Sunday, December 13, 2009


*Note: I just noticed that my pictures say the wrong date on them. I just took these pictures last night...?? I'm using Howards camera but have NO idea how to change the date! Anyway...they are NEW! :) I am not too camera savy...

Every year I say I am going to get rid of stuff. I don't need so much stuff for Christmas. I have been saving and collecting Christmas decor for about 55 years now. I never do. Now and then the girls come and get a few things...but not often.
I am beginning to let things go. Not Christmas though...I sometimes don't unpack a box but then the next year I am delighted that I saved it..and out if comes. This year I unpacked everything I could find. Some things are still missing since my move. Two white feather tree's and decorations...I have NOT a clue where they could be...
Oh well... :) The bedroom won't have it's little white tree..but I added a piece to the headboard. So...

Sometimes I wish I could see room from a distance. So..I took a few pictures but I still didn't do them in the correct sequence. No matter.

Now...just imagine the room all freshly painted a lovely soft gold, that horrible ceiling all painted white and the trim all white...and thick lovely moss green carpet on the floors. The living room will be painted a butter cream..and rich hardwood floors in the kitchen... :)
The painting starts in January! :)
The little hall is being papered in red toile...(rose red)..soooo anyhooo... :)

Howard in his favorite reading chair. It was a wedding gift from me. It is one of those glider chairs with the ottoman to match, which also glides.
He whined that his "brother has one and I love it! I always sit in it when I visit him! So...he now has his own. Now Emerie can tell him to go home and sit in his own chair! :)

One of my little old suitcases that I have had for years. Makes for storage of photo's etc. also.

This is the area in front of the fireplace...

A view of the family room.

Dining area...

Full length of family room and dining area.

This little hutch belonged to my husand and his late wife as does the dining room set. Mine is in the garage waiting to be painted...IF it ever gets painted. I am beginning to love this little set. It has history for Howards family just as mine does for my family. I have to wonder how it will all turn out. Mine...or his. :) I don't want to part with either really.

An old sofa table. One of my favorite pieces of furniture.

I love this area of my kitchen...LOVE it. It's a cozy place to wash dishes. I do not have a dish washer. It's just another step in the dance. It's the first time I have not had one and I don't miss it one bit. Nothing to load and unload. :)

My precious 1950's oven! You've seen this before...but what the heck... :)

Looking into the living room. Looks dark but it's just my camera...grrrrr

My FAVORITE appliance. It's the first thing I do in the morning, make coffee with one eye open! Then I turn on my computer...naturally!

My next favorite appliance! LOVE this!

I got the bottom of this from...funny, I cannot remember. I do remember that the top was made by an elderly gentleman that lived in Temecula California. A darling little town south of us. Tons of shops and I remember I had to wait a few weeks for it because the weather was damp and the paint wouldn't dry. I hung it for awhile and later I sat it on this cabinet. I store pet food in the cabinet. Doggie treats and birdie food. :)

A view of the kitchen from the family and dining room.

I think I'll call it a night.
By the way...that was the best dental visit I have ever had. NO pain at all. I went out like a light and woke up and never a moments pain! None! Hard to believe one could have four teeth pulled and feel this GOOD!
Nity nite y'all. :)


  1. Hi Mona! Your house and all of your decorations look so lovely and inviting! I just love your taste! Love that oven too! Everything is just beautiful...a splendid Christmas house!...Yay, about the dentist!!! Hugs, ;)

  2. Everything looks warm and inviting! A great Christmas tour.

  3. Yep, totally warm and inviting Mona, and I love all your red appliances and that lovely red scarf/tablecloth on your coffee table.

    So glad you didn't suffer at the dentist office! Can't imagine having 4 teeth pulled at the same time, but sounds like they gave you good drugs.

  4. Good morning Mona,
    Thankyou for the tour. I love all the fave color. So pretty and Christmassy.

  5. Good morning sweetie. Everything is just as cozy as it can be. Ahh, men and their chairs. I think they all have their own chairs. Haven't met a man yet that doesn't!
    Hope you had a good nights sleep
    xxoo, Sue

  6. Thanks for the tour sweet Mona. Your home is just beautiful and welcoming.

    You have a wonderful day enjoying the joys of the season!!!

