Sunday, May 18, 2014


..I mean afternoon.

This is my first picture using the flash on my new Samsung Galaxy 110.  What a difference from my other camera.  This wasn't taken to post or I would  Were I looking at this room in someones home..I might think it needed a bit of updating, such as the bows on those cute seat pads on the stools.  Which by the way, match the drapes. 
I loved country.  I still do..and I still like my red.  The walls are not that's the sun shining in.  
Diane @ The Blueridge Gal gave me a few pointers, and one was when to take the pictures.  The time of day when the lighting would be perfect.  That sort of thing.  
Thank you, Di!  It works.  I just wanted to try the flash.

Always, always, just at my feet.

So..that's it, sweet blogger friends.  I've  

The coffee table not like that all the time.  So..anyway...later. 
Love and hugs,

P.S.  I was wondering..this is a very big room...if it looks a bit overcrowded ...that's because it is.
However, on the other side of the love seat..beyond the sofa table..this is a BIG space.  Lots of room to walk around.   I want to install a beam across this room to give it a slight feeling of division.  I took the picture standing in front of the fireplace looking toward the patio.   :)  


  1. It's a nice big room, Mona. Great job with your new camera. Lucky girl. I need a camera badly! Hope you have a wonderful Sunday afternoon! xo Diana

  2. It's a big beautiful room my friend! I love the touches of red and the real wood finishes. It's funny the way the lighting can make a room look yellow or even blue sometimes. You're doing great with your new camera! Can I sit for a spell? Hugs, Diane

  3. It's a very nice room.

    According to some the beam would cut your luck. You have done well accenting your areas without being overly crowded.

    Have fun with your new camera.

  4. Mona, I like your reds also. We need to live with the things we like, not what other dictate. Glad you are enjoying your camera.xoxo,Susie

  5. It's a nice room Mona and I love the red too. Great pic with the new camera.

  6. You are getting quite a photographer. The camera works really well. I think your home is gorgeous. No need to apologizes for the bows. Keep having fun with that camera.
    Hugs kay

  7. I love red too:) I think your home looks like I would feel right at home there! I could kick my shoes off, sit on that sofa and look at those pretty pictures on the table! Hang on, I'll be right there:) Sending HUGS across the miles! Enjoy that new camera!

  8. You know how much I love red. Everything looks great Mona. So glad you like your new camera. It takes wonderful pictures.
    Have a great week.

  9. Your home looks so comfortable and homey, Mona.....and even though I'm a pink girl at heart, I really love all your red! I knew you would get the hang of your new camera...great photos! Have a wonderful week...hugs, Penny

  10. A lovely room. Have a good time with your new camera. Have a blessed evening. Madeline

  11. This is the first time I have ever seen your love seat. I absolutely love it. Looks like it belongs in my cottage. LOL! You have good taste :)

  12. Hi Mona,
    I love your living room! You know I am a red girl too. I don't think your room looks overcrowded at all.
    Its my kind of room.
    Have a sweet day, Elizabeth

  13. Good work with your new camera! Your home looks so bright and cheerful. Miss Mele is pretty. It looks like she likes to help you when you are taking pictures. She sounds like Fuzzy. He follows me like a happy little shadow, always within petting distance.

  14. You have a lovely home and you've filled it with things that make you happy and give you joy! Stick with that formula and you can't go wrong! Your new camera is doing a great job! I love the red's one of my fav colors. Have a good week!

  15. Comfy is much more important than dust . . .
    I think Di, Blue Ridge gal should give me me photo pointers too.

  16. Good work with the new camera. Your house is always lovely and cozy. Don't worry about what others's your house to decorate and live in as you wish! If you are happy then that is all that matters.
    You have such beautiful things.

  17. The beam would complete the room the room - added one here, for the living room is way long like yours and now it looks perfect and doesn't have that long ceiling look - not difficult to do at all. I love your colours in your room, the reds, browns and yellow in the background, the drapes and the plants n flowers. Just cozy - yep - that's what it is. Cozy and lived in - cannot ask for more than that. You might mention to mirror guy that I'm going fishing today - have a good one. lol

  18. You're welcome, Mona.... Our home is very dark on the inside due to having both a front a back porch that block a lot of the outside light from coming in, so I have to play with time of day, opening curtains, turning on overhead lights... all of these things can make such a huge difference in our photos... Glad my comments helped... Love you!! xox

  19. I think your home looks just perfect. So cozy and welcoming. I would certainly feel at home there. I have a long room also and have thought about putting a beam in to divide it, but then I'm afraid it will look too choppy. Ah, we're never satisfied, I'm afraid.

    So glad you are getting the hang of your camera. You take lovely pictures. Especially of Mele.

  20. Good Morning, Sweetpea,

    Hope all is well out your sunny way. I saw something just now that made me think of you:

    The lady lives in Camarillo, and has been showing her garden during the annual Garden Tour. This tiny tableau was just so sweet and so much like YOU that I had to show you.

    And if you go up to the few next posts, there's the rest of her immense garden, patio, etc. And her "kitchen garden" is one of the absolutely best things I've ever seen on the internet. Just perfect.

    Anyway, have a LOVELY day in CA!


  21. super camera learning!!!!!

    and what a camera you have!!! that inside home photo, is marvelous.



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