Friday, September 24, 2010


I bought this lovely book and I know full well that I won't use it.  I don't make things anymore like I used to.  I haven't even looked through it...but it really is beautiful.  I hope someone out there can use it and enjoy it.
It just arrived a couple of weeks ago so is not an old one from the past.  FYI :)

I loved these..but they have been in tissue since I bought them.  I collect vintage linens...and I thought these were so sweet. 

See the tiny beautifully done by someone in the past.  Such tiny delicate stitches..

It takes nerves to do least for me.  What to give...what to give...
Sweet Dawn at A COTTAGE STATE OF MIND  thought since we had birthdays within a week of one another..that this might be nice.  Dawn USED to be my friend!!!!    :) Of course I am teasing.... 
She is precious...but decisions make me crazy!

It is just a pair of vintage hand embroidered pillowcases with hand crocheted edging that I loved...and thought perhaps you would.  I bought them because I collect vintage linen.  These were bought from someone that deals in vintage linen that many of you may know.  I have never used them..they have been in tissue paper since I bought them.   I am parting with something I love because I am hoping if I like them..that someone else will.   They are so sweet for a guest room or for your own room.   I wanted to give something old and something new.  ( NOT say a word!) :)

 I also just bought this wonderful craft book from Gooseberry patch...and I KNOW full well that I will never even look at I don't make things for my home anymore.  I let others do it.. :)
It will come to you in the original box it arrived in..and has never even been looked through.  Brand new.
And it is in time for if you craft you will have time to do so....
No requests.  You do not have to follow me...or do anything at all.  No requirements..other than to SHOUT MY PRAISES FROM THE ROOFTOPS!!!    LOL
Ok..enough of my silliness.  If you are interested...just make a can even be mean...and say it's dumb stuff....I wouldn't blame you.  :)
I have NO idea what anyone would like.
I am hoping they will appeal to someone out there. can even give them away..I won't mind. Just don't tell me ok??  :)
Love and hugs...

Here is a close up of the other one.  See the tiny embroidered spectacles done in a soft gray?
Definitely for a man and woman...but does not say "Mr. or "Mrs." on them.  So old fashioned.
Wait..yes I do have a requirement... Remember  Dawn and I in October.  :)  Mine is the 8th and Dawn is the 16th.  At this age I need all the prayers and best wishes I can get.  Never mind Dawn.  She's young!

OCTOBER 1ST IS THE DATE OF THE DRAWING.   Just comment ..and you are IN!!


  1. Hi, I was over at Hilary's site, "Crazy as a Loom", and saw your site. It is so nice. I have a few vintage linens myself. I enjoy the hunt almost as much as the purchase. I am blessed to have several resale shops close by and I haunt them regularly. You and Dawn have a wonderful birthday.

  2. Really nice things You give away! You really don´t have to feel uncertain that they would be great gifts to give away!

    But since I live over seas I don´t think I should chosen, the package cost would be to big!

    Have a great day now!

  3. I should have written that I don´t think I should participate in this giveaway :-) It´s early morning over here and my brain doesn´t work properly yet :-) :-)

  4. Put my name in the hat, please!

    These are beautiful and not "just a pair", they are a treasure!

    Happy Birthday now because I may forget!!!

  5. Mona, I found your blog a couple of months ago,from another blog, clicked on your comment and I read thru your archives. Reading your post about the morning you were locked out and your adventures on the porch in your gown left me laughing so much! You are a delight. Your giveaway is lovely, who wouldn't be thrilled with that book and those sweet pillowcases. Have a wonderful weekend!

  6. Hi Sweet Friend, Good Morning.

    Your Giveaway is WONDERFUL (just like you). Chase those jitters away, it's just cause it's your first giveaway. IT IS WONDERFUL!!!! YOU ARE WONDERFUL!!!


    Prudence & Sissy have their eyes on those wonderful pillowcases.

  7. Mona,
    You are too funny. I love your giveaway items and would love to have them!

  8. Please count me in Mona. I love your linen. My mother had something very similar. When I saw yours, it reminded me of hers. I love those little flashes of memory that take you back to your childhood, don't you?
    Blessings Star

  9. I love your give-away Mona!
    What beautiful things to part with. You are such a sweetie!
    Please enter me my dear, and come read my posts when you get a chance. It's been a wild and scary few days here.
    Big Hugs to you,

  10. Mona, you are so sweet...those pillowcases are adorable.
    Are you going out to any yard sales today...hope you find some treasures you can't live without! Have a great weekend!

  11. Oh you silly, silly we could ever come up with anything mean to say about you. Here's sendin' ya an early HAPPY BIRTHDAY sweetie. I will be in Texas on your special day and will not be touchin' any keyboards while I'm gone.