  7. Morning, Mona! Oh look at your beautiful home! I love all of your decorations! You've got every little corner just perfect! Love seeing your home at this wonderful time.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  8. I think You have a very beautiful home.
    have a great day now!

  9. Everything looks so festive...all the colors of Christmas! I keep going back to see what I've missed. I love the big deer...and your red mixer! Your home is beautiful!

  10. Oh your house looks so festive -- even your red appliances are all decked out for Christmas. Looks like you're all ready for a visit from the big guy! Hope that there's lots of Merry to your Christmas!

  11. Hi Mona,

    I am in love with that cozy nook at your sink and do I spy cherry containers? I love everything :) So...a good dentist visit you say? Is there such a thing? Oh I really have dentistaphobia ;)


  12. Your house looks like a cozy HOME. I love it!

  13. Hello Mona, nice to meet you. Thank you for your visit.Yes I live in The Netherlands(Holland)Isn't this WWW wonderful. We can meet people from all over the world these days. I read your life story and I can see there has been a lot going on in it, but you survived. And you found another mate, that is wonderful. I love your home , it looks good and Christmassy.
    Have a nice day

  14. Your home couldn't look any cozier Mona. Thanks for sharing it with us and I'm so happy that your dental visit went smoothly!

  15. Mona, you have the cutest little house. I love all of your Christmas decorations, so festive. I love the platter sitting behind the reindeer and Santa on your lovely sofa table.
    I would love your 50's oven, they were so much more dependable compared to the new ones...and less went wrong with them.
    Happy to hear you had no problems with the teeth being pulled....I hope you put them under your pillow for the tooth fairy!

  16. Hi Mona,
    Such a pretty home! I love the splashes of red, the pretty mantle and fireplace and your tree looks gorgeous! Your table is set just so pretty! Thanks for the so sweet note and the hi to my Mom! Your so sweet and oh I wish you lived closer! Hugs, Cindy

  17. It looks beautiful!

    I didn't have a dishwasher before we moved here. It certainly was a new experience. That was 6 years ago this month.

  18. Hi Mona !
    I love your cozy living room ! I am so glad your hubby has a "favorite" chair now....poor guy...Your tree and table is lovely ! I just have to agree with your kitchen sink area being the best place to spend some time - it is so cheery and warm ! I have a kitchen aid mixer too - I think mine is the size down and ivory - I bought mine several years ago when there were only 2-3 colors - black, white or ivory, LOL ! It is one of my favorite things I use on almost a daily basis ....Never thought to decorate it though.... I hope you and your family have a Merry Christmas ! I might not do any new postings....too busy - but, still will be looking :o)

  19. You are reay for Christmas! Thanks for the tour in your house! Have a great week!

  20. Hi Mona, I'm so glad you shared photos of the whole rooms! I love it when people do! (although I'm still a bit shy about sharing mine) Your sink area is soooo cute an sweet. I love the deer and the rest of the decor on the sofa table too. Maybe you could find a place to squeeze in your hutch too, they make such wonderful display areas and have great functionl storage underneath!
    Christmas Hugs!

  21. Mona, you are so kind in your comments, sugar. Thank you so much for all the kind words and yes, I DO know you love babies also. ;-) I believe in encouraging people instead of making them feel bad about anything they might have done. Same energy, but fantastic results, chickee!!

    My son lives in Moreno Valley so we are very familiar with Riverside for sure.....

    Merry Christmas and Thank YOU again...

  22. Mona,I so loved the mini tour of your house. You holiday decor is just lovely. I haven been absent from blogland,so much going on. I am back. I always enjoy your post. Take care and Happy Holidays!


  23. Hi Mona!!
    I LOVE all your Christmas decorations. Don't get rid of a thing. It all looks so warm and cozy and full of love.
    Patricia :o)


  24. Wow, you have been so busy. Love that you love Christmas so much. You have tons more energy than I do. Hope you are having a wonderful Christmas season so far.

  25. What a cute and cozy home you have, Mona. Your decorations are all so pretty. You have really worked at it, girl. Hope you didn't get too tired.

    I do have a dishwasher but half the time, I just wash the two plates, forks and a pan by hand.

    I love your kitchen sink that a bookcase you've sit there? It looks fabulous.

  26. What a warm, cozy home you've created. I truly wish that you lived closer so I could borrow you for decorating ideas. I love your red mixer. I have a white one like it. The red really pops. Love it!


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