Monday, February 16, 2009


My life was centered around Viet Nam and the evening newscasts and the mailman. Our children ranged from 14 years to 6 months. When Pat had to leave for overseas, the baby was just beginning to crawl and explore. This picture was taken by a friend the day our baby girl, Dawn, was baptized.
I remember Pat would be gone for a year and that year seemed forever. Now a year passes in a heartbeat..but back then it dragged on forever.
I would spend that first week in tears and depression, almost unable to function. The second week was better..but not much and by the third I would begin to snap out of it. When talking about it I often called it the "withdrawal" weeks. How my poor children coped with a crying mother, I have no idea...but I do know it makes me sad to remember it. During those times he was gone, the children and I bonded so close to one another. We are still a very close family and I wonder if it has anything to do with those days. They still are very protective of one another and me. War is so distructive in so many, many ways. I and my children lived in constant fear.


  1. What a remarkable woman you are, Mona. You should write your memoirs. Raising seven children is an accomplishment in itself but the woman you are is so much more.

  2. Must have been a terible time. I´m fortunate enough to be bourn in a country that haven´t been to war since 1814, but I can imagine how it must have been.

  3. SMB..I sent you an email.
    Thank you again for your kind words to me. I appreciate them.
    Today, I would not have that many children..but..back then things were different as were the feelings about large familys. I regret nothing.

  4. Christer...You are such a dear. You come here and read about things you probably have little interest in..but you come and give me support. Thank you so very much. I appreciate you.

  5. Bless your heart sweet one for all you have endured. I'm so thankful you have those beautiful children. Yesterday, I tried to fix the color of my font and I also talked about my boutique...just wanted to let you know. xo rachel

  6. Dear Mona,

    After reading "a Message from Nam by Danielle Steel', I believed you more.. War is such a waste of life.. War is evil. I hope it stops now..

    Thanks for sharing to us your pain and happiness. I guess it always goes hand in hand to make us tough..

    God bless and hope you well..


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