Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Thank you to Susan at BETWEEN NAPS ON THE PORCH for hosting this fun event so we can play with our dishes. Or not.. ~smile~

This is certainly not an exciting post...or one to remember. I had no tablescape.
But..when I sat down on the couch to have a cup of tea, a chocolate chip cookie and to read a bit from "The Painted House" ...I decided to light a candle...and snap the picture. It's not much..but it's something. I am in my P.J's and on my way to bed now.
Have a wonderful Thursday!

Smiles and a loving G'night~


  1. is your china set Old Country Roses??? it looks exactly like the set my mom has in her china cabinet! Pretty photo!!! have a good sleep!

  2. well this looks like a pretty nice snap to me! love the china so pretty

    happy tablescaping


  3. I think that picture is really, really nice! I think I would like to sit there and have a cup of tea, a bisquite and read a book.

  4. Mona, I think it's a lovely post, especially if you love tea like me! A cup of tea, a sweet treat, and a good book is my favorite type of tablescape!

  5. I am so in awe of you. If I took a picture of where I sit most of the time, you'd say "Why is all that computer and photography equipment all over your dining room table?"

    And I'd shrug.

    Jan from the Sushi Bar

  6. What a pretty and tranquil the china! I bet you got a good night's sleep!

  7. Oh, that looks so cozy! I wish I could be there! ;-)

  8. Not much? I beg to differ. What a gorgeous setting to relax and enjoy a cup of tea, a good book and be comfy in your pj's.
    Goregous photo.

  9. What a cozy tablescape! I wish I was sitting there right now!!

  10. So romantic! It's a wonderful tablescape Mona, IMHO!


  11. Hey!!! I works for me!!!! I'd love to sit and have a spot of tea with you! xoxo~Kathy@ Up-North Mornings...

  12. Beautiful set...great picture. Nothing like a cup of tea in your PJs...very calming.

  13. beautiful china! enjoy your cookies and book!

  14. Oh, Dear Mona! This is a beautiful shot! I love my cup of tea and to be drinking it from one of my favorite patterned dishes, that I don't have by the way, would be heaven! Love it love it love! Hope you rested well!
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  15. Mona,

    It's perfectly charming, and the candlelight just brings out the intimate cuddle of the space around the tea tray. A moment from the day for a cup and a cookie are replenishment as valid as vitamins, and much more pleasureable and warm.

    Just lovely.

  16. Sounds like a perfect eve to me! It invites relaxation ... TTFN ~Marydon

  17. Hi Mona, how sweet and it surely speaks to my heart!

    Thanks for saying it was Emilie's house.....I thought I was having one of 'those' days!!!!!! Ha.

    You sweet thing, you!!

  18. Well, girl, you do it up right for a little tea and reading by yourself! I'm a mug and fuzzy slipper girl usually! Your china is beautiful!

  19. Oh, it's gorgeous. I love the tea set and the setting you've arranged is just magical. Beautiful. Hugs, Marty

  20. Perfect! Usually it is just the simple things that make us happiest . . .

  21. What a beautiful blog! I enjoyed my visit today. Blessings to you.

  22. Your Royal Albert tea set is beautiful. I've always admired mine. My sister gifted me with the teapot, creamer, and sugar bowl several years back. Everytime I think to buy the tea cups and saucers, other priorities prevailed. Now, seeing your lovely bedtime tea tray, I need to get some! I would enjoy pampering myself as you have!

    Thank you for sharing your lovely tea for one!


  23. Tootsie....Yep..Old Roses.:) I'm glad you liked the really was not much AT ALL! so much, Sarah! I'll do better next time...I hope! :)

    The Cottage By The Cranelake...Hi Christer! That sofa is the neatest place to land with it's floor lamp and tons of pillows!

    Lorna~Lace and Ivy Cottage....You are so sweet! Thanks! I mean...really ..a HUGE thanks! You have made me feel so good!

    jpooh....I am at my desk much of the day if I am working on blogging or whatever. If reading, I want to put my feet up and pile pillows know! :)

    Crystal Rose Cottage.... :) Thanks! I slept SO good.

    Darla...Ah...Darla...thank you! It is comfy!

    Melanie....Thanks Melanie! :) are SO sweet! Thanks! Ah...really?? No one has EVER been in "aw" of me...never! :)

    Penny@Comforts of's going to look even more cozy when my LAMP arrives! Wahoo!!

    Gaston Studio....:) Thank you so much, Jane!

    Kathy@Up North Mornings...I imagine you would be great company!
    What a fantastic group of women on here! Amazes me...and you are one of them!

    Anita...well..thanks..I appreciate that so much! Last second thingy...

    A Bushel and Peck Pig Tails and Papertrails... Hello! So nice to meet you!

    ~amy...Thank you so much, Amy!

    Shelia...:) You..make me usual!

    racheld...really...good as vitamins? You think? :):) nice of you to say that...yep...all relaxed when I sit there with my book and tea... yep!

    Barb~Bella Vista...LOL...nope, you had it right...LOL You made me funny! I have "those days" every day lately!

    Susan...well...I had the fuzzy slippers on...but opted for the pretty cup..instead of my usual RED mug from a couple of garage sales ago! :):) My p.j's have seen better days...but I was cozy...

    Marty39....Thanks so much, Marty!
    Not sure how magical..but it was so comfortable...I LOVE that old's been recovered and only gets more cozy! I won't allow additional padding or new's just right! are totally's the simple things...

    Kristi...:) I am so glad you came for a visit...I will be right over to see you soon!

    fifi flowers... thanks..glad you like it!

    Enchanted Rose Studio...thank you SO much for your visit...I appreciate you stopping by...and I am glad you like the tea set! There are four cups and saucers...I bought it on ebay a long time ago...see you soon!

    Thanks so much, all of you! Now I am off to pay some visits... :)

  24. I see comfort, relaxation, zen, quiet... I think it's perfect.

  25. Mona, I love your Old Country Roses teaset! My surrogate niece (Mary Anne) has that pattern, too! And I just love your picture. It's a wonderful tablescape, very soothing and pretty.

    I wish you were still in Jacksonville because I'd invite you down to go strolling St. Augustine with me. There's a little tearoom (really a sweet shop) that has goodies and is the perfect place for a rainy afternoon or not!

    Happy Tablescape Thursday...


    Sheila :-)

  26. And BLESS YOUR HEART for coming to LAWN TEA!!!!

    You're welcome any time!!!

  27. It's a beautiful dreamy photo of a lovely relaxing tea with your book. Love your tea set.

  28. What no photos of your elegant pj's?

    Your teaset is so pretty and this would be a very quiet time for reading. TFS

  29. Your little "tablescape" and the way you captured it really conveys a feeling of winding down after a hard day. Candlelight and a cuppa tea are so comforting.


  30. Beautiful! I have Old Country Roses too, and love it!



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