Tuesday, February 3, 2009


When it comes to goodies for the house..I realize I have a problem. Howsomeever (is that one word or three?) I think Nana from NANA'S KITCHEN is correct...partly.
I am not ready to FOLD here. I am a wee concerned that I do buy things and then find out I already have one. Now..that has taken me aback on occassion. (more then once!) Yeah...I'm eccentric AND a shopaholic. Ok..so this is something I gotta work on. But at this age...


  1. Ohhh! I do that! Mostly kitchen stuff or groceries...I remember that I need suger...three times! Oh well...that way you never run out of some things!...Debbie

  2. Oh, har, har, har!! :) Hey..look folks (what folks?!) Smart Mouth Broad is being mean to an OLD woman!

  3. Uh oh... cat fight between Smart Mouth and Mona..... MEOW!!! hahahahaha


  4. NOT a chance! SMART MOUTH BROAD could cut me off at the knee's by just giving me that "Biker Chick" stare!! :)


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