Saturday, February 14, 2009


This took place all across America, I'm sure. Perhaps it happened when I found myself alone after 43 years of marriage, but I consider Valentines Day a day to express your love for others. Family, best friends and all friends, even our special blogger buddies that give so much to us. I think..this was one of the best Valentines Days..I have had in a long time.
I slept in late this morning and as usual,T got up earlier and quietly slipped out of the room and let me sleep. When I finally rolled out of bed in shock at the hour, I found this on my dresser. He was all smiles when I came into the kitchen. We are new together. Old folks getting to know one another and shy about everything.
We had a quiet, warm, sweet day together.
We both know we have other memories of other times long past and we honor those memories. We talk. This person, this marriage, these times...are good. Getting older has it's rewards.
Neither of us wanted to be alone and lonely. Neither of us wanted to grow old alone. Oh we probably will one day be alone once again..and we have accepted that.
But right now...we are "Last Chance Howard...and Mona".
Valentines Day is running out quickly...but love never will. And we bloggers are on to ...another Holiday to decorate for and write about.
Love and hugs to all.


  1. A lovely post, Mona... yep, we are all getting older, and for us.... Valentine's Day just gets a bit sweeter every year.


  2. This was a beautiful post, Mona. Hope our Valentines Day ended as sweetly as it started.

  3. Such a sweet sweet posting, Mona...
    I still have my hubby of 48 years and can't imagine life without him. If he does go before me, I pray for a second chance at happiness like the one you have been blessed with. It is hard for me to think of being with another man...even the every day things that go on in our lives. I know it must be hard at times, sharing your "now" life with a different person...oh, but how wonderful to have someone to share things together. Wish I lived next door to you...we could have coffee and I would let you have one of the LUSCIOUS, CHOCOLATE COVERED STRAWBERRIES Mr. SweetNothings brought to me on THE day of love...
    xo bj

  4. What a sweet post... Thanks for stopping by my blog.. and the comment. I have met some many blogging friends. Stop by again and I will too.. Hugs and blessings to you!


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