Monday, March 29, 2010


I am joining our Marty @ A STROLL THRU LIFE for TABLETOP TUESDAY. This is such an
easy one for me. I love it. Thanks for hosting this fun activity for us, Marty.

This is my old hutch. I am enjoying it so much. I missed it. This old hutched housed my little girls ribbon drawer long before I ever thought I would have real silverware to put in it. All you see on the top of this hutch were gifts from my daughter Maryalice over the years. She bought me this tea set a few pieces at a time.

The old Beatrix Potter books you see are tattered and torn and inside there is my youngest daughters attempts to write her name. They are well read...and well used. We keep our boo

These adorable floral cookies and butterfly were baked by daughter Maryalice. She brought them to me today..all boxed and tied with a lovely bow. Daughters! They do make you smile don't they?

The lovely white napkins I found at a garage sale...I bought 26 of them for $5.00. The beautiful place mats, four of them, I bought this saturday for 50 cents. They are cut through and beautifully made. See Spring on my little dish? Yeppers! I ...mood.

Sigh...the picture turned out way too dark and I should take it over but..what the heck. I am sure you have probably seen a tea set like this one before. Brambly Hedge! Sooo cu

The sparkles didn't show up on camera. Sweet husband scarfed this BIG cookie down! There went our so called "diet" for today! Ah well. later. The little white dish is part of my milk glass collection inspired by Mary @ Little Red House. The table cloth is hand crocheted...a find on ebay. "Mona Two" is the name of the seller. Imagine that! How could I help but buy something from someone with a name like that! Right? :)

Daisy cookies! Sooo delicious! This is the Summer plate. See?

Oh...well...this is Jeremy Fisher naturally. I LOVE this character. I also have a BIG stuffed Jeremy on the guest room bed. And....the video! Loved the scene when the HUGE fish took his minnow bait! Nearly killed poor Jeremy.

Yep...this is the sugar and creamer...LOVE IT! You know, I think it's the colors as well as the sweet artwork that gets me.

Such sweet cups and saucers...the other two are, of course, Winter and Autumn. Ah yes, Autumn.... :)

Fuzzy chickie...uh huh... :)

And more bunnies with roses (sorta) painted yours truely...

Thank you Maryalice darling girl! Mom loves you! These are beautiful. I wish the sparkly centers showed up better...I love them. Thank you!

Spoon is from...MY PRELUDE SILVERWARE SET. We are keeping it in a friends safe now. Thought it might be a good idea.

Well, I made some changes to the dining room table. I took the little fence was just a bit too much though it was cute. I added large cabbage leaves under the Easter Basket and I like it much better. As serious as Easter is...and as is so much fun to have the whimsy added in...Tradition is good. Tradition binds us together...something we share. God would approve, I know He would. I know He wants us to enjoy this beautiful life He has given us as much as we can.
That being said...have a beautiful week. Enjoy what you can and what you cannot...give it over to God.

Love to all,


  1. Happy Easter to you my Dear friend...I won't be blogging after tomorrow for about a week and just wanted to wish you and your family the best Easter...Love ya girl...Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  2. Lovely!!!
    I hope you and yours have a Wonderful Easter, dear Mona.
    May the sun shine bright on your Easter Bonnet!
    Hugs & Love,

  3. Hi Mona !
    Happy Easter to you and your lovely family !
    I love your decorations and all your memories- well they are just priceless.....
    Hugs ,

  4. Mona,
    This is such a pretty set and from your daughter, how much more special it is! Thanks for sharing. I am new follower. Please "hop" over and visit when you have time.
    Have a great day,

  5. What a lovely thing for your daughter to do for you! Your dishes are beautiful and makes your table just gorgeous! I bet those cookies are delishious, enjoy! Happy Easter!

  6. This is such a beautiful post, Mona. Your Brambly Hedge tea set is lovely. I have the four season plates hanging in my guest room. I think the artwork on them is charming. I love your fuzzy chick. Everything looks so springy and ready for the Easter bunny's arrival. The cookies are so pretty too.

    Happy Easter.

  7. Your tea set is so sweet and from such a sweet daughter. The cookies look so good I want to just reach in and sneak one. The table is very lovely and springy.

  8. Good morning, Mona! Your daughters are so sweet! The cookies are so pretty, almost too pretty to mess up and eat and the tea set is so beautiful. I love your hutch and everything in it....Christine

  9. Mona,

    Your pictures and all your sweet words about your family and friends, and your love for the wee creatures, real or imaginary---those all just take my heart.

    This was the first post I read this morning, and it's just brightened this whole room, even more than the grand blast of sun down the staircase.

    Thank you for your dear young heart and your welcoming eyes which see the good and pure and innocent wonders and share them so sweetly.

    And wouldn't we all like to go live, just for a day, in Brambly Hedge? A Spring day, with tea on the lawn.


  10. Everything is just so beautiful! And the tea set? What a wonderful idea to start a collection that can be added to for special occasions! What a sweet daughter you have, Mona! Aren't daughters just a special gift from the Lord? Yes, indeed, they are!

