Tuesday, June 22, 2010


How I love those treasure hunts!

Our Garage Sale Saturday began with nothing. The first couple...were TRUE junk! I thought the first yard just needed a good cleaning and that someone had put the signs up as a joke!
No..I am serious! That really did pass through my mind. :)

We didn't plan on staying out until noon as we usually do. An hour and a half later we were about to go home when things began to look up..

I am always in the market for good frames at very cheap prices. This one was a bit more than I like to pay at $1.00! But...it was worth, it so into the trunk it went!

And this sturdy dyed red basket caught my eye for just 25 cents. The sweet little cookie plate was too great to pass up for another quarter..and also the old video's at .25 each. I have been searching and hoping to find "All About Eve" and there it was! I kept my VCR...so I love to find old classic films and spend an afternoon curled up watching them. Another dollar spent at this garage sale...I was not doing too badly...as I didn't have an agenda except to NOT spend much. (Famous last words!)

And books! I am always on the look out for books. I found four hardbound ones (a couple for great grandson) and two for me. Nice. .50 cents each! Yippee! I was on a roll!

I loved this little lamp with it's shaded leaf and floral design on the shade....so muted.
It is made of very heavy iron...and even came with the light bulb. Sweet little rope design...

I loved the soft colors of red, green and gold...

And here it is all lit up...

And then..OH JOY! A perfect little table for...um...somewhere!
To paint or not to paint. The stain is much too deep into the wood to remove it..and yes I could cover it with a doily or whatever ...but.. decisions, decisions!!

I had seen this little table and the lamp at one of garage sales but passed them by, then when I couldn't get them out of my mind..we backtracked trying to find it. Up one street and down another...and finally..there they were...I was really fortunate they hadn't sold.
Ever tried to backtrack when going to garage sales? Felt that urgency to rush, and it's one wrong street after another? Frantic that it will be sold by the time you find it??? Have you?

$3.00 for the lamp and $20.00 for the table. Not bad at all..but Sweet Husband was beginning to look nervous...so it was off to our favorite place for breakfast. I think it was the $20 that sent him over the edge. I noticed his hands were beginning to shake as he took that $20.00 out of his wallet. LOL Poor baby!

Of course it was another pot of beans when it was a "JOHN DEER" bike for $175! I mean, what the heck??!! At a garage sale no less! :) Please remember, he only shook, he didn't say anything! Gotta love that man!

Gosh the coffee tasted good...and the ice cold orange juice! So what do you think? Should I paint it?? The table, I mean...

Love and hugs,


  1. I wouldn't, but that's just me.
    Mona, I love your garage sale adventure tales. You always make me smile and laugh and nod with understanding. The hunt is a wonderful thing, bagging a big one is even better! In the garage sale world, that is..

  2. Great finds and I love love love the lamp.

  3. Mona,
    I probably wouldn't paint it, if I were leaving it in the house, but if it is going outside, I would probably paint it some fun, reds, yellows and greens! Maybe the top one color and the legs the other colors.

  4. Mona, I especially love that sweet lamp. That is so neat. I can't comment on the table because painting is just not my "thang".
    Would you believe... I have never been to a garage sale... other than my own. Wish we lived closer because I'd love to go to one with you! Maybe some of your good luck would rub off one me. You did well, girl friend.
    Ladybug Creek

  5. You always find such great deals Mona! I love the lamp, it's a super deal and yes, paint the little table, it will be so cute!
    I love the story about your hubby too! So cute!
    Hope all is well,

  6. Great finds...love the lamp, Mona. I think that little table would be cute painted.

  7. Whatever your sweet fancy conjures will be magical, of course!!

    We've been to only one or two this whole Spring, and the gleanings have been small, just one sturdy (I mean STURDY) homemade table for the children's art area.

    I'll just let THEM paint that one!!

  8. It would be lovely wtih some of your painted roses on it! I'm more interested in where you're going to put it! I know you'll find the perfect little spot in your enchanting home. I have such a weekness for little tables and chairs. They come home and Hubby says, "Where are you going to PUT it? He,he,he...we are so alike!

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  10. Hi Mona.....My garage saling on Saturday "stunk" to be honest.....nothing! I think it was just tooooo HOT! However, you did great! I feel the same way about a good table....I HAVE to buy it, but then the questions arise...do I paint it and then where do I put it? Do I even have room for it??? I really enjoyed hearing and seeing about your day! Have a good one!~Hugs, Patti

  11. I don't like to go to garage sales or yard sales as we call them here but my husband does. I must say that you found some great things!! I love the lamp and table and no I wouldn't paint it. I love the look!!

  12. Girl, I do not know how you find all these great yard sales. Most of them around here are of the variety you mention about cleaning out the junk. LOL! I love the basket since I am a basket nut. Love planting those flowers in them. The lamp and the table are gems. I am so jealous LOL!
    Good job!

  13. When I have "him" with me and he sees lots of tables and chairs, he is tempted not to even stop the van. Imagine my surprise when he decided we needed another lamp!
    Garage saling with the men can be interesting.

  14. YES... I say paint the table. Red, blue, white, a pale yellow.. whatever works for you.


  15. Had to come over and see what you might be painting, Mona. Yes, paint that sucker and let him coordinate with whatever room he'll fit into! I don't get it when people say it devalues a piece of furniture that is damaged. If it's not an antique,I always say go for it!
    hugs, Sue


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