Wednesday, September 15, 2010


When we used to take trips to my mothers home with the children are packed into our VW van and it drove us crazy when they would ask over and over "Are we there yet?!  It was a two hour drive with seven little ones..and one time Pat said "Mikie, if you ask me that one more time, you will get out and walk!"  In a matter of moments Mike forgot.  "Are we there yet, Mom?" he called out..and Pat suddenly swung to the side of the road, stopped the car and said "OUT!"  Not a sound was heard.  Nothing.  Just cars swishing by on the highway!  My poor little boy!  He was just so eager to see Grandma. I it's me saying it. 
Are we there yet???  Fall, I mean?  So...are we? :)  Am I starting my second childhood?
I decided to hang this on my front window just behind the wicker porch chairs.  I figured, "what the heck",  Its a welcome sign, after all.  Do you hang pictures on your front window?    Doesn't everyone?  I used one of those little suction cups, naturally! 

There.  Can you see it on the window? 

My first outdoor pumpkin.  Soon I will bring home the real ones and this one will be moved.
But in the meantime...I will change things many times before I am satisfied.  IF??

We really enjoy sitting out here...but I am desperately trying to get Sweet Husband to have the porch covered.  When it rains..and it will...well, you get the picture.  I am to the point of begging.  The rains WILL come. 

I added a basket of leaves on the porch post.  I need to think on this one...but..

A basket of leaves, tray and gourds all from garage sales... this is on the little table between the chairs.
I need to make a trip to Lowe's for fresh fall flowers in pots.  Maybe tomorrow.  Maybe.

I always take pictures before everything is really ready...I get in a rush...I never wait for the finished product.
See the sun?  It it so hot in the afternoon.  That porch NEEDS a cover.

*smile*  All done.  For now.
I am just "posting" right along.
I think that is all for tonight...I am off to bed before I fall asleep right here!
Love and hugs to everyone.  The more hugs in this world...the more love..the better!


  1. Hi Mona,
    I am in love with your charming porch! You have it fluffed up so pretty. I love the pics with the sun shining through it just looks happy!
    My Dad did the same thing to my brother Tim when we were growing up. 8 of us in a station wagon. Only thing, Tim was fighting with his brothers. And he was so stubborn he wouldn't get back in the car and just kept walking.

  2. Dearest Friend,

    Ha, I am still in my FIRST childhood, I am refusing to grow up.

    The pictures are beautiful, and yes we are beginning to see fall weather, just a little but it is coming.


  3. Mona,
    It all looks very fall festive! Very pretty!

  4. Thank you for those beautiful glimpses of FALL!
    I'm slowly getting into the mood, but not yet into the swing of things.

    It's so wonderful to look at all the decor and the preparations and all the lovely small scenes arranged so lovingly.

    Thank you for sharing, til I can go find the big box of STUFF and get myself in gear.

  5. I love that picture hanging there! What a wonderful idea. You are doing beautifully with your fall fluffing!

  6. Dear beautiful Mona, nobody does fall better than you but right here and now is where we part ways!!! Heeehehehehe!

    I go know kick and screamin' hangin' on to every last ray of warm summer sunshine. Nope, I'm not welcomin' what coming. We have such nasty winters her in the Ozarks. Heck, last winter we had a full week the temps didn't get above zero and the dreaded winter ice storms that take the power for weeks at a time. Ya just try to keep the cattle fed, water flowin' and the wood piled high....nope girl..I'm hangin' on to summer as long as I can! :o)

    You have yourself a gorgeous day sweetie and enjoy your fall decor.

    BTW: Your stuck with me, I'm not goin' anywhere, I love ya too much girl!

  7. Oh, I love all your great fall ideas! I may have to try some of those myself out on my porch! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and leaving your much loved comments! Some days your comments really helped me get through some tough days! I am trying to get back into the swing of things over at my blogs again and just wanted to let you know that you matter and your comments did too! Thank you friend.

  8. Your porch looks fabulous. It is such a nice size, and the idea of hanging a picture in the window is such a great one. Love all the pretty fall touches. I should do something to mine. A cover would be fabulous. Hope you get it soon. Hugs, Marty

  9. Mona, you made me laugh - "Are we there yet?" is one of our family jokes. On an episode of the Simpson's Bart asks that question over and over again machine gun style and Homer finally gives him the classic Homer "choke". It struck us as funny years ago and now Jessica will do the same thing to Mike. She's 26 now, but it's still funny!

    I love your beautiful porch! Tell your fella that I agree - it needs to be covered to protect all of your lovely, welcoming things and also to give you all a delightful place to sit and listen to the rain!

  10. Beautiful picture! But no I never hang any pictures in my windows, but I don´t think anyone does that over here. But there can be a welcome sign of some sort though.

    They say that it´s still summer as long as the medium temperature doesn´t drop benieth 50F during a week. So despite the frost we´ve had and leafs changing colors we still have summer up here in the north :-) :-)

    I can imagine how Your sun felt that time :-) :-)

    Have a great day now!

  11. I love the sunbeams on your pretty area! I mentioned you on my blog just now! You are always so sweet to me! Hugs! ♥♥♥

  12. Hi Mona...

    Yep, I do believe it's least here in the Pacific Northwest. I'm actually frrrreeezing sitting here. :-)

    Everything looks wonderful. I still haven't put a single fallish thing up yet and probably won't get to it for a couple more weeks. I am starting the cleaning in the sewing room tomorrow..

    Your poor little grand-kidlets.... It's hard when you are anxious little ones, isn't it?



  13. Hi Lovely Mona!
    What a sweet story. I loved it! It took me back to when my kids were little and my son would always ask, "Are we almost there yet?" (Loved the almost).
    I think you need to come to my house so you can decorate the front "porch" for me. It's not really a porch, just some place to stand out of the rain before you come in. Anyway.... You do such a beautiful job, that you should come here and help me out.
    Patricia :o)

  14. Hi Mona your porch looks very inviting Pitty I am so far away I can just see me sitting there stitching. lol.
    Hugs Mary.

  15. I love it when parents follow through :-) It looks like Fall is arriving around your house, even if it isn't showing up on our thermometer yet. Everything looks so pretty Mona. I'd better get to work. I haven't even started decorating for Fall yet.

  16. Mono..

    thank you for stopping by with your sweet words of love and comfort. Blessings are in every step we take.

    Very nice blog my dear!!

    with love,

  17. ooops.. meant Mona.. not Mono.. so sorry and please do forgive.



  18. Love the idea of the picture outside on the porch! It would be nice to have some cover there from the heat and rain. I do love my covered porch, but it often ends up being a storage area LOL!

  19. Ugh...I still have yet to "Fall" over here. I'm going to have to start pouting in order to get my boxes down. Actually, I have been super busy with work and school and haven't had time to decorate, but things are slowing down a bit so I'm going to see if I can get hubs to get my stuff down this weekend :)

    Your place is looking so festive Mona! I love your porch.


  20. G'eve Mona ~ What lovely decor you have touched in your gardens & porch, autumn is 'kissing' everything, for sure.

    Have a great week ~
    TTFN ~Hugs, Marydon


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