Thursday, October 29, 2009


A bowl full of kitty heads...and a few spiced apples...cute..but a wee gruesome. The prim artist that does these does such a good job!
Next year it will be different. That is what I keep telling myself. Next year will be better! It isn't a lot of comfort because I had so many plans for this year really will be better for me! Thank heavens I have all of you out there to go visit and enjoy the fun! I'm visiting as fast as I can. Today was a good day!
I have just two days to rush and see as much as I can... :)
Everyone's home looks so FALL and just beautiful! Cold winds blew all night last night..and I slept like a baby! It was wonderful! Not like Fall on the East Coast..but Fall none the less!

The little ghosts arrived...and finally, today I hung them...sort of.

The sweet little stuffed bats are up...and again, sort of. :)

This Halloween kitty smells like cinnimon and spices and all things nice. He arrived a little late and between that and my situation..the poor thing got sat on the table...and that was that. Next year! year!

Hugs and love..and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!


  1. You're playing my song, Mona! Next year, maybe I'll have my sofa and chaise recovered with the fabric that I bought 4 months ago. Next year, maybe I'll have the upstairs floors refinished. Next year, maybe I'll start writing that book. Ahhhh, who am I kidding!

  2. I ♥ all your Halloween decorations, especially the cat perched on the pumpkin, he is adorable, but then... I am very partial to kitties...

  3. Oh I love your new kitty--and can almost smell the cinnamon scents from here....I am a new follower and love what you said about the friends we meet in this bloggie world...amazing, isn't it?
    Happy Friday!

  4. Love the photos and your very colorful and fun blog!

  5. It makes my heart sing to know you are doing better sweet Mona. Your decorations a fantastic as usual. We all hope to Halloween up as creative as you next year! Take care of yourself and stay on the upswing. Know I am still holding you up in prayer for complete and perfect healing.

    Have a terrific weekend dear lady!!!

    God bless......

  6. Love your spicey smelling kittie! Enjoy your time visiting us... I noticed you were at my place a bit ago and that made me smile.


  7. Hi Mona, your pictures are always so much fun!!!!

    Thank you for your kind words to me. I am also truly sorry for your bad blogging experience. Blogging is like life....I guess....we have to take the bad with the good. But, all the wonderful women I have met, like you, make it worth every minute.

    Sending prayers daily for you, sweet friend.

    Hugs, Barb ♥

  8. Oh I love all of your decorations. They are all so delightful. Glad you are doing better. Hugs, Marty

  9. Mona, sweetie, I am here. Yes I know I am a little MIA. I am just so blasted busy and all with work and home. As a matter of fact I am posting this note from work. Shhh. :)

    I am just tickled pink to see that you are doing better. I think about you often and always have the warmest best wishes for you. I will stop by again very soon.
    A big cyber hug to you. Love and hugs ~Sue

  10. You certanly seemes ready with Your Halloween decorationas anyway :-) Great that You are having a good day today!
    Take care!

  11. I love your Halloween kitty....It looks like you have done just fine with decorations. On the bright side, some of us will be busy for days putting everything back in storage....yikes. Think of us sweetly during that time. Happy Halloween

  12. I love everything about fall....even tho we really don't have it here. You've brought it all to me even the cinnamon! Love you, Mona!


    PS. Thanks for having my back w/the clerk at the store. *wink*

  13. Hi Dear Mona. Oh, I'll agree with you - next year will be better and you will be healthy and running around like a chicken with it's tiny head off! Not that I want your head cut off! :) Glad you're feeling better and your little decorations of Halloweeness are sweet.
    Have a safe and fun Halloween!
    Be a sweetie,

  14. Glad you had a good day and I'm sure you'll be having more and more of them.

  15. Hi, Mona! I've never realised that halloween was such a great party in your country. We don't do much at halloween but it's getting more popular now.
    Thanks for the comment. We don't leave our shoes outside the house, only clogs, but we don't wear them either any more.The clogs under the bench are only symbolic and not used any more. When I came to the Netherlands after the war, I also wanted to wear clogs but it was difficult to walk in them.

  16. Morning Mona,

    I am with you! Next year will be better :) I just love all of your prim goodies! Thanks for the insight on the hair thing. I'm trying to get used to it :)


  17. Now I must say I have never seen Kitty heads....but I do love all your halloween decor! It is way to windy out here today to bother putting anything would just blow away...I hope it stops a bit or at least weakens before I take my gang around!

  18. Hi Mona,
    I think you did just fine with your decorations(love the kitty heads!), you did way more than I did! I'm so sorry to hear that you have not been well, I hope you will have a speedy recovery and I will keep you in my prayers.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  19. Hi MOna ~
    So glad to see you posting ! I am behind on my visits .....Kitty heads...hmmmmm, I will have to wait ....I bet you can hardly wait to get your energy back - I just got mine and "World Watch Out !" hee hee !
    Hugs and have a great Sunday !


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