Friday, February 27, 2009


Mele has not been happy this past week. She is doing better. A lot better. She slept a lot better last night than she has for a week. In this picture she was exhausted. She had spent the night trying to find some place she felt safe. I could not stand it and stayed up much of the night and played on the computer while she slept on the floor as far over in the corner under my desk chair as she could get.

Truthfully...I am rather reluctant to talk about this incident. I have no answers. I know what some learned people have told me..I know what I have witnessed and I am shocked to some extent and at a loss for any answers that make sense to me.
This incident spooks me and makes me unhappy. Suffice to say that Mele is better. I was actually able to take her into the room last night and she didn't struggle to get away or dash off the bed and out of the room the moment I loosened my grip. My husband thinks it is my dog. He did NOT raise her and we are both fairly new in his life. I don't want him upset so I am trying hard to down play this thing. Ihave had her checked and she is fine, healthy and totally normal. She has had every shot a dog can have.

Last night I put her under the covers and she stayed..not though knowing I was trying to give her someplace she felt safe. I finally took our top quilt and pushed it to the bottom of the bed and made a make shift cave for her. She stayed the entire night. I truly expected her to be gone this morning but she was not. So..I have hope this is passing.

I am very aware that there are wonderful ladies on here that I think highly of and want to like me and not think something is WRONG with me..or my little dog for that matter. We are getting through this. Probably the less said the better as we know nothing really. I have faith. It is definitely getting better. Much better. :)


  1. I´m so glad that it´s getting better with Mele! What ever it was that frightened her must be on its way from Your home now I think. But she will probably be a bit unhappy for a while more I think, until the scary feeling slowly fades away again.

    A magnificent rooster by the way :-) Can understand why You bought it.

  2. Nice to hear Mele is calming down about whatever it is that caused her such fear. Sometimes a good snuggle from their mom helps... :-)

    The Blue Ridge Gal

  3. Oh my goodness...I'm glad Mele is doing better..our pets are our source of strength at times.. I'm not sure I would know what to do without ours..I even took Miss Scooter to the hospital when hubby was in there and it sure helped him to relax...I love love love the rooster lamp girl..... I'm drooling over it...would be ohhhhh sooooo perfect in my laundry room... I'll share all of those with you
    Mona, thanks so much for all your support, prayers and your means the "world" to me..hugs ~lynne~

  4. GM Mona...I am so glad to hearMele is doing some what better..and you know what they become your children...every dog I have ever had became a BIG part of my life..My little Yorkkie Talu were so sweet and she didn't care if it was 5 minutes or 5 hours since she seen me I still got the ole lickup from her..Sometimes I would have to tell her Girl I just took the trash out...didn't do a cross country trip...just to calm her down..I understand your concerns...and I for one would never think wrong of you for loving your friend and heart aches for you Mona..hang in there girl..Oh and she is a beauty..hope you have a great weekend dear friend..hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  5. Hi Mona...I am so glad to hear she is doing better! I am hoping that your problem has ended and things will go back to normal. I have been following, but things were so crazy that I haven't had a chance to comment. Love your rooster, by the way.

  6. Mona, I am so glad Mele (and you) got some sleep last night. What a relief that things are improving - maybe the Dog Whisperer will not have to be called :-)

  7. Hi Mona...I am sorry it has taken me so long to write you. From the moment I started reading your blog..I think via Christer and my mother in law Alice, I fell in love! You write the way I would want a good friend to talk. It just flows in such warmth and compassion and I also feel a passion for life from you. I am so glad you and Alice have become fast friends! Isn't she wonderful? She should come with a "warning sign" on her back that says...BEWARE...ALICE IS ADDICTING! Ha ha..I just love her and could not imagine life without her. I am so sorry to hear about your cute little dog but I guess I do not completely understand what is happening? I read a comment someone left that leads me to believe Mele was a bit frightened? My little Jack Russell Obie gets that way from time to time. Anything and everything will do it...thunder...the vacuum...gunshots...loud laughter.. (me!)...loud tv...strong winds...I could go on and on. He shakes all over when some of these occur and begins to pant. He wants to be sitting on top of our heads if he could! It does pass but the older he gets...(now about 8 or 9)...the quirkier he seems. Doggy dimentia I guess. We can only love them to death and make sure we let them do their favorite things. Winter is hard for my animals and for all of us. Anyway....sorry to carry on about something I am really not even sure about with your Mele! You are a great writer and so authentic...I think you are an old've been around before my friend. I will come back often.:)

  8. Hi,
    Thanks for visiting my blog. I'm glad your darling little Mele is doing better!
    Hugs, Susan

  9. I am glad this is all getting better. I can;t imaging what scared her so much. You have helped her so much, I am sure...I guess it must be a phase she is going thru; like our little kids when they get scared at night ?
    xo bj

  10. All I know is that she is better and not so full of fear. She once again stayed on the bed all night and even though she was nervous at first and stays under the quilt to start..she does come out and I found her still there this morning. Also..she actually walked into the bedroom on her own looking for me this afternoon. :)
    Yippee!!! God is good!! :)

  11. Hi Mona,

    Thanks for comments on my blog this morning. I know just how you feel about your pup. It is so hard to know what a dog is going through.You just hate to see them suffer in any way.They can't tell us, like a child could. We have to just hope that we are doing the right things to make them comfortable and happy.I feel for you and hope that things get better.Give that puppy a hug from me. Hugs, Balisha


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