Saturday, July 4, 2009


Yesterday my daughter Mary and I met for lunch. So we headed for "Jammin' Bread" which is owned by my oldest son and his wife.

After hugs, my sweet daughter-in-law Cheryl took our order..

But of course there were patriotic cupcakes with raspberries, blueberries and cream cheese frosting! Not to mention all sorts of other goodies to tempt us but...

I ordered a whole turky sandwich on sourdough with a fresh fruit side. Mary had their wonderful homemade soup. And yes, yes, I know I started eating before I remembered to take a picture. It was bad enough I forgot to take the picture but I also ate my chocolate bread pudding FIRST! You can see it is partially consumed in the background. Well, shoot, I was hungry! :) Now you KNOW that could have happened to you, so be nice!!

Before long Grandson Dustin, Great Grandson, Kyle and my son (Kyles Grandpa) Danny arrived. And the party began!

We all adore our little grand children and great grandchildren..and they are all just adorable. But.. ~smile~ this little boy, Kyle, is just the sweetest, gentlest little boy! I could not get enough of hugging the poor little thing! are fortunate I don't bring out my "grandma's pictures" thingy and unfurl it! You would be begging me to shut up and put the thing away! There are 18 and one on the way! Am I lucky or what??? :) The best thing I ever did was have those seven children!
You are ALL just so sweet to read all of this!! Thanks!

Love and hugs,


  1. What a sweet post! The meal looks yummy, as do those goodies. And your family is adorable, especially Kyle. Glad you had a good time!


  2. ... and I think that you should bring out the photos ... chuckle! I'll do you one for one ...
    TTFN ~Marydon

  3. Mona, I love the photos. What a fantastic family. I think you are very fortunate indeed. I am blessed with 12 grands and 1 greatgrand, and I agree, they are really the best things ever. Hope you're having a wonderful 4th. Hugs, Marty

  4. Oh my gosh what a sweet family! (And Mona - I would've eaten the chocolate thingy first too!)

  5. Wow! Eighteen and one on the way? Yes, you are, indeed, blessed in more ways than you could ever imagine. What a beautiful family!

    Happy Independence Day! :o)

    Please stop by my blog, and read The Meaning of Freedom when you get a chance. It's sure to touch your heart.


  6. Everything looks so yummy and those cupcakes are soooo cute!! I would have definitely eaten the chocolate first too. LOL!!! Your grandbabies are cuties!! I'd show them off too!!!
    ♥ Teresa

  7. You have a fun little restaurant in your family?! How fun! Kyle is precious.

  8. You always show delicious food on Your blog!
    It´s still the 4th of july over at Yours I think, so have a happy 4th of July now!

  9. I would most certainly eat there if I lived around the corner... the food looks fresh and delish!

    The Blue Ridge Gal

  10. You are just a pround grandma! Nothing wrong with that. How nice to have a sweet little business to go to that your family owns! Food looks delicious!

  11. How nice! Grandmothers deserve to brag to anyone that will listen. I, too, could go on all day about mine. Thanks for sharing.


  12. You always have the prettiest food I have EVER seen and the most handsome grandchildren and children! Now....if you could just get us some of those recipes for some of those cupcakes and cakes and pastries, I would just be your bestest....bestestest friend in the world!! No kidding....I would!! Happy fourth to you Mona and all your wonderful family. You are a wonderful mom and grandmom!!

  13. What a handsome family. And, the food looks delicious.
    Oh, yes, we are truly blessed to have children, grands and g-grands. We have 2 children and they have gifted us with 10 grands..4 from our daughter and 6 from our son. AMAZING...
    Happy Sunday..
    love, bj

  14. Oh how blessed you are with those wonderful children and grands! I'll be hosting my second "granny luncheon" for 12 of us grannies from my church in a few weeks - we can all brag and show pictures and who else to better appreciate the joy than another granny -- I love to see your family pictures!

  15. Thanks for visiting me, Mona. And for your very sweet compliment. It was a difficult transition, but really worth it. Fairly soon, though, I'm afraid my face will catch up with my hair and I'll just look old. ;-) Oh well, it's better than the alternative! Looks like we're fairly close to each other. I need to investigate Riverside some day soon. BTW, your blog is adorable!

  16. Nancy..thanks so much! They do make the best food! They start work at 3am. My son does all the shopping for fresh fruits and vegetables. They do a good job. The only credit I can take is that I found the location. The rest they did on their own.

    blushing rose....Marydon...we really do have to meet and show off to one another our little prides and joys! :) They really are sweet though, aren't they?

    marty39...It really is fun isn't it, Marty?

