Tuesday, November 17, 2009

~SILVER..TO POLISH OR NOT TO POLISH..that is the question~

There is so much I want to do..and can't. I feel this urge to rush, hurry, paint, sew, push furnature around, bake, visit, shop, hug, cry and just roll around in life!

I have no idea why the intense feeling of HAVING to get things done. We are going to my daughters for Thanksgiving and to another daughters for Christmas. It's a good feeling, this urge to creat and plump pillows..and though the urge is strong the bod is weak.

Thank you so much for the sweet compliments on my Holiday blog background. The sweet lady that does and installs them for me, listens to what I want and comes up with lovely creations, has been a blessing to me. I am not..NOT..computer savy! I limp along.

So..below is my Saturday morning find! I was so pleased!

This little pot bellied silver teapot was just sitting there on a table among a lot of "stuff." It was nearly black with tarnish...and took some doing to polish up.
I can use it for holly during Christmas. OR..tea..or...to hold Christmas napkins..whatever the case..I was delighted. The inside is..PERFECT! The sticker on the bottom was very old. Price $1.00!! HONEST!!

I bought a stack of lovely childrens books and the lady threw in these two faux African Violets.. :) Was that sweet or what? I also bought a GREAT pancake turner from her for 10 cents. (I didn't really need it...I mean..but it was a really good one.

so..I clunked them into my teapot for now..

At another garage sale these turned up for .25 each. Tiny vases...I loved the color and Spring is coming and ...anyway...

So now my question. :) I have noticed my daughter using her silver tarnished! I wanted to ask her about it..but...what could I say and not get into trouble? So I just said "Honey, why is your silver all tarnished?!" (it just slipped out!) And she said, with a patient look, "Mom, I like it like that and everyone is doing it!" Sooooo...ok.
Question. IS everyone doing it? DO you polish your silver? Am I out of the loop?
NO matter. I will continue to polish my silver and be "uninformed" :):)



  1. You are the sweetest lady!! I haven't heard of using tarnished silver either!! Well, we must have missed that new trend eh? I love your new/old teapot it's just marvelous...so are you!Thanks for the smile!!

  2. Well, I am out of that loop for sure, but I would think that left unpolished, silver would ruin. It will become pitted... and this I know the hard way. I sure want to stay abreast of this and if there is an easier way to keep ye ol' silver shining.. I want to know.
    Ladybug Creek

  3. Oh Mona, thank you so much for your lovely comment. I am so glad to be back at things, and I just love your new Christmas blog look. I am with you, I am a silver polisher. I know, I have seen the tarnished look, and it makes me want to get out my polish. I think it is an age thing. Your gray hair looks just great, and I am glad to read that your tummy is feeling better!

  4. I love finding nice silver pieces too. Sometimes they polish up well and sometimes not so good. The trend lately has been to display tarnished silver with crisp white vintage linens and candles. It is also considered very french to leave your silver tarnished. But for me, I prefer shiny.

  5. Ha ha ha.... I don't even own any silver pieces. That way I never have to clean it.

    The Blue Ridge Gal
    (so call me lazy)

  6. I really like to see a shine on silver pieces. I don't like the shabby look that is so popular today. You seem to be a shiny person too. Your blog is so pretty all dressed up for the holidays.

  7. Hi Mona,
    I love tarnished silver...even when I make my silver teapot lamps :-).....I don't polish the silver.

    To me tarnished silver goes along with chippy distressed painted furniture, faded rose fabrics, old linens....

    Love your blog with the red toile....who designs your blog?

  8. Hi Dear Mona! Oh, I love all your lovely finds. The teapot is so lovely. Now, I like my silver all shined up too.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  9. I have seen bloggers do it both ways--tarnished and polished. I like mine polished---I love all the shininess. Nice finds, by the way ;-)


  10. I love your new look -- I'm afraid I'm a "throw back" -- I like my silver polished. Love your new pot and all your new treasures!

  11. I don't have much silver to polish! But I love your sweet tea pot and I collect children's books and I'm always so thrilled to find them! What did you get? Enjoy!

  12. Hi Mona, I just love your blog, you are so precious. I have seen a lot of tarnished silver being used and it's fine for them. But alas, I am from old school. I like my silver polished. Cute post!

  13. Those little vases are adorable. I am another that likes my silver sparkling. I just posted a picture of the little coffee pot, sugar and creamer all cleaned up that I got last week.

  14. You always find the best deals! I just love your house. It's so fun to go to and just look around. Like a beautiful store you can spend hours walking through.

    As far as the silver, well I think if it's something that is sitting around (like a candle holder) then it's ok to not polish. But if it's on your table and you are using it for food then it should be polished.

    I love shinny polished silver but it is a lot of work to keep it up.

    Enjoy your Thanksgiving! We are having it here so we will have lots of work ahead of us. Well, my sister will. LOL I'm going to be out of town until the night before Thanksgiving so all the hard work will already be done.


  15. What a lovely x-mas arrangements, Mona! Polishing silver is a tedious job. I often throw my silver into a bucket with hot water some sodium and aluminum foil. After a few minutes it gets clean and you only need a teatowel to dry it and a soft cloth to polish it.

  16. You got some great things Mona. I have a question...how much tarnish is ok? I think my tea set is black. Hmmm..I should get it out.

    Your blog is stunning!

  17. OMG, did I leave my teapot somewhere? I would swear that's part of my tea and coffee set I bought in Egypt!

    Know what you mean about the body not being willing. I have a severe muscle spasm in my back and there's SO much I want and need to do before the holidays!

