Wednesday, February 11, 2009


WHY IS MY OFFICE ALWAYS SUCH A MESS!! Never mind that...THAT part of my life and home is hopeless!! Maybe if I got my office straightened out...anyway....
I have a couple of questions..and I am hoping someone can help. I am struggling here, not just with picture taking but things such as: Who is the lady that suddenly appeared on my blog in the "Follow this blog" ...odd. She is wearing a bathing suit..and every time I try and check to see who she is it comes up and says she is a teacher, but if I click on her blog...the screen goes dark and it won't appear. Then suddenly my computer screen goes completely gray and I have to sign off aol because my screen freezes. I won't try again. WHO is this lady? Sort of concerns me. Anyway...if anyone knows who that is or why this happens and if it might be a bad thing, please tell me...oh..and there is another one. Not sure what that one is either. These don't seem to be the normal bloggers I have met.
Another thing..can someone tell me how I can download a picture..make a comment under it, go to the next picture and do the same without making separate post entries each time. I have played with it..and I can download several picture but I can't write beneath each of them. How do you do that? MAJOR award. HOW did it get way down the toward the bottom of my side bar. It used to be up on it is not there. It is alright..I mean it doesn't HAVE to be right at the top...but HOW did it get down there. Did I do it?
I did figure out how to get a little calendar that I loved over to my blog.
They gave great directions but Di had already given me a page of I am fine there. If anyone can help or give me a bit of a hint it would be great.
Also..I only have ONE blog..yet it says in my profile that I have three. Am I a MESS or what?? Hugs and gratitude to anyone who can help.


  1. Oh, dear...well, first, I went over to sign up to follow you and also to click on the swim suit lady..she froze my computer, too, and I had to turn my computer off. Hmmm...I am not sure about it at all. Wonder if you can delete her?
    *I don't know if this will help or not but I load all my photos on my new post..then, go back and do the writing beneath each one.
    *As for your award moving to the bottom...all I know is that with each thing you add to your sidebar, all the others scoot down towards the bottom. Every so often, I have to "house clean" my sidebar, deleting old things, re-arranging, moving and fluffing...just like at home! lol
    I am so lost in the Blogging world, I have to have help all the time. My biggest fear is losing entire blog. I would just about die...

  2. Hi Mona... to place the things in your right hand column where you want them, just go to dashboard, then layout. Click and drag the items on the right hand side up or down and place them where you want them... then save and it should be the way you then want it.


  3. To get rid of the swimsuit lady.... go to Dashboard then click on where it says the number of followers you have.. next to the little green guy at the upper right.... it will open a screen with all the followers and you can select "Block" in the right hand column.... should take care of the bathing suit lady.


  4. Good morning Mona.. loved your picture darling of you??? You're still beautiful... Now.. my office wasn't quite in this state before the water but it was for awhile after.. I hope to post things "soon".it's not all that and a slice of bread..but my little corner of the You can't upload many pictures and then key down to right something underneath the photos? I upload all my photos and then write the content after..hugs ~lynne~

  5. I think You should report thi swim suit lady to Blogger! Somethings arn´t right there. She is probably not a real person and there´s surley some kind of virus on that side.

    I put in every picture I want in the blog and after that I klick just under the picture and pushes the space button. Then there´s place for text undernieth.

    Your office is much less messy than mine :-) :-) and by the way, You don´t look old!

  6. BJ..I KNEW it! There is definitely something wrong with that...whatever it is. I think Christer is right. I don't think she is real.
    I will try to follow your directions and see what happens in regards to the pictures. As you can see...I have downloaded more than one photo..but..after that was at a loss.

    Di...I was ..tempted to throw myself on your mercy and ask for MORE have been so much help already. be absolutely honest here... I hoped you would come on, read my pathetic problem and help. did. :) Thanks! I will go to dashboard and the little green guy and see if I can fix it. The same thing happened to's not just me. Thank heavens. Could...she be using my blog know..attract people? I hope she is not a virus...but..did you notice she could not spell?? And she is a teacher? Naw..something is..fishy. For sure.

    Christer...I think you might be right. I don't think she is real. I think they use that picture to harm? Whatever..I am going to work to get rid of it.
    Thanks for all your help.

    I am so GRATEFUL to all of you for your help. (Also...thank you for being kind in regards to the picture..but...the writing is on the wall! :) Two things...I won't delete and I won't dye my hair! Or... :) do the botox thing. Sure is a shock though!!!

    Hugs to all... :) even Christer! :)

  7. What template do you use. Just wondering in regards to your post and how you got that neat wallpaper. When I post a picture, sometimes I can use that little motife and cut and move it down anywhere. other times I can cut and paste where ever I want my picture to be. I am not sure why it is different all the time. [I am not sure if I can move it from post to post or blog to another blog.]


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