  11. Oh my it's quite beautifully Easterized over here! I'm in lust with that sweet little creamer of yours. Your place is always so very warm and inviting. I always love lingering over here. Now, I didn't quite catch it but what time were you serving tea and those lovely decorated cookies???

    Have a blessed day sweet Mona!

  12. Oh I love your hutch too. What a wonderful piece and such lovely storage and display. I love seeing all your pretty dishes. Your table is gorgeous. The cookies are just fabulous. Way too pretty to eat. All of your bunny and easter decorations are just super. Thanks so much for joining the party. Hugs, Marty

  13. Hi Sweet Lady! Everything looks sooo Beautiful!! I wanted to Thank You for Following me , but I'm a little confused as to which blog you are following ?? I want to add you to my sidebar but can't find where you are?? AND ...... I have a "BEAUTIFUL BLOGGER AWARD" awaiting you at my blog
    So please stop by to collect it, and pay it forward to some beautiful bloggers you know!
    Happy Tuesday to you!

  14. oh sweetie your hutch is just breathtaking, I love it all! Beatrix Potter has always been a favorite of mine :)

  15. What wonderful gifts from your daughters. I love how you go all out displaying it all. My mom also goes all out with holiday decor and I'm sure it's where I got my "more is more" attitude! I love the sentiments at the end; family, tradition, whimsy, joy and God. What a wonderful way to say "Happy Easter"!

  16. Your decorations are just lovely. The cabbage in your display is geinus. Wonderful words. Thank you Mona!

  17. Happy Easter, What a lovely table! Those cookies sure look good!

  18. Hi Mona,
    Everything looks so gorgeous! You have so many pretty things and I am loving the tea-pot and all the whimsical pieces! Sigh. Really neat stuff girlfriend, you have fabulous taste! Happy Easter too, Cindy

  19. Thank you for sharing your lovely settings. How sweet of your daughter to get you the tea set you love. Happy Easter...

  20. It is all so lovely. Your daughter sounds very sweet and loving. The cookies she made a adorable.

    ~ Tracy

  21. How sweet Mona, your daughters are so good to you...don't you just love it ha ha!! I pray you have a Wonderful Blessed Easter my dear friend...Thank you for the awesome card your so sweet to me...Talk with you when I get back...Love ya girl...Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  22. Hi Mona! Every time I visit your blog I feel like I am visiting an old friend. I so enjoyed looking at all of your lovely Easter decorations.
    Bentley and I wish you the happiest Easter Sunday!!

    Susan and Bentley

  23. No I have actully never seen a tea set like that, how adorable!

    I´ve just realised that I have absolutly no easter decorations at all any longer?! I have no idea where they can be now. You should have seen the rooster I used to have :-) Well I have a couple of days left, I can atleast buy something new then.
    Have a great day now!

  24. What a sweet Easter tea party. Your dishes are so pretty. We like books around here too :-) Have a glorious Easter Mona!

  25. Good Morning Mona Sweetie...
    Oh what beauty I see in and on your hutch, and you table is DDG. I love it. On your hutch, I adore the green rabbit, he just popped right out at me. He is beautiful sweetie. I love your tea set sitting there. It looks perfect.

    Your table is so awesome, and the dishes are the most beautiful things ever. I love the seasons, and oh how precious are the old Beatrix Potter books. I love them. Just precious.

    Have a beautiful day sweetie and thank you for sharing your Easter table with me. Tell sweet Mary Alice she can make cookies for my table anytime. My gosh they look yummy.

    Happy Wenesday sweetie. Country hugs and so much love...Sherry

  26. I love your enjoyment of the bits and pieces of your past, your china, books, family memories.

    Happy Easter to you and your loved ones,

    Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island

  27. the table scape looks lovely and the cookies so pretty and yummy .Its so nice your Daughter lives close to come and visit that was so thoughtful of her have a happy easter to you and your family:)

  28. oh mona....this is all so lovely. no wonder you have been so busy! my daughter has brambley bush dishes that are packed away somewhere. i always loved them. i am really in an easter mood after looking at all of your decorations!

  29. Hi Mona... just wanted to clarify... I'm not leaving the blogging world.. not yet anyway... my goodbye was a tribute to another Texas blogger, Lee... so come back and visit when you can! I'm still here!

    Easter Blessings. Dixie

  30. Oh what lovely easter goodies! Your table and tea set are gorgeous!

    I am so glad that you stopped by earlier today...I have been missing you!


  31. So lovely & festive your table setting & decor, Mona. The cookies were a sweet thought & I'll bet delicious.

    Happy Easter!
    Have a beautiful week.
    TTFN ~ Marydon

  32. Have a blessed Easter weekend.
    Everything looks wonderful!
    It is Spring!


  33. How lovely your Tea is! I just love your tea set collection of dishes! Oh the tablecloth is beautiful! How lucky you are to have such a wonderful daughter to bake and bring these lovely cookies! Tell Mary Alice I want to buy some of these lovely cookies! Please! They are so pretty! I just love your Tea! I want to link you to my Tea Time Tuesday, for I just love this!

  34. Hello Mona...I love your table setting and especially your dishes..they are so cute. You did a wonderful job and you should be proud of it. Those cookies look delicious and pretty too! Have a wonderful evening....Maura


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