Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Yep! That's me!
Take me to garage sales.. thrift stores or..even to Costco for groceries..where I can taste all sorts of samples...I'm fine.

As I have said...SATURDAY is such a fun day for us. Early morning and my Star Bucks mug filled with hot coffee...and off we go. We usually head for neighborhoods nearby where we love to look at the homes as well as seeing what neat things we can find.

Our first stop and I found these. All three for $3.00! I have seen them in stores and I loved them but not the price. They probably can be seen at one of the discount stores...but here they were for just the right price!
Now I am off to Michaels for some pretty candles...
Can you see the tiny bee's and butterflies" on them? CUTE!

As you may already know...I have a tiny year old granddaughter, Emily, that has already shown a big interest in books...so I was on the lookout for new or nearly new books...and again..I found them!! 25 cents each! We are building her a little library. Never too early to start.

A..red mug?

Yes! I also came across this lovely RED mug! Exactly the color of my Kitchen Aid Coffee maker! Yep..exactly!! 10 cents!!

Yes, yes, I did the "happy dance" and got looked at strangely!! Who cares! I carry it around with me now...LOVE THAT MUG!! Just feels right...you know? :)

It says "WAECHTERSBACH GERMANY" on the bottom.. which meant nothing to me...it's just a beautiful deep red color...

Years ago...I bought a slow cooker.
I learned that there is a difference between a slow cooker...and a crock pot! Yep. I used mine...and wore it out finally and have been looking for another ever since..but they don't make them like that any more.

On Saturday...there it was! This time with a glass lid..which means I can put it on the stove with the lid on. My old one had a plastic lid. I was overjoyed. Got it for $1.00. Looks like NEW inside and out! Cord even lookd new and not a scratch inside! (WORKS like a charm! )

Another HAPPY DANCE? You bet!!! (The sweet woman told me she had gotten a crock pot and didn't use the slow cooker and had only used it once or twice! OK! Did I tell her..Naw...why confuse her!

Sometimes, on the way home... folks are repacking, closing up...and you pull to the curb...thinking all the good stuff will be gone..but what the heck..and there it is. Your find of the day! This was only $2.00 and I love it. It is going in my Shabby Chic living room...PERFECT just under the old floor lamp! See?


We braked for one last garage sale sign..and my sweetie was suddenly in his GLORY!
LOOK..what he found! He was in 7th heaven! (why..I have no idea! ..oh well....)

~Love and smiles~


  1. Wow...you hit the jackpot!!! I have a grandbaby drawer in my kitchen with a few baby books and children's books. I love to take them out and look at them every so often and I enjoy adding to it. Your books are darling!!!

    I love the coffee mug. I love red too!!! Great finds!!!

    You should definitely try Mosaic Monday!!! It is so much fun!!! I love making the mosaics...it brings out my inner artist!!!

    Enjoy the day!!!

  2. You definitely found the motherlode. I love the candlesticks. I am always looking for some. Yours are gorgeous. Your other treasures are great finds too. Hugs, Marty

  3. You just find the best "stuff"...Is that the Pokey Little Puppy that I see? The very favorite at our house for over... maybe 60 yrs.

  4. Oh my gosh....your post cracked me up because it is exactly what my hubby and I do on Sat mornings!! The final stop on Sat and what your hubby found was too cute...that would be my husband too...in 7th heaven...lol. I am already looking forward to this Sat because one of my favorite neighborhoods just put up a sign for this Sat....Yea!

  5. Girl you done hit the MOTHERLODE Again...I love those candle stick you got and the cute little books for Emily and you are so right a good time to start a library for her...and the box of wires its a Man thing Mona...haha!! I was wondering where you have been this week I figure you were out working in the garden...how is that coming my Friend...I seen a green cake plate the other day and thought about you...it's so funny now I go shopping and find things that remind me of my Blogging buds now...May you have a great week my Dear Mona...hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  6. You did really, really well! Congratulations! I love it all.

  7. Mona ~ you found everything you have. What delightful finds. You go ...
    TTFN ~Marydon

    PS Are you taking shopping list orders yet?

  8. Hi Mona, don't you just love yard sales. I would have been happy with just the painting. I love the cabinet door for a frame. I'm glad your hubby found something too, keeps them happy after we've dragged them around all day!

  9. OK, my curiosity is killing me. Just what is the difference between a slow cooker and a crock pot (other than the appearance)?

  10. Oh wow! Great finds there -- I adore those candle sticks! Well I just love everything you found! You've certainly got a good eye for great finds -- and I can't believe that cute painting that had been overlooked all morning - wow - just perfect!

  11. Mona you need to come back to my blog girl ...I have a surprise for you...Love ya sis...Gl♥ria

  12. Hi Mona! Hope you are doing well. I too, LOVE Saturday morning garage sales. My neighbor and I leave at about 6:15 (you know to get the best deals you have to get there before they start, right???)Ha. She is the brave one who walks up and asks if we can open their garage sale. I have gotten so many beautiful things. It's the ultimate recycling. And I enjoy it much better than some of the shops because you never know what you'll find, and the prices are great. PS The book by Mary looks beautiful. She is soooo talented!

  13. Cathy....Thanks Kathy! We had a great day. We always seem to do pretty well. We nearly always start off...slow. Nothing...nope..nothing..and then suddenly...we start hitting some goodies...and by the time we go to breakfast we are feeling pretty darned good and usually hit the best find at that time!

    Marty.... Other than the cost of gas...it's a cheap date...and fun!
    Hugs back!

    Balisha....LOL YES we do. Not always..but the past couple of weeks have been great!

