Thursday, February 26, 2009


I am at a loss..things are just disappearing. First my entire blog list vanished. I must have hit something and it was gone. I spent most of the day fumbling around..looking here and there..and finally found my blog list but it was not showing and had to be entered completely all over I did this. I copied it from a list I found on the dashboard..not sure I could find it again..but the "URLs" show. Then when finished, I found that some of them were missing???!!
WHAT?? For example Cottage In The Curve..our Patti Cakes...GONE!! I tried just enter her name..nope..would not take it. Gave me a pop up saying there was nothing like that or some such nonsense. So..I traced my posts back and found a comment from her...went to her blog..and wondered if it was under http patticakes....that sort of thing..put it in like that..NOTHING! little "followers" box has changed. It looks completely different!!!
And where Patti Cakes little face was is an X. ??? I am baffled..also..other names are missing off my "blogs I follow" list. I am trying to find their URLS..and I don't even know what one went to help... I can understand when someone drops of the list of my that don't like me any more..I can take it..:) not really..but at least I understand that. The rest is a mystery to me.
Never mind..I am rageing and ranting here and I know it. It is just so frustrating.
Is that how you spell it. I NEED SLEEP...


  1. I don´t think that it´s You who have lost anything :-) They have made changes at Blogger and then things may dissapere. Troublesome when it happens though. So don´t worry to much because of this!

  2. Oh, it's not a "you" problem, it's Blogger. Remember a few weeks they "lost" all of our pics...or mine, anyway...and they came back! I think it's that new followers thingy they have installed. I'm having the same problem...little x for some people! Have a great weekend...Debbie

  3. Blogger again....I usually just wait and it goes back to the way it was. Frustrating though.

  4. Thanks SO much, guys...that helps.
    I jumped into this blogging thing and I'm learning on the job so to speak..but perhaps the rules are changing and to a newbie it is something that can throw you. Badly! One thing about blogging..folks are so supportive ..and I thank heavens for that!
    Mona :)

  5. I was nervous when I first read the title of your post. I thought you were experiencing things with Mele :-).
    It is not just you...I tried to become a follower at The Old Painted Cottage and it was in a weird format. Gotta go back and see if it has straightened up.


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