Thursday, June 17, 2010


Have you seen Tootsie's yard lately? If not you must go see the lovliness of her yard. She is hosting Fertilizer Friday and you are in for a treat!!

Have you ever seen something and just fell in love with it...bought it and then just never used it. So it sat..and got further and further tucked away..until it was out of sight.

Then one day you thought, "I wish I had something to put weeds in and to haul plants around in, and my gardening tools...if only everything was right here handy...something light weight that I could handle with ease.." And then you remember! Wait, I have something like that. Now where did I put it??" and then you remember!! You sold it at a yard think...oh maybe three years or so ago, and you get that sinking feeling in your tummy?

You are NOT alone. I do that..more than I want to admit..but the search IS ON!
You start moving things, looking...give up finally. Ask sweet husband "Do you remember...." and he looks at you blankly.

Wasn't it in the shed, he asks, or did you sell that?!"
Back you go to search more thoughly.

Then you see it...and you start pulling down things, things fall, you grab a handle and pull, everything comes crashing down, but who cares.
My precious little wheelbarrow...*smiles*

And here it is, the dear little thing!!!

So light weight and easy to roll.

Doesn't look too sturdy, but it really is!
See the roomy pocket for gloves and tooks, I mean tools (I'm just so excited trying to get this story out!)...and that little handle? There is also a little strap with velcro on it....
...which when you fold the little darling up, fastens onto the other side holding it firmly together!

AND then you have the little handle to carry it with. Clever?? Indeed!

Gosh, I can hardly wait to get gardening in the morning! :) You DO believe me, don't you??

Love and hugs,


p.s. I wanted to add that I bought this little wheelbarrow at Target about four or five years ago.


  1. What a great wheelbarrow! I've never seen one like that. Great design, just close and store. Ingenious!
    Your determined hunt for it made me laugh. Yep, been there, and again to look more and again to look even more. Rarely find the missing must have. Oh well.
    Have a great weekend, my friend! Hugs.♥

  2. well would you look at that! I have never seen one like it anywhere! How neat! Mine is a rusted out flat tired hand me down...that takes up a lot of space...I think I will need to keep my eye open for one of those kind!!!
    Love the photos...and I too am just aching to get out and do some gardening...(not weeding though and that's what I will be doing) I should be good and cranky by the time I finish with all the chick weed that we have around here this year!
    have a great weekend...I am so glad you linked in to me today!

  3. I love your little wheelbarrow Mona~
    That is like the cutest one ever!
    I need to find one of those cuties. I love your description of pulling things down and looking. Sounds just like me.
    Have a lovely weekend too~

  4. Mona,
    Very cute. I have never seen one like it before!

  5. Love your wheelbarrow! I've never seen one like that, I think it would be very handy. Glad you didn't sell it at the yard sale-happy weeding!

  6. It's sooo you, Mona... and extremely cute! I bet you use it often, don't you? Have never seen a wheel barrow like this before.


  7. That is a great little thing! I could use one of those...

  8. Hi!
    That is so cute! I've never saw one like that before. Have a great day!

    Sherrie's Stuff

  9. Mona, how cute! And I guess it's a real workhorse. Wish I had a green thumb like you. Maybe if I bought some cute outdoor tools I would be inspired.
    Love the flowers!
    Ladybug Creek

  10. That is a charming little wheelbarrow, Mona. I have spent hours looking for something, only to realize I had gotten rid of it months or years back!

  11. Now isn't that the most cool thing!

  12. Well isn't that a sweet little thing!? Glad it's handy as well as so cute!

  13. I am joining in with everyone else....I have never seen a wheelbarrow like that! How handy will that be! You could also use that, if clean, for hauling laundry from the dryer to your folding spot. Nice, lots of uses for that!

  14. Good Mornin' darling now girl I think I have a need for that...I have never seen one like it before...the last wheel barrow I got I put flowers in and now I don't remember where I stored it...better go look ha ha!! Hope you have a GREAT day my dear friend...Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  15. To many holes in my garden to have one with such a small wheel :-) :-) My dogs are busy to dig up dandelion roots all summer, but never puts back the soil :-) :-) But it looks great! To many of those weighs tons totally unnecessary.
    Have a great day now!

  16. omg this is the cutest wheelbarrow i ever seen i had taken my Moms when she passed away and it was little to put so handy i remember the day she got it she said look what i got a kmart .Well when i moved from my big house to town house i looked for it about 2mos later it was gone my hubby said it must have fallen off the truck oh well now i have a little heavy plastic one but your kind would be great to fold and put away good job keep on rolling Mona hugs Linda

  17. I know exactly what you mean ....haha, Great little wheelbarrow,nice & light weight.I have not seen one like that( along with everyone else on that:) ) Enjoy your Gardening ~

  18. Mona, what a handy dandy little wheelbarrow!!! Great find! Love the lightweightness and that it folds...easy to store..or in our case bury! LOL Happy FF!
    Enjoy your weekend

  19. Mona...I love your little wheelbarrow. I'm on the search now for 2 of those. One for my mom and one for me!!! Have a wonderful weekend and I'm glad you didn't sell it! Yeah!!!!!!

  20. In answer to the first comment, had you read my profile you would know I am very necessary to many. FYI

  21. Mona that is just brilliant. Mind you does it carry a bale of hay? 20kgs of manure? If so I want one. Beats the builders barrow I have now..mind you DH has narrowed the handles so I can use it with my smaller hands. Now that is love.

  22. G'morn, Mona ~ That is darling! Hmmmmm ... wonder if they still make them ... & in green to boot! I love it.

    Happy Father's Day to your hubs. Have a beautiful weekend.
    TTFN ~ Marydon

  23. Mona...Your comments to me mean more than I can tell you.

    People think I'm this hugely confident person and I'm soooo not. Hearing from you and reading your kind thoughts helps me to realize more and more than it's important to just put ourselves OUT THERE and trust that those who are meant to find us, become part of our lives, will.

    You mean the world to me. You do.

    Love, Rebecca

  24. Mona, you're very necessary to me. You make my day! I love your little cart. I especially love how it folds up. It sure beats my Red Ryder Wagon. I could kick myself a hundred times for getting rid of something I wanted later. Have a great weekend.

  25. Mona....That is so cute! I am still using my dad's old wheelbarrow that he used to push me around in the yard when I was a's a little worse for wear but everytime I look at it, it reminds me of the fun we had!~Hugs, Patti

  26. I love your little wheelbarrow. Sometimes you just need something light-weight to put weeds etc. in. Glad you didn't sell it!

  27. That is adorable! I never knew a wheelbarrow cold be so cute!And functional too. It sure is a good feeling when you find something you're not sure you held on to!It's the ultimate packrat high!

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