Friday, May 16, 2014

~THE HEAT'S GOT US DRAGGIN'.....'s this blasted heat and it's not even summer yet!

The rose arbor is finally in bloom.  Each time I
finally get an arbor like this..I have to move and leave it behind.

Not this time, thank heavens.

These are such lovely climbers.  AMERICA is the name of this rose..and it's from Heirloom.  I just order and they are delivered to our door.  These are my favorite arbor roses and this is the first year they have reached the top. 

My poor pathetic overgrown Fairy Garden that needs my attention.  That's a tiny arbor you see there..that leads to the little Fairy Home.  There are little Fairies in there somewhere...the gardening tools...alas..lost once again among the brambles.   I need to grab a chair..wheel it into the shade and grab a glass of sweet tea and go to work.  
I KNOW they think I am just lazy... and...they are more than likely right!  Maybe tomorrow! :)
Just toooo hot out there!!

This a picture of the little miniature Washington Orange tree that my son and daughter in law gave me for Mother's Day..and a Perennial vine called STEPHANOTIS  with a pretty white star shaped flower that smells delicious.   Thank you so kids!  Your Mom loves you SO much!

My sweet daughter even brought potting soil and transplanted it for me.  I hope it grows up and over those beams on the front porch.  In the background you can see two of my son's.  Not a clue what they are doing.
Daughter in law is in the white Tshirt watching the procedure and helping when needed.  :) 

This afternoon I went out on the patio and sat on the lawn swing to take a break..began looking at a magazine and got sleepy so even though it was hot..I laid down for a minute to rest my eyes and fell asleep.
Needless to say, I woke up hot and in a foul mood!  NO more naps on the porch for awhile~!
Miserable weather.

I was wrong..we do have some colorful birds.  I keep water both front and back and food for them.  They keep us entertained.

I feel bad not getting a thing posted in so long and I have so many of you I want to go visit..
I wish I had something wonderful to show recipe's but then you know I never offer those.
No "how to's"...
Learning to use my new camera is a challenge..but I'm progressing.
S l o w l y!
Sometimes I feel just plain DUMB!  I can whip through a game of Spider Solitaire but cannot remember where I set my cup of coffee down!
Have a wonderful weekend.


  1. Dear Mona, keep cool. You are having an early summer. I feel for you because we get that terrible heat as well. My garden goes to pot in the summer.
    hugs Kay

  2. You are hot and steamy . . . we are having more frost. Some things never change . . .
    Beautiful arbor Roses Mona . . . I liked seeing some of your kiddos and great treats they brought you for Mother's Day . . .
    Stay cool and no more snoozin' outdoors in that heat!

  3. Morning, what lovely Roses you have. I just bought myself one , it is called the Knock-Out Rose, these bloom so much longer than the regular ones. I always loved the climbing rose as well. I have been down alot so not much posting. You have a great day. Chilly here, waas 48 when we got up.

  4. Wow, your weather sounds awful already. We had a drop in temps last night, into the high 60's feeling like the low 60's. That is wonderful for this time of year.

    Your rose covered arbor is beautiful. Enjoy your new plants too.

    Great bird visitors.

    Have a lovely weekend ~ FlowerLady

  5. Your rose arbor is so pretty Mona! My roses are not doing as well this year as they have in the clue as to what I am doing wrong or! We took a road trip yesterday and had such a wonderful time! The weather has been great here, but tomorrow is supposed to get to 100...I'll just stay inside where it's cool! Hugs, Penny

  6. That arbor is so beautiful!

    Not as hot over here but somewhere around 65 I think :-) I'm jealous, I want an orange tree too :-) But I have my peach so I shouldn't complain :-)

    I laughed when I saw Your Fairy garden :-) Yes it does need some work :-)

    Have a great day in the heat!

  7. It's not nearly THAT hot here altho Amarillo, 45 miles from us, is supposed to get to 100 today.
    The good thing about West Texas is that the evenings and mornings are cooler.

  8. Your rose arbor is beautiful. Yes you are right your fairy garden does need some work but when you get around to it do it early in the morning when it is not to hot. Have a blessed day and stay cool if you can. Madeline

  9. Mona, I love all your pretty plants and flowers. So nice your children come to help. Take care and enjoy this weekend, xoxo,Susie

  10. Oh Mona, your rose arbor is stunning. They are such pretty roses. My garden is stressed from the excessive heat we have been having. Water at night when it's cool - has been 104 degrees here in Fullerton and the humidity is 7% - feel like a lizard. Hopefully it is going to be cooler next week - yea.
    Take care of your self.

  11. Well, I've been waiting for Spring and Summer all this long Winter but 100de is way to hot for me! It actually snowed up in Cleveland area the other day. We had a tornado, now it's very the 50's, and rainy. Crazy weather all over! Your roses look beautiful and I'm sure those fairies are happy to be in the cool shade! Please take care in that heat and if you really need a break, come out East and visit!

  12. We are still just dreaming of significant heat, although we have had sunshine today, despite the forecast.
    Your rose arbour is absolutely beautiful!

  13. hi mona! what a winter and spring you have had! we had really hot (85 degree) weather for a while but the last few days have been nice and cool! we are going to warm up again but tonight they are calling for frost. i hope you cool down and i hope we do not have a hot summer! joyce

  14. Mornin' Mona - its cool enough up here in Atlantic Canada. We are experiencing our spring rains at the moment, however, the other day we had a balmy 70 degree day and it was time for shorts and long walks, ice cream n iced tea. Ooops, I signalled PH via my mirror for you two to join us for lovely BBQ of stuffed fish n fresh fiddleheads, but you both must have been inside from the heat you are experiencing. Perhaps another time. Love to you both - really nice to see you in BlogLand :)

  15. Hi Mona...well it seems we have the cool air. Been in the 60's for highs and 40's for lows. That is unheard of for this time of year. Now lets see...if I could get a big fan out and position it just so...maybe I could send you some of this cool! LOL! The stephanotis vine will grow to very long lengths.I have seen it stringing across greenhouse ceilings! Florists purchase little boxes of 25 blooms at over 1.00 a bloom so you have some nice expensive little flowers there. They do smell good don't they? Do your work outside early or very late in the evening so you dont have a heat stroke until I can find that fan!

  16. Oh gosh... I know! I have been hearing about your heatwave and sounds like when we lived in Arizona! Those temps used to wear me out.... just stay indoors until the heat passes and worry about your fairy garden then. It can wait! xox

  17. Oh Mona, that is HOT! We have been having unseasonably COOL weather! I will send you some of that:) I have SO much to do outside and can't seem to get it going! Perhaps this week I can get my hiney busy:) Have a blessed, restful and hopefully cooler day! HUGS!

  18. oh hon, anyone would be grumpy, in your hot weather.

    as to the camera, don't be so hard on yourself. just keep taking pics, and having fun. it's not a job! please don't make *mastering* your camera, into a job.

    it has only to be fun!!!!!!<--say that 30 times, any time you get down about the ding-dang cam!!! :-)

    this is a quick comment, as i am catching up with blogs, after our trip to our "grand's" graduation from university.

    gentle hugs,


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