    Crystal Rose Cottage.... Really? I think lots of people have that Saturday morniing date.

    Yeah..I know...what the heck is with a box full of .....WIRE?

    Happy To Be...Gloria...you are right...it's guy thing I s'pose! (shrug..)
    I have been...morphing something for Metamorphous Monday... I am just hoping it turns out...or I will cry!! Yes..and gardening too...just working my tail end off!! Hugs and smiles back attcha!

    Domestic Designer...Thanks...it was fun... :)

    Blushing Rose...sometimes I wonder why I ever buy ANYTHING brand new...:)

  14. Great finds. Love the candlesticks and books for the babes is always a good find.

  15. I still get positively giddy when I can find a good deal and bank the few pennies saved. You did very well on venture, very well.

  16. Thank you, thank you for your sweet comments on my blog, sweetpea. I always appreciate them. Happy to make your acquaintance.

  17. Yay! You found great things! I love garage sales :) Everything is really cute :) I didn't know there was a difference between a slowcooker and a crockpot either!

    All the best,

  18. Wow, you got some great deals! That was very nice of your husband, too - I'm not sure how many men would spend their time doing that. Mine wouldn't!

    I had to laugh at his find!

  19. Sounds like you had a wonderful day and for very little outlay too. It's funny how one person's 'rubbish' is another person's treasure, isn't it!
    Blessings, Star

  20. Mona,
    What deals you got! I especially love the picture. That is a beauty and for only $2!!!! That's great!


  21. Dawn...Hi!! You are SO right. He looks for CD's and found about 6. I didn't show them. He usually pays about a dollar each..which is great and he ALWAYS opens the case after finding a few empty. :) Poor baby...he also checks to make sure it is the one on the case. Once he came home with rap...he checks now! :)

    NeeNee....Well...they are somewhat the same..but a crock pot seems to take MUCH longer to cook. When turned very low...the slow cooker is much the same as a crock pot. Also..a crock is a crock. :) Really... :) it is made of crockery. Probably there is a difference. I just became fond of my slow cooker and it works great for me.

    Mid Atlantic Martha.... I Know..I was really surprised too..but it was filthy dirty...and looked terrible, but under all the dirt it was adorable. Also..it was in a very poor neightborhood..
    Also, I think she had been asking much more earlier in the day. I was delighted. Did you see the little American flag flying? :)

    Happy To Be... ??? for me? A surpise?? I am on my ever lovin' way...!!

  22. Mona,
    My apologies for not getting back to you about a bird nest.
    I only just now saw i had comments. My dashboard was not showing any.=0/

    I will be posting my current selection of flower nests tomorrow night.
    Right now i have other nests listed.

    Let me know if you see one you like, if not, i can make a flower nest up however you like.
    I have just found more nesting materials!! =0)

    thanks and blessings,
    Barbara Jean


  23. Slow cooker? I´ve never heard of that before. I´ve never heard of a crock pot either. Slow cooker sounds as if it cooks food slow, but why?

    I love that little painting You found!
    Perfect that You give the little grand doughter books!
    Have a great day now!

  24. Hi Mona,

    I'm so glad you stopped by to visit me... and of course I don't mind if you use the prayer I posted.
    I'm so very sorry to hear about your baby sister's illness and your friends brother in law as well.

    Your blog is so cute! I just love it! and what a great bunch of treasures you found too!

    Take care,

  25. Sounds like you had a very successful day at the garage sales. I love it when that happens. I also LOVE that bright red mug!!

  26. LOVE the red mug! I also love garage sales even though I've not been going to many of late... will have to change that as you're getting all the good stuff!

  27. As my husband would say..."Mona you hit the jackbox!" I know it is supposed to be Jackpot but he has his own language! Great finds and I am heading out Saturday early to find some myself. I love it too!

  28. Mona...you are hysterical. I was on the floor laughing the entire way through this post. You are one funny gal!

    Love your treasures. I'd have been on the ground fighting your that slow cooker though. I can throw a mean puch...good thing you live in California!

    xo to you...


  29. Hey Mona, what a haul. I love, love the candle holders. You found some cute things. Glad you had a good day.

    Sending you hugs!

  30. What great treasures! I am a retired teacher so I say BOOKS-BOOKS-BOOKS. It it never too early for children to hear those patterns of language.

    Thanks for sharing.


  31. Wow, what a haul. I love garage sales too. The hunt for a bargain is a wonderful addiction and sometimes you have to do the happy dance when the seller is not looking. Fun post.

  32. You have the best luck when you go to the garage sales! I have not gone to any this year. I should get my butt up early and check them out. I just hate having to get up early though. Why can't they have them at 10:00am. LOL


  33. O, Mona...you have had some BEAUTIFUL tablescapes. I don't have all that many dishes either but it's so fun to think up different ways to make a pretty tablescape for Susan's great day.
    I have a post coming up soon of my entire table with DIFFERENT settings at each spot. Very casual, very cottagy, very....me.
    hugs, bj

  34. Evening Sweet Mona,

    It looks like you hit the jackpot! I bought the cutest children's book from a thrift store the other day...I guess I'll start saving for those grandbabies a lil' early ;)


  35. Mona, I am still laughing at your last pic of your hubby's glorious find - Ugh, I dislike cords! I love all your newly found treasures - especially the vintage window painting. Love the spot where you placed it in your lovely home.

  36. Daddy has that same slow cooker. I introduced him to it after he almost set the house on fire trying to cook himself some beans after my mother died. *sigh* It's a goodie.


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