  18. Hi Mona.....I found a nice silver teapot this summer at a garage sale and because it was so dirty I went a head and polished it. Now that it is cleaner I will let it tarnish naturally. That was a great deal that you paid for yours! Count me in with a terrific holiday background you are sporting! Love it!~Hugs, Patti

  19. Honestly I think it looks beautiful tarnished. Now could I use tarnished silver? You've got to be kidding, I'm just tooooo type~A perfect to do that. It would drive me nuts. OK, you've been reading my blogs a long time and know I have an illness when it comes to clean and shinny.

    Now dear,dear Mona. If it doesn't bother you and you can enjoy the way the colors reflect off the tarnish, I'd leave it to enjoy as is.

    You must be feeling soooo much better if your havin' tarnish issues. I am so thankful for answered prayer.

    Have a super blessed day and much fun decorating your beautiful home. :o)

  20. Good morning Mona. I don't know about the tarnished silver trend. Silver is meant to be shining brightly. I love your finds. I especially like the little vases. I am sucker for things like that.

    I know what you mean about rushing and thinking everything needs to be done NOW. I don't know why we put ourselves through that. I have been trying very hard these last couple of years to only take one thing at a time and focus only on that. I like to say, that we need to enjoy the journey. Each task is its own journey and has its own qualities that we need to savor.
    Hugs to you. Sue
    P.S. Tomorrow I am flying to Austin TX for our nephew's wedding so I won't be stopping by for a few days...but I am not sure you will be able to tell the difference because I have been so scarce lately anyway. LOL :)

  21. Hi Mona,

    Love your new blog style. yes, it seems to be a trend now, not to polish your silver. Like someone else mentioned it is a shabby chic and french thing. If you decorate with a lot of white they do that. I know what you mean about wanting to get everything done, and I just do what I can. I am sending you an e-mail :)


  22. Ofcourse You want to do much, You haven´t been able to do anything for so long! But just wait, soon You´ll be able to do anything You want again :-)

    I think silver should be polished, but copper not. I heard about an easy way to polish silver on the county radio a couple of weeks ago. Lay a layer of aluminum foil in the bottom of your sink, fill it with hot water and some baking soda or salt. Put down the silver in it and Viola! The silver gets polished! I haven´t that much silver to polish :-) so I haven´t tried it yet myself.
    Have a great day now!

  23. I love tarnished silver! I think the layers of age make it even more beautiful and unique!

    Thank you, Mona, for sharing your potato recipe!! Sounds delish! Can you do a post on it (or have you already??) and then I can link that post to my sidebar.

    smiles for you!!


    PS: one day at a time.....one day at a time...

  24. WOW you picked up some great treasures! I only polish my silverware. I don't polish any of my trays or pitchers because I like the old patina look. Your daughter is right that it is 'in style' now. But you keep polishing yours, that is what makes you you:) Have a great week!
    ~Debra Capers of the Vintage Vixens

  25. So that's what you were doing when you were not at my house laughing and spitting coffee with me while D1 threw people out of the yard for stealing. Oh yes she did.

  26. I keep my silver in tarnish resistant cloth bags so I don't have to polish it. The few pieces I keep out, I polish lightly every now and then. My mom loves to tell about one of our housekeepers that said that when you polish the silver you had to leave a little tarnish so people would know it was real! Great find!

    Christi @ A Southern Life

  27. I go both ways with silver...not that I have a ton, but anyways...if it is going to be more of a decorative piece, then I like the tarnished look. But, if it's something that I'm going to eat out of, or eat with, then I definitely want it polished!

    Thanks for stopping by Ruby Moon Designs today! It made me smile!


  28. I do polish mine! It is high maintenence though. And why I do prefer my stainless silverware, and my pewter bowls. Still, nothing is a pretty as the real stuff! Have a blessed Thanksgiving!

  29. Mona, you found quite the treasure. I love silver not polised for certain areas. lol. I love, love, love your new blog header picture. Hope all is well your way darling..hugs ~lynne~

  30. Hi Mona...

    I just had to come over to thank you for leaving me the sweetest ever...comment!!! My friend, you just made my day!!! I'm so glad that you took a peek at my Seasonal Snippets...again, thank you so much for all the sweet compliments!!!

    Well my friend...it sounds like you've been busy! You know...I do the same thing! I have overwhelming urges to "nest"...sheeshh, and I'm not even pregnant! Hehe! Maybe it's just because we really love and enjoy our homes!!! Anyway...I love all of your treasure finds! Girl, I have a silver teapot identical to yours...and I thought I got a great buy at $5! Yours is absolutely gorgeous...all shined up and filled with the pretty violets!!! Hmmm...I don't think it matters about the silver! I don't polish mine very often and it has that "patina" that your daughter was talking about...and I too, kind of like it that way! But I think they're pretty all polished up too! Bottom line...I say do whatever makes you happy!!! Love your pretty little green ceramic pieces...they'll be lovely in a vignette come Spring! Thank you for sharing all of your pretty treasure finds with us...what a treat!!!

    I also wanted to comment on your new Christmas blog dress...it's absolutely gorgeous, my friend! Of course, the red toile is my favorite and soooo perfect for the Christmas season!!! Sooo very pretty!!!

    Warmest wishes,
    Chari @Happy To Design

  31. I have a weekness for old teapots, creamers and sugars. The only thing is that they tarnish, but i kinda like the tarnished look, for the holidays I polish them up. What a buy of the decade! Good for you. Thank you so much for stopping by Robin's Egg Blue to sign up for the giveaway.
    Many Blessings,

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