Tuesday, August 6, 2013


I've been fooling around with our little home.  Grandma used to call it "pillow fluffing"..which means pretty much doing nothing I think!  Tweaking this and moving that...
I took all of the scarves off the little garage sale sofa table and let the handpainted flowers show...nice!
Changed the shade on the lamp, switching it out for the bedroom lampshade.
Soon the flowers will be switched to a touch of Fall colors.  This room always stays with softer colors..
The wall color is Haystack from Laura Ashley.  
EVERYTHING here is from garage sales...except the picture of me..
..One little creamer too many.  Remembering the rule of thumb..remove one accessory before you leave the house (which I never do) because I usually add one more.  This time I DID remove the 4th little creamer.  MUCH better! 
 The cabinet was my mothers..and yes..I am still thinking of painting it..but cannot bring myself to do it.   I mean, it was my mother's!
The rocker was a gift from Patrick.  By the time I got it..the children were no longer small enough to rock...so I rocked my little grands.  The cushion and pillow were both handmade by seamstresses I found on ebay. 
Rebecca from "A Gathering Place" is where I got a lot of my pretties. 
You probably already know that I decorate with toys.  Always have.  When you have seven little ones so close in age...believe me, it was all I could afford.  (Military life in the 50's and 60's was not exactly plush living! :)
The corner cabinet is where I keep all my little Teddy Bears. 
I have just ONE handmade bear..and that is from Joyce @ The Bears Blog!   
S'cuse the cord!!   
 A change from pretty little posies to a milk glass bowl of pretty apples..and yes, I'm already pushing a bit of Fall in..
Oops!  I see a bunny down there! 
Mary @ Little Red House is how I came to get serious about collecting milk glass. 
 Not really ready for a "redo" because I LOVE my stuff! 

I spent many evenings on the sofa curled up with my Kindle
Fire watching movies I have missed in years gone by.  Ever tried taking 7 children to the movies..even if you could afford it? 

Lots and lotsa love,


  1. Oh I always love to see your home, so full of precious heirlooms and keepsakes. You do hae such fun "stuff". I love it when you poof the pillows. Hugs, Marty

  2. What a sweet room, Mona. I love how softly welcoming it is. That was a whole lotta kids to raise. I had four and my plate was full even then. Love your little teddies and dolls and pretties- xo Diana

  3. I call this Puttering around my home :) Your home is beautiful,and of course I love all the baby dolls. Did you find them at garage sales as well? If so, lucky you! Blessings friend

  4. Beautiful!

    I wish I could get around to that. I do have bunnies but they are dust bunnies.

  5. I'm looking at the pillows on your sofa...all of those soft colors! I love the way you decorate and your baby dolls of course! Your room makes me happy and I would be content to stay on that sofa for hours...with you of course! Hugs!

  6. Mona, love all your pretty's. I call it piddling when I do what you did.
    I am so ready for fall and I don't know why. Out weather has been wonderful here. I know you get hotter weather than we do.
    Stop by my blog and see my flowers.
    Have a wonderful week.


  7. Hi Doll face !!!
    First of all LOVED the post of your gorgeous son !! What a pull on the heart string story he has !! See, God IS GOOD !! God bless him, and, your daughter for giving part of her !! Loved reading all about that !! xo
    Now, for your beautiful home !! How FUN< that I KNOW EXACTLY where you are standing and taking your photos !! Loved my visit there with the two of you .. My dear friends !! Everything looks wonderful !! I see, you STILL have your pretty runner on the coffee table !! I JUST LOVE that piece !! Looks soo lovely right there !!
    Your home is sooo BEAUTIFUL, and cottagey my friend !! Loved everything about it !! I STILL haven't FORGOTTEN your pretty rose filled bathroom !! Now, that was a treat !!
    Thank-you for sharing, and making my heart happy !! Love you to [ieces, and wihing you a wonderful, relaxing, and BLESSED evening xo
    Big hugs ~Tanza~

  8. The sweetness you have in your home is filled with innocence and love. I love a visit with you!

  9. what a beautiful cozy nest you have created, your style shines through so beautifully.Decorating with toys the you have makes for a loving interesting home,

  10. I love your pink fluffy pillows and pink room. And I love those dolls - just saw one in a magazine I read and she was so pretty. I wanted her!

  11. My Mom was always "putterin'" aboot the house, arranging and re-arranging, especially when company was coming. I guess we do the same, but I'm too much like my Dad - you collect "Teddy's" and everything else. I shall send you a story about my "Kidz" in a bit - I think you would enjoy it.
    Have a wonderful day. Lilly lol

  12. What a joy I get each day when I click on your blog. You have a beautiful home. Looks so relaxing. I have a Blog but I don't know how to add iut. It is craftylady08@aol.com. Have a wonderful day.

  13. Oh I loved visiting with you and seeing ALL of your pretties:) I try to rearrange my shelves, mantel and tables... but don't get rid of anything:) I love it all! Enjoy your day dear friend, BIG HUGS!

  14. Mona! I want to come play at your house...a girl after my own heart with your dolls....I LOVE THEM! I too, have collected dolls for many years. Right now, they are still packed as I am on the lookout for a cabinet to display them in. I love everything...thank you for giving us a peek of your lovely home!

  15. Mona, I only want to have a tea party with that sweet teaset. xoxo,Susie

  16. Mona, Sweetpea,

    Every piece, every posy, every pillow---they all say HOME.

    I just get so lost in your sweet home that thoughts of what we had, what we wish we'd had, what we'd DONE, and what we wish we'd done . . . All those fall about us like the leaves of Autumn come too soon.

    I can't imagine any Mama in this world who wouldn't like to cuddle up on that pretty pink sofa with her Lovies, or with her memories.

    Thank you so much just for the knowing of such a place.

    love and,


  17. Your home is delightful, I love tweaking here and there! I only had four children but I still love having childrens toys etc around me, makes me feel secure in a funny way! When our Grandchildren have visited and gone home I love looking at the 'mess' they leave, brings a smile to me thinking of the fun they had! Still loving your blog! xx AnneMarie xx

  18. Oh, how very much I enjoyed this evening's visit! Such a pretty, pretty home and how lucky your grands and now great grands are. You are the absolutely perfect Granny, with so much joyful eye candy packed into your home. Hard to contain the excited little exploring fingers! The only part I don't envy is all the dusting you must have to do. It must take ages, but then I guess you just get to appreciate each little treasure all over again. A lovely, much loved home, Mona...the expression of an incredibly loving woman. Thank you for sharing your beauty with us.
    Big hug, Des xx

  19. Thanks for welcoming us in and making us feel right at home, as you always do, Mona.

  20. Hi Mona,
    Your home always makes me feel so warm and cozy inside!
    I love all your pretties!
    And I love your tribute to you son on the previous post, that was so sweet!
    I have a brother Danny, he is the youngest of us 8 kids.
    Big Hugs friend,
    Come say hi when you can, I miss you!

  21. I think your place is so cozy...I would sit on the other end of your sofa and read my kindle fire! Until my computer is back from the repair man, it's the only way I can comment!


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