Tuesday, September 15, 2009


WORK OF THE POET is hosting this fun day! Take time to go visit all the gorgeous RED that is being flaunted today! I am!

Yes, I'm late, but I thought I would rush around and jump in! Is that alright?
Too late... :)

My retro coffee maker? I had another one but Kitchen Aid wrote and told me it had been recalled...and then generously sent me this one. :) Well... needless to say, I was delighted!

Potholders...ok..not such a big deal...but..they do have red in them...so..in they went!

My little white junk store shelf. I painted it white (I loved the beadboard backing) and hung it over my kitchen sink. Great place for my old red and white enamelware.

I used to collect red and white crocheted pot holders. Who am I kidding?? I still do!!
(I really AM trying to kick the habit though. Honest!)

Love and hugs...and here's to lots of "red" in your life!


  1. Just perfect! I adore your new red coffee pot and the crocheted pot holders!

  2. Love...love...love the red!!! Everything is just delicious!!!


  3. How sweet everything looks! I love Kitchen Aid appliances! And I LOVE RED! I have a RED kitchen here in my condo! The little crocheted potholders are precious...and the measuring cups!

  4. {{{{{ MONA}}}}} Love that shelf girl...and all your Reds...I hope all is well in your part of Ca. my friend...Hot up here today been raining and now this...May you have a great day my friend...Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  5. You have taken me back to my Granny's kitchen when I was small with that enamalwear and cupboard. Great display of your reds lovely lady. Have a great day in the Lord!!!

  6. I love red! It is my favorite color. My wedding was even red 30 years ago!
    Your home is so pretty!

  7. Your red and white kitchenware is delightful...so vintage and cheery! I adore enamelware and you have so much of it...have you been collecting long?
    You have taught me a lesson...rarely, do I register new items and appliances which I purchase. I always save the card, but never get around "to it". Then the card gets kitchen nasty and tossed out.

  8. English Cottage in Georgia...it's interesting, because I think that is one of the only appliances I ever registered.
    Yes, I have been collecting enamelware for a long time. I have many more pieces than shown. They are high on the pot rack hanging over the island. I picked some up on our travels across the country. :)

    Tracy...thank you so much! My daughter had a Christmas wedding and her's was red and white.
    Very Victorian..even the flower girls and ring bearer were dressed in Victorian...ruffled cap..the whole thing. Red roses on the cake..and red roses and Ivy in vases down the aisle. Lovely...The bridesmaids dress were a deep rose red. Gorgeous. Do post some of your wedding photo's for our next Ruby Tuesday! :) I would love to see them.

    Nezzy...glad you liked it. :)

    Gloria...I emailed you! You sweet thing! Want to send us some of your rain?? Huh? :)

    Lavendar Dreamer....Some of my pot holders were sent to me by a sweet friend in MO. So..they are very special to me. Many I collected. Not all are in the picture.

    Cathy....THANK YOU sweet bloggy friend! :)

    Stacy... I'm glad you like it. Notice it has coffee in it. Well, it's gone now! No sleep for me tonight! :)

  9. Hi Mona! Oh, I just love all of your red. I especially love your little shelf with you enamel ware and those little crocheted pot holders! Woo Hooness!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  10. Hmmm...you must like red, or is that an understatement. Can't say I blame you. It all looks so pretty! Love the coffeepot! And those potholders are too cute. No wonder you can't help collecting them.

  11. What a lovely warm kitchen. Love that coffee maker! Don't know if it was just my computer - but I had trouble making your link work and came here via your kind comment at my blog.

  12. Mona,

    I love all your reds!! What a cool coffee pot...that will wake you up in the morning!! Kitchenaid is a great brand.

    Your shelf is very cool. I have been tempted many times to start to collect enamelware and then I back down. I just love yours! And your pot holders are sweet!

    Hope you have a wonderful week, my friend! :-)


  13. Loving all of your red! I have never seen enamel pots with red checks...those are fab!!

  14. Hi Mona,
    Red is such a cheerful color. Love it in my kitchen. I don't have as much as you...but I love every one of them.

  15. Cute red and white check enamel pots:)
    Thanks for sharing.

  16. oh girl it is all just so pretty, cheerful and such a wonderful shade of red too!!!

