Saturday, May 10, 2014



I have said many, many times, if there was one thing in this life I would do over without a doubt, it is have my babies.  I never thought I would have seven children..and there were times when I would think another one was on the way...
OH NO! We can't afford it... but of course when we found out it was true...we were always, always just elated!  Every single one was over 7 pounds.  Not a single case of colic.  They were my happiness...and they still are.
They always will be.
(My darling Sandy, my first daughter, I miss you and I remember every moment of your babyhood, your growing years, your teen years, your wedding and when you became a mother and then a grandmother.  I was and am..SO proud of you.)   
All of my daughters were wonderful mothers.  I am so proud of them!    
So..this is our guest room.  When company is expected..I gather up a few of the little extra's like Abby, the teddy bear and put away most of the pillows...
 ..put out linens and a new bar of soap..

 A new box of tissues.. 

 No guitar, of course and the suitcase gets stored away to make room for their own..
('s full of my tiny glass Christmas ornaments.)  
The rose strewn curtains were brought over from Ireland as a gift from my daughter in law, Cindie, and Mikie, my second eldest son. 
(Gonna pitch those vertical blinds one of these days!  The entire house has them and they are miserable things!)  
 No chocolates..  :)  Not a bad idea to add a few in a little glass dish on the night stand.  Yes?

See the little doilies over the shades..makes it very cozy but take it off and it's a good reading light.

 There is a ceiling fan of course and plenty of room to hang clothes.
The desk opens for a computer and the WiFi is up and ready to go right next to the desk.  

I found this lovely Armour at a an antique mall across from the Mission Inn here in our city.
It has raised roses carved in wood on the front.  
It really is a sweet little room..
As you can see, I also put extra things in here when it is not being used..but it is always neat and ready...
Nothing terribly special..but it's a comfy little room.
Have a wonderful Sunday.  

My love to you... :)


  1. Mona, being a mother is hard and you've endured much pain. May you know how much you're loved by all those you blessed!...:)JP

  2. Such pretty touches to your guest room . . .
    Happy Mother's Day to you . . . I hope you are treated royally today! Every day . . .

  3. its beautiful and I imagine your guests feel very pampered, Happy Mothers Day to you, 7 children, you were truly blessed,

  4. Happy Mommies day to you as well sweet Mona. I can see we have the same taste in decorating our home. I love the guest room, oh my how lovely. I miss having my home when I look at your lovely one.

    hugs from Florida

  5. I would feel right at home in your guest room Mona! I have "clutter" in our guest rooms too that I remove when someone is coming to visit. I hope you have a blessed Mothers Day with your family today....hugs, Penny

  6. the guest room is awesome! you could run a B&B! happy mother's day mona!

  7. Mona your guest room is lovely and I know who ever stays in it will enjoy it. Have a blessed day and I wish you a very happy mother's day. Madeline

  8. Such a lovely guest room - wish I were visiting you! Have a blessed Mother's Day, Mona dear.

  9. Such a beautiful room. It looks like a B and B for sure. Seven blessings. Happy Mothers Day to a wonderful mom and grandma.

  10. Your guest room is just lovely. I could be very comfortable there. It seems as if you've thought of everything.

    Happy Mother's Day to you!

  11. Beautiful room! It is pretty and welcoming! Love you guest room! Enjoy your week dear Mona, HUGS!

  12. what a delightful and cozy and warm and comforting looking guest room!

    now all your blogging friends, will be lining up, to come and visit you!!!

    how do we do it? you put our names in a fish bowl? and choose slips of paper? to see which one of us, comes first? and then second... and third... and on... and on... :-)))


  13. Such a sweet and homey room...I could move right in and stay awhile...especially if you give me chocolates..:))

  14. Not that you invited me - lol - but I would love to stay in that beautiful guest room. Thank you about mother's day wishes. I know you love being a mom.

  15. Are you taking reservations? It looks like a sweet, comfy room for sleeping and relaxing! I also think you'd be the most lovely hostess!

  16. Looks like a wonderful place to sleep. Cozy and comfy!!!

  17. It is very nice to hear that you are a mother of seven kid. The house will be full of joy and happiness with them. I have experienced it with three. Your guest room looks very calm to sleep!

  18. I know your children are proud to call you Mom! I love your pretty, cozy guest room with or without chocolates! :)

  19. Thank you for coming over to visit on my little front porch! and for your sweet comments! I love your guest room---its so very welcoming and so relaxing.....any guest would just love it!! You have alot of pretty pillows on that bed!!!!

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