    The pillowcases remind me of those we had when first married. I used my, wore 'em plumb out! The Gooseberry Patch book is a super choice, who doesn't love all thing Gooseberry Patch?

    You have a great weekend my sweet Mona!!!

  12. Someone worked long and hard on those pillowslips, and probably a good while ago, at that. The edging is just lovely---I have four or five sets of the edging, cut from successive sets of cases, as the cases wore out over the years, and the edging put onto another pair.

    My Mammaw J. (Daddy's Mom) would come to stay with us for three months of the year, and she spent most of her time in a sweet little chair, crocheting away---I can just see the long loops of crochet or a growing afghan cascading down her lap. And our GrandDaughter has the little chair in her room.

    Have a wonderful weekend, Sweetpea!!


  13. Oh,I would love to win your giveaway. I have recently been relearning how to do that handiwork on pillow cases. Happy early Birthday.

  14. Oh what fun! But I am sure no one else would want these things...just me! So 'pick me'! heehee! And birthday wishes for you both! You are always so sweet...and I love your blog! Keep that silliness coming! Thanks! ♥

  15. I'm crazy for vintage linens -- please put my name in the hat -- these would be perfect for our guest room! My husband's birthday is in October too -- great month for birthdays!

  16. What a fun give away can toss my ole name in the hat but I never win a thing ha ha!! Girl my desk top putor just crashed on me big time yesterday...Now all I have is my little lap top which I hate but it wi have to do until I get my other one fixed or a nbew one...All my fies pictures are on my desk top also...Oh well my lifes been going that way all week long...Hope you have a GREAT week end my Dear friend...Hugs and smiles Gloria

  17. Mona, you are so funny. This is a fabulous giveaway. I love the pillowcases. I think my mom had some like them. She use to embroider them all the time. The book looks like so much fun. I think there are a million people out there in blogland that would love these wonderful treasures, me too. I will try to remember your BD. Hugs, Marty

  18. You are silly- this is a FABULOUS giveaway! I had not stopped by in a while and how lucky I am to be greeted by these goodies. My fingers are crossed tight!


  19. A GREAT giveaway..I can't believe you will part with either of these...
    How sweet to give us a chance to win them...please add my bj to your list..:))
    xo bj

  20. Mona, you are too cute! It sounds like you are apologizing for having a perfectly lovely giveaway! I think the vintage pillowcases are darling and since I collect linens, I would be tickled to win them! I have some Gooseberry Patch books from the past and they are really great books! So I am in for your giveaway and btw, Happy Upcoming Birthday...Every year that we celebrate a birthday is a "gift"!~Hugs, Patti

  21. How very sweet of you to give these lovely items for a giveaway, Mona.....Christine

  22. Mona, What a delightful giveaway!!! I would LOVE to enter!!! These Goodnight pillowcases are precious! I collect vintage embroidered pillowcases and use them on all the beds at my house. And the Gooseberry books are wonderful. I have checked them out from the library and would love to have my own copy. Thanks for the chance to enter!

  23. Good morning Miss Mona.
    Well I think it's perfect. And you know - as I have learned lately - you just can't please all. Some people craft - some don't, some people collect vintage - some don't. Some people sew - some don't.
    So NO WORRIES! The main thing is - doesn't it feel good to just give something away? I love doing giveaways. It's just . . . I don't know - rewarding somehow.
    YAY! Good job. I will be gone for a week, so if you pick my name, I won't be able to get back to you right away . . . so . . . be patient. Cause I really would LOVE to win!
    How's your goose egg? OUCH!
    I don't think it's hot enough around here . . .

    :) Karen ~ Some days are diamonds

  24. Hi Sweet Mona,
    You KNOW that I love these pillowcases! LOL And, IF I was lucky enough to win your first giveaway, I would keep them forever and think of you every time I see them. I'm not much of a cook, but I'd make a yummy recipe from the book in your honor. Good luck on your very first giveaway ever. You'll see how much fun you'll have. Happy (early) Birthday. I think you should celebrate all month long.
    You will be in my prayers as requested. Blessings to both you and Dawn.
    Patricia :o)

  25. My mother and grandmother used to cross stitch like this. After they had passed, we could not locate any of these. I would really love to have these for myself and my wife and to have to pass on to our daughter. Have a Blessed and wonderful day.

  26. Mona, what wonderful gifts! I know I'd love to win them! The pillowcases are beautiful and I adore anything with the Gooseberry Patch name on it! Thank you for this giveaway. I'm still trying to win my first one!

  27. Just checking in. You did great Mona. Too bad I can't win or I'd throw my name in too! The birthday party/luau went great, but I was busy and didn't get a lot of really good photos. No one wanted to stand still for long. I have a few to post but today I'm going to chill - with the air conditioner! We were afraid it woud be too cool for a luau at the end of Sept. so I put a special order in for a little more summer. 100 here today! Everyone says it's my fault!

