Sunday, August 16, 2009


Just to be able...and feel good enough to get out and really enjoy it once again!
I would make a terrible long term patient...and yet folks do it all the time. I know some of this lovely warm, perfect weather day, was wonderful!

I have to tell you this..and please..oh please don't get all over me, shun me, or shame me, but I...really do have to force myself to go to church. I do! For the month that I was pretty much bedridden..and ill...I didn't go to church. My sweet husband went alone, and though he likes his "alone time" church isn't really one of those things he likes to do alone. So...this first day going back with him, I had a last minute personal delay.. :) and begged him to leave me so he wouldn't be late, (he hates being late to ANYTHING!) but alas and alack..he wouldn't. He stood firmly leaning against the dresser outside the bathroom door with his arms folded.
Sorry..but I wanted to laugh! I think he was onto me!

SO...I completed my potty break and followed him to the car...and off we went. I know, I know..but I never was a huge church goer. Yes, that's what I said. I just get so restless in church. I fidget and straighten my wallet..and have trouble concentrating. I'm as bad now as I ever was as a child. But..I think sweet husband is trying to make sure he gets into heaven and I surely don't want to be left go.
Truth be told...I would go to any church...or be content to just sit on the side of a beautiful meadow and praise the glory and wonder of "it all!" that was today!

Now, yesterday...yippee! Garage sales all over the place..but..we started out late..and I didn't find a thing..then..suddenly...last minute...I got lucky!!
Every year I add to my Halloween and Fall collection of goodies...and these two little things caught my eye...(I need to have a garage sale..not GO to one! ARGGG..)

This little black bucket...just right for floating pumpkin candles in..or filled with real baby pumpkins and fall leaves? I put apples in it for the picture..
In the picture it is on my will have a special place when decorating time comes. I loved it...and for 50 cents...what the heck. Right? Yes..I probably have something similar's a black witches cauldon ..I'm fine. No duplicate!

Another 50 cents bought me this adorable little Halloween ..something. Not sure what it I stuck a candle in it. A larger one will be in it when I use it. You get the idea though... :)

Another garage sale yield these brand new shopping list tablets...still in their cellophane wrappers for 25 cents. Actually she tried to just GIVE them to me...she had a boxfull..and I think she was hot and tired. I gave her the quarter in my hand...but I should have given her more. They even have the magnet on the back. Not Fall but cute and useful!

Then we were off to a hotcake breakfast. My favorite topping on our Saturday adventures. Life is good! :)



  1. Great finds Mona! I haven't been to a sale in a month or more...I'm having withdraw symptoms! LOL Maybe next weekend I can hit one or two.
    Have a great week!

  2. Mona, glad you're feeling well enough to go to yard sales and you got a couple of good finds there; good stuff for Halloween but I just love those little notebooks and with a magnet yet!

    Be well and come visit when you can; announcing a giveaway today... to be posted next Monday.

  3. Glad you're feeling better and able to get out and enjoy what you love.

  4. Hi Mona! I am so glad you are out and about.. I am like you...I hate being sick. I know I am not alone in that but I would not make a good long term patient. So thank god for a healthy me today! Isn't it disappointing when you can't find anything good at a garage sale but you finally success! Have a great week!~Hugs, Patti

  5. So glad to hear that you are out and about again....what a cute story about your husband waiting outside the bathroom door :-)

    Love your goodies. I can see them all decked out for fall and Halloween.

  6. I like your little story about church. I am the same way. I have actually started getting, I guess you might say panic attacks. The older I get I cannot be in crowded places for too long. I feel like I am suffocating. I would much rather sit in a grassy meadow with mother earth and meditate and pray.
    Have a great week Mona. I am glad you are feeling better.
    Take care, ~Sue

  7. Hi Mona, oh, I love your little finds....too cute. I am so glad that you are getting out a bit here and there. It does you a world of good, doesn't it?

    I always enjoy your visits to Bella Vista and your wonderful comments. You warm my heart, dear lady.


  8. great finds! I used to love going out on a garage sale treasure hunt.

  9. Great finds. I've been skipping the yardsales and hitting the thrift stores lately. I guess I am a wimp when it comes to the Summer heat. Glad you are up and about. Hope you have a great Monday!

  10. Oh Mona! Your story is church is so cute, it's seems it's usually the other way around, the wife has to forece hubby to go.

    I love fall/halloween decorating. Both my mom and I have birthday's near the end of Oct. so it's a fun time. We don't get to scary with the halloween stuff though, just cutesy-scary!

