your music today too!

  6. Hi Mona :) You have some great things for your fall & Halloween decorating; love that pumpkin with the arms & legs...he's a keeper :) Those cookies look scrumptious! Your daugther makes them very well....and big, lol :) My kinda cookie!!

    The only time I do any decorating changes in my home is for Christmas....LOVE decorating for christmas! I put the trees up right after Thanksgiving and don't take them down until the day after New year. I have a large tree that goes in my Dining room, and a Pink tabletop tree that I display in my Living room. I can't wait!!

    Wishing you a lovely weekend!!

    Warmest hugs, Brenda

  7. Good morning Mona, Yes up bright and early again...God I wished I could sleep sighs...
    Love all those cookies girl your Mary does a great job on those...I hope everything is well in your world my friend...and Girl I don't have a button for my give away...just the pictures that I posted of the stuff...I'll add you to the hat girl...Hope you have a GREAT Halloween...that's one day I don't do ha ha!! Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  8. Mary's cookies are masterpieces and I could certainly be her taste tester should she ever require one.

  9. I just wrote a post about a friend who decorates every nook and cranny. I think that this keeps us young and gives us something to look forward to. Even the seasons have a way of doing we all are looking ahead to Christmas, with excitement. Balisha

  10. What a treasured collection you have and all the 'spunk' to put it together magically. I only pray I have a portion of the energy you portray girl. I just adore your enthusiasm and zest for life sweetie!!!

    God bless and enjoy your very 'spooky' weekend beautiful Mona!!! :o)

  11. I absolutely know what you just goes too quickly!!! I didn't even attempt to do Halloween decor....I'll be doing well to get Christmas up. The cookies look AWESOME - I'd be happy with one of the pumpkin cookies for dinner!

  12. Oh how I love all the memories and the Holiday get togethers too. Your little pumpkin with the roots is just the cutest. Love all of your decor. Hope you have a super weekend. Hugs, Marty

  13. Happy Halloween Mona Sweetie...
    What a beautiful share. I love your scary cat. That is so darn cute. Love it. I can hear the little ones laughter as they get ready for the special night of the year, that they get all the candy their little legs can help them find. What faces of joy. Love it. Just love it.

    Your daughters cookies look so yummy. I could smell the taste as I look through the page. Please tell her I loved, loved the cookies.

    I adored the pumpkin with the roots hands and legs, oh sweetie he is SO darn special. I love him.

    Don't ever give up this love of your for decorating. You do it so well, and it has made me smile this morning. Thank you for that.

    I am trying to get back on my horse and ride again, visit as many blogs as I can. I am having some leg issues and not able to sit at my computer for any real length of time. I will try to get around more often. Not much voice, and the drs. have given me an official diagnosis of spasmodic dysphonia. No pill can fix it. It is is permanent. They are experimenting with botox injections into the vocal cords, but I have opted to say what little I have left, and not mess with Mother Nature.

    I pray you are well sweet friend. I hope to see you soon. Many hugs and so much love, Sherry

  14. Hi Mona. Where has October gone to? I still love to decorate a little even if the family is grown. Admittedly I do not do as much but it perks me up to do some of it at least.
    Your daughter makes the prettiest cookies and cupcakes. Nothing wrong with a cookie you can have several munchies on from just one. LOL! I like the crafty root limned pumpkin. I love crafting but that is another thing I just take spells at doing anymore. Others are so talented with it anymore that I buy a lot too.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

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  16. Dearest Mona,

    Thank you for the scary kitty pic, Prudence took one look at it and ran upstairs & is still hiding under the bed. THANK YOU. Looks like it will be a quiet, ENJOYABLE afternoon. (Hahahaha, she missed those wonderful looking cookies, too bad.)

    Love all your decorations. You are SO creative.


  17. Mona, I think you're the youngest person I know!! And I don't think Kitty is scary at all---backed up to the wall like that and with that look on his face---he's the one who's scared.
    Give him a little reassuring pat and all will be well.

    And I love your juxtaposition of books---only YOU would put Grimm's Fairy Tales on one end and Dotty Dimple on the other! That's just the varied, ever-interesting Mona--a soft side to everything.

  18. I really like that cat! and the cookies looks great too :-) :-)

    Happy Halloween :-)

  19. I love the cat, too....and the cookies! Enjoy your weekend, sweet friend! You make everything FUN! ♥

  20. Oh how quickly it has arrived. I never did get my decorations out of storage and put up. Instead I am going to enjoy others as you have shared.
    Happy Halloweekend and be certain to treat yourself well...

  21. Mona - I know just what you mean. All the preparation and then it's gone in a minute. But I don't want to stop doing it, either. It brings a lot of joy and fun and playfulness that I need in my life!

  22. Happy Autumn did an outstanding job!!!!...and I'm looking forward to seeing your Christmas spirit shine brightly.



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