  28. Love the pillowcases and would defintely enjoy the book. Very generous of you.


  29. Hello Mona!
    Oh my ...what a wonderful give-away you're having. I would put the pillow cases on my extra pillows in the guest room for display only and the cook book I would definitely use. I LOVE cookbooks. I've put your birthday on my calendar so I won't forget and I'm going to go and look up your friend as soon as I get this sent off. I hope you have a wonderful day.
    Maura :)

  30. Hello Mona,

    I thought I was a follower but apparently I follow through a reader. I corrected that!

    I love vintage linens! These Goodnight Pillow Cases are fabulous! The embroidery along the edge is very pretty. As an avid reader, I just love the little book. What a great Gooseberry Patch book. Since I love to bake, it would get plenty of use from me!

    Thank you for the opportunity to enter.

    ~ Tracy

  31. OH Mona... You are such a sweetheart! Those are lovely, lovely pressies.... and I'm sure anyone would LOVE to have them as their very own....meaning ME! :-)

    Happy, HAPPY birthday sweet and wonderful girlie!


  32. My very first visit to your blog and I would like to play! Oh, and October is special to me, too. My bday is the 14th, hubby's is the 20th, and we got married on Halloween. Yep, Halloween!
    Happy (upcoming) Birthday.

  33. Oh Mona what a sweet, sweet giveaway! I absolutely love those linens and the book, oh my goodness, I have seen those in the store and they are chock full of goodness. You are such a sweetie. Who ever wins will be one lucky duck :)

    (wishfully quacking)

  34. I just recently found your blog and really enjoy it. I love the pillowcases. They are so cute. I collect vintage linens and would be very happy to give these a home. :-)

    I think it is a good thing that the issue/disease of hoarding is getting so much attention. If it helps people realize they have the problem and get help, that is wonderful.

    My rule about possessions is: If we have it, we must use it. I use vintage embroidered pillowcases on our bed and the guest bed. I use all the vintage tablecloths and napkins I find. I use all the dishes I've collected. In other words, I use and enjoy everything I own.

    I keep my collections organized and displayed. I keep my seasonal decorations carefully organized in clear plastic containers and clearly labeled so they are easy to find.

    I'm determined to manage my "stuff" and not let it manage me!

    P.S. I've begun scanning keepsakes like birthday cards, thank you cards, invitations, etc. Once I've scanned the item and know I have an electronic image, it's much easier to throw away the actual item.

  35. What a wonderful giveaway you have put together, Mona. The book looks fabulous and I am certain it contains a lot of inspiration. The pillowcases are so, so sweet. I would love to have my name thrown in the hat. Thanks so much.

  36. What lovely items you have in your giveaway. Would love to be entered. I too need to do some de-clutterring. I have seen the Hoarders and it does put you in a panic.

    Irma :)

  37. Hi Mona,
    I was at Rebecca's blog reading about hoarding and read your letter and then came right to your blog to read what you had written about hoarding! Fascinating! I can relate in many ways. And I am going to write about it also!
    Your give-away looks lovely! I truly love the pillow cases. If I saw them in a shop I would consider buying them. The cook and craft books sound great too! BUT!!!! I don't need them! So please do not enter me in your giveaway!!
    I hope you have an exquisite day!!
    Warm hugs, Laura

  38. I share your pain of watching someone you care about with hoarding is very, very difficult.
    BUT, that being said, and I don't believe I'm a hoarder yet, I'd love to be entered into your great lookin' giveaway!!
    I hope you have a wonderful weekend~
    The Tattered Tassel

  39. WOW Mona...been awhile..I have been so busy with life, I haven't blogged in so long! Funny though...because today I am offering a "Birthday Giveaway". Today is my birthday, so I thought I would do this to get my fans to come back and visit me.

    Oh...and don't throw stuff sway in DO regret need to really sit down and think it all through. I am not a hoarder.....but do buy furniture....things I keep...paint and sell...or give away. Right now I am trying to decide on I want to keep or sell!! Hard decisions!!

    Anywho....great to be back and catch up on my friends' blogs and I wish you an early birthday wish in case I am not around on your birthday.

    Warm Hugs,

  40. hi ,
    how are you doing , you have a lovely blog .
    i love vintage things , and the embroidery looks great on the pillow cases.
    i love to enter in this give away.

  41. I love Gooseberry Patch books! And vintage linens, too! Count me in for the chance at the Giveaway!

  42. Hi mona My computer has been playing up and I havent been able to get on but it's fixed now I just had a good read you do crack me up with your story guess what I like to hoard to but I am not that bad. Have A great weekend.
    Hugs Mary.


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