    So happy you're out and about.

  11. Oh, look at all those mistakes in my last comment. Was up a lot last night with my daughter, guess I need some more sleep!

  12. Tracy...I love going because it is really an adventure. The people, their lifestyle the whole shot. Fun.

    Gaston Studio...I'm feel SO much better..and my strength is coming back. I am on my way for a visit..:) Did you say "giveaway?" :)

    Anita...Thanks so much! Getting my strength back was a challange.

    Crystal Rose Cottage.....This is the first time I have ever been this ill...nothing more than a cold for it was an eye opener to take better care..

    Penny@The Comforts of Home...You know...after I wrote that I sort of regretted even mention "church." It concerned me was my thoughts and what

    Susan@Not the Good Sissors!.... I must visit you! Thank you so much for your comment! :)

    Barb~Bella Vista....I always smile when I see you have make me feel good! But than you all do!

    Visiting Voyeur...How nice to have you visit me. Your subject matter today was interesting..

    BellaDella....We have no good Thrift shops in Riverside that I have found...but I am still looking. Garage sales eat up the gas but...we stay pretty close to home. Yep...I long for a good Thrift store.

  13. Dawn...I loved your comment and actually if you look at the time I wrote my post...after 2am...the entire post should have probably been deleted..but it's done now. When I write late at night..I ALWAYS wake up in the morning and moan at what I wrote...ah well. LOL

  14. I have a hard time getting my butt in the pew too. I'm not sure why...
    Great Halloween finds. You always find the neatest stuff.

  15. You are such a sweetheart. I agree about being in nature and feeling close to God. I'm so glad you are feeling better!
    Hugs, Susan

  16. I´m very much like You wen it comes to going to church :-) Normally I start to think of other things and suddenly everyone stands up and sings and I have no idea what hymn they are singing :-) :-) But You know, God is everywhere, so I think We might have a chanse to come to heaven anyway :-) The important thing is to try to do the right thing the rest of the time!
    Have a great day now!

  17. Hey Mona...glad to see your up and about...Now about late DH was youth pastor at ours for 10 years and after he died had some problems with the Sunday only Christians and I haven't been back since..I do all my praying from my heart and at home now...Loved seeing all your goodies girl...May you continue to get better my Dear friend...Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  18. Glad you're feeling better Mona! I don't hate you for not wanting to go to church. Sometimes you just don't feel like know? Glad you found some treasures. Have a lovely summer day!

  19. Hi Mona ~~ I hope that this little comment finds you having a wonderful day and enjoying the beauty of it. Loved the sweet story of your patient husband. (I hate being late, too). He really cares for you and loves you so much - I can tell in your words.

    Cute finds! You are so much fun!


    (PS: no, I haven't made anything to sell, but will get back in the swing of things here soon). xx

  20. Hi Mona,

    So glad you are getting up and around and I'm with you...I need to have a garage sale not go to any. I've forbidden myself from stepping in to the Goodwill or Salvation Army until I purge some fact, I think I may post some things on Ebay this week. In the meantime, I love your black bucket :) and for 50 cents! Whoohoo!


  21. Hi Mona: I have visited your blog a few times before, but this time your words really touched my heart. I want you to know that going to church is not what gets you into heaven. Jesus loves you, Mona. All you need to do is ask Him to forgive you and make Him the Lord of your life. I promise, if you do this, you will get to that promise land. As I read your blog, I could see God's blessings on your life. How many people get to fall in love three times to three wonderful men. It is hard enough to stay in love with one sometimes. I can tell that you are ill, not quite sure what you have, but God knows. I will pray for your healing and pray that you allow God to be your Lord. Church will then become fun for you and your husband. Blessings my friend. Please feel free to email me any time you like. Martha

  22. Good for you Mona. I'm sure you made your husband happy, and are a better person for attending church. Sometimes i am hesitant to go, but ALWAYS grateful I did! Seems like the sermon is always tailor made for what I need to hear at the moment!

    Love you garage sale fun! Can't wait for fall!

    Hugs, Nancy

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  24. I love the wire basket with the candle. I can't wait to get out my fall decorations. Will wait till mid Sept. though. Getting kids ready for college.

  25. You did good at the sales! I sometimes feel that way about the process of going to church. Sometimes I love it and other times I just stay home. He (God) would love you talking to Him where ever you are so stop feeling guilty!! That's us that do that.

  26. Mona, I'm so glad you are feeling better. Keep up the recovery. Warm hugs to you!


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