Friday, May 9, 2014


...well, sort of.   The living room curtains are ones I found here wrapped up in towels in the top of a cupboard in the hall.  After living here for a few years..and wondering what was up so high and wrapped and pinned up in big bath towels....I finally dug them out and looked inside. 
Sturdy, heavy, lace curtains'

At a garage sale some months ago I found an entire stack of curtains, all shapes and sizes, all with similar print.  Some valances had tiny polka dots instead of the sweet.  I haven't found a use for those yet, but I will.  

I love the double ruffles.

They were all white..and so pretty.  But I wanted a I stitched the white valances that matched the panels, to the backs of the two rose covered that the lace showed at the bottom of the dips.  It's hard to see in the photo's because I waited until too late in the day when the light was bad.  Attaching the lace so that it showed at the bottom of the ruffled valances...made them seem as though it all went together.

At first I was...not sure I liked it..but after adding the lace, it is rather cute.  

Even in this photo it's hard to see the lace peeping through where the rose valance dips up.  Can you see it?  It ties the two fabrics together more.  Well..anyway...I think so.  I have lots of material left over.
Another thing you cannot see is that there are gold roses mixed in and they match the walls.  
The wreath?
Who knows.  It had the right colors so I added it...for now.  I will probably remove it...
Perhaps it would not look so heavy if I did.  
Yep..took it off..much better.  

Love to all of you,

I took a picture..but I can't get it to download.. :(  


  1. All that work and you removed it, hah. I like the white flowy curtains for summer. Love your tea cups and plate displays.
    Happy Mothers Day my friend. Your children are blessed to have you as their mother.

  2. oh it looks lovely, so feminine, I love it, so much work , I o that sometimes too, change my mind, you did a beautiful job,

  3. At least you are using what you have...I think it looks good. I use to make myself crazy with drapes and curtains. now I just do soft sheers and blinds. Hope you are doing well, and that you have a wonderful Mother's Day. xoxo,Susie

  4. Great idea....the lace peeking under the valance tied everything together! Your sofa's are gorgeous and I love all the pillows on them.
    Have a blessed Mother's Day....hugs, Penny

  5. You should be featured in one of the "Cottage" magazines on the stands these days...your home fits in with that look...very pretty and homey and you're so clever! Nice job!

  6. Mona, great job on the curtains. Don't you just love it when you find something that you forgot that you had. And you make it work.
    Your living room looks so good.
    Have a wonderful Mother Day dear friend.

  7. I love us Mona. Have a wonderful mothers day dear friend. I just got out of the daughter is here taking care of me..happy and hugs...gloria

  8. Yes . . . I can see the lace . . . very pretty Mona.
    I think I like it best without the wreath too . . .
    Sounds like you are feeling better??

  9. How sweet your home looks. Adding that lace was just perfect. I think it would look better without the wreath also. Glad you are feeling better these days.

  10. Mona I think there is an interior decorator hiding there somewhere inside of you!

  11. Mona was an interior decorator before the word became a job.My Mom was a caterer before the word became a job. I love the fact that you take olde things, leftovers, new things and meld them all together to make use of them again - to add it to your room and it all fits in. I rather like it - it gives the room that look, like when I used to visit my Aunti that loved to bring a room alive with a splash of colour. Quite inventive Mona and it looks like it matches the furniture. I also love your Grandfather clock. Have a wonderful day hullo to PH.

  12. Beautiful Mona! I DO see the lace peeking out from behind:) Love it! Enjoy your weekend dear friend, BIG HUGS!

  13. I certainly could see the lace peeping out from under that frill. It all looks so pretty. Have fun with all that material. You probably got it for a song...
    Why don't we have cheap garage sales in Australia.
    Hugs Kay

  14. Sweet mona, what do I say, always a beautiful blog. I am still fighting these Kidney stones. Take care and hope you have a great day.


  15. Hi Mona,
    It looks so warm and comfy at your house. I could see your home featured in a cottage magazine too.
    Have a nice weekend....and bless you on Mother's Day.

  16. Beautiful Mona, I can see the lace. Love the plates and tea cup display very pretty. Have a blessed day a great weekend. Happy Mother's Day to you. Madeline

  17. ohhhhhhh, i want to come sit right down in your room. relax and get comfy. such pretty surroundings.

    and i love what you did, with these delightful finds.

    and i love how you could look at these pieces of fabric and lace, and visualize how you could put them together, to make a new effect!!!

    i love this, because i lack this kind of vision.

    and i'm in awe of those who can easily visualize decorating possibilities.


  18. Happy Morher's Day, dear Mona.
    I am sure you will have a wonderful day with PH Howard and your family. Always enjoy seeing your decorating and you do seem to have such delightful fun and so do we when yiu share what you've been doing. Thank you!

  19. I love them...your cottage style living room is very pretty, Mona.

  20. I love everything about your cottage! And I hope you had a wonderful mother's day - a little late.

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