    Karen....Really? You would have eaten the bread pudding first? GOOD! I feel better already!

    Mom's Fortress of Solitude... yeah..I really am blessed and I KNOW it! Family is a wonderful thing to have. I just wish all of them were close by!

    Eclectic Pink Rose....Thanks so much! I guess I am not alone in eating dessert first! :)

    Stacy...Yes, and it is such a fun place to be. It's neat to look up and see loved ones walking through the door you didn't expect to see. It nearly always happens. I love it.

    The Cottage By The Cranelake....Well, now if you were not so far away I would pop a few cupcakes into a box and send them off to you! And you were right...firecrackers were still popping when you commented.

    The Blue Ridge Gal...Di...their food is so fresh and good. They cook their own turkeys and other meats, and buy their veggies at their freshest and bake their breads and pastries in the wee morning hours. How they do it I have NO idea..but they do!

  17. What a wonderful way to spend the day!
    p.s. your package is shipping tomorrow (Monday) :-)))

  18. What a great day! I love the name of the restaurant and the food looks so yummy! Kyle is adorable. Bring out those gma pics anytime.

  19. What a lovely post and you're certainly got a handsome and talented brood. I guess like mama like child. HUGS

  20. The Crystal Rose Cottage...Thanks so is fun..

    For The Sake Of Time....You too? We grandma's are like that aren't we? Now it is my turn to listen to you! :)

    Debbie...there is simply NO ONE sweeter than you are! I mean that sincerely!

    bj...YOU cheated. LOL None of mine had more than 3! My mother got all hers from me!

    Mid Atlantic Martha...That is so nice. I would never have thought of a Grandmothers tea. How neat! Enjoy!

    KarenB...Thank you Karen. I have no idea where you live but if you are close enough..I will treat you to lunch at the bakery! Name the day! :)

    Penny.....I have the spot all ready for my lamp. :) Yep...I am so happy to finally have one of my very own! Thank you Penny!

    Smart Mouth Broad....I know! Isn't that a cute name. I will have to take a photo of their adorable sign that hangs in front...I forgot! I am still learning to thing "take Picture!" when I set out! It won't be terribly long and you will have grands of your own. You are still too young to be a grandma! WAY too young! You..and MHS are going to have some adorable ones!! sweet thing! Thank you so much for saying that!!!

  21. What a nice family Mona! Bring on the family pics, we all enjoy that kind of thing! I am the oldest of 8 kids and my Mom is grandma to 25! Big families are great!! Hugs, Cindy

  22. Hi Mona, I've been thinking...with all those kids and grandkids I think you've earned the right to do whatever you want with your hair!

    I see you are back to the rooster header. It is one of my favorites is all blogland.


  23. Hi: Eighteen grandchildren, I would be in Grandma Heaven. I have two and can't remember life without them. Thank you for stopping by my blog. I love to make new friends. I too have a Kyle, my son. Your family is delightful. Please stop by often, love to get to know you. Martha

  24. Mona, what a darling family you have and just look at that food!!!!! Too delicious!!

    Hugs, Barb

  25. Hey there! I just noticed that you and I both discovered the blog "that old house" at the same time! Isn't she a hoot? I was thrilled to find someone as funny and lively as she. I can't wait to revisit.
    Thanks for your sweet comments on my first Met Monday. I do love my little box and chalkboard. They both make me smile.
    Talk to you soon! Karen

  26. Hi Mona,
    You are a gal after my own heart, because sometimes I eat my pudding first too! Your son’s restaurant looks fantastic, such wonderful goodies! I also looked at your Met post, wow you really spiffed up that swing, looks like a millions bucks! You mentioned you are vacationing in Maine this summer, what area are you heading to? My parents were both born and raised near Augusta.

  27. Oh my.....doesn't that look YUMMY! I've never had chocolate bread pudding, but I must say...sounds like something I'd probably like. :-)

    Adorable family too.


  28. What a great looking family you have Mona...your Son is so handsome WOW!! now don't tell him I said that you know how men and their heads can get ha ha!! how great to have this wonderful place to go and eat...Now do they charge you...I mean come on after all the years you feed him it should be on the house now ha ha!! I hope you had a great fourth my friend...Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  29. Okay, now I am hungry again. Those look sooooooo good.

  30. looks very yummy!!! Your family is so beautiful!!! looks like a good time!

  31. I can see your 4th of July was celebrated well at Jammin' Bread and with many of your family members--bon appetite!



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