  17. Oh, I love your reds, Mona!! I sure do...
    That shelf with your red enamelware looks fabulous...and if we weren't so dang old, I'd arm wrestle you for that sexy lookin' coffee maker...I'm afraid we'd both get hurt tho and couldn't even make coffee....:O)
    Great Ruby post!!
    xo bj

  18. Oh, Mona, you are smothered in red beauties. I love the old crocheted potholders & your enamelware. Bright, bold & beautiful.

    Have a lovely eve. TTFN ~Marydon

  19. Love the red. It all looks so sweet. Red is a very good thing!!

  20. Your Kitchen is wonderful! Pour me a cup of that coffee and I'll sit and visit with you. Do you have any of those yummy flavored creamers or should I bring my own?


  21. I bet you and I could post red every day! I especially love those potholders. And what is that sticking out just a little to the side with some cherries on it? A beautiful platter? Maybe you could post it tomorrow for REDnesday at It's a Very Cherry World! See I told you we could do red every day!

  22. Nice red. Thanks for dropping by!

  23. Oh I love the red and white enamel ware and the pot holders. I've never seen either one of them before. They are darling.

  24. Hi ! As I looked at your crocheded potholders I thought I must tell you about my sisters blog. She does needlework as profession. Her blog is http://stikkari.vuodatus.net
    I hope youlike her needleworks !!!! :)

  25. Hi Mona, Just stopping by, and wanted to say I love all your reds!.. especially the red gingham enameled cookware, and all your potholders- roosters and crocheted!! ~tina

  26. I just love red and white in the kitchen, and your "things" look wonderful. You've found some great items over the years Mona.

  27. Morning Mona,

    You KNOW that shelf is making me do back flips over here! I absolutely love all of your red and those cute little checkered pots! Ohhhh I love all of it!!!!


  28. wow a lot of red here! it seems that everybody loves Red!
    thanks for the visit!

  29. Thanks for dropping by...your comment made me laugh! Ireland really is green, green , green.
    Isn't it nice when a company does something nice for you...yea for Kitchenaid. That's a wicked coffee maker. Love it.

  30. Hi Mona, Happy RT! I generally run late, that too means I don't have as many comments to answer. Bad side is though, that I miss out on some very nice blogs. SUCH AS THIS NICE ONE OF YOURS.
    Your red is pretty, I scrolled down a bit, you have red all over the place!
    Thanks for peeking in on me. I promise I will come back for another peek.
    When you come back (please do) you can tell me your October BDay. Happy Birthday in advance, I sing to my blogging buddies if I know when to do it.
    My BDay (#76) is October 30.

  31. I really likes Your coffee maker! Looks really good! I´ve never registred any kitchen thing I bought, but now I see why one should do that!
    Have a great day now!

  32. LOL! There is a lot of red in my life. I love the old enamelware that you've collected!


  33. Oh..I can't stand this (you have to say that like the actress in singing in the rain did--with a real northern twang)! I love RED and White--I still have touches of it in my kitchen. My enamel table is red and white. The insides of my cupboards are red and my coffe maker by hamilton beach is red. I used to have red and white curtains in the kitchen and checked red and white tablecloths...but it just didn't go with the living room area and they are all open---a frustration to me because red and white is soooo happy!

    nannykim, from SPindle Cottage

  34. Love the red coffeemaker and those pot holders are lovely!

    Moms... Check Nyo

  35. I love-love-love a red and white kitchen -- my grandmother had red in her kitchen (she painted the ceiling red -- barn red!) And I always loved it -- I had red and white in my last house -- unfortunately, when I moved into this house the colors were already in place -- but soon I'll be tearing down the wallpaper and painting a more neutral color -- so I can decorate with any accents I want!

  36. Mona, I am soooo late getting back to everyone I want to visit... I love all of your reds! The enamel pots are too precious and that coffee maker is to die for. I need to link to this party this week. I have a red wallpapered kitchen that I can show. I think that would work, don't you?
    Hope all is well w/you on your end. It's that time of year when everything starts getting crazy and I need to start planning for the holidays, even this early. Lots to do and I gotta stop procrastinating.
    hugs, Sue


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