Thursday, August 8, 2013


 I was just thinking that perhaps I'm in a rut.  I've thought that before..but have no desire at all to get out of it.  I love roses but don't really wear a lot of pink..or rose prints.
It just seems to be something I am drawn to.
My little bitty bathroom that is just mine alone, is STUFFED with roses..
the walls are pink..a soft pink. The camera makes them darker..but they are really a light soft pink. 
 ..and yes, I use this for my hair..just like my Grandma did!  I always told her I was going to do that some day and wear my hair just like hers and I am.  (she would love that!)

Even the light switches through the house are handpainted with roses.  

Many of my hand painted items are from ebay artists..
Roses and Relic's is one artist I love... 

My little laundry bag was found on ebay by a wonderful was the hand towels..all embellished by different seamstresses.. 
I have recently become an OPI fan.  I do not usually polish my fingernails..because they chip and it seemed a waste of time.  THEN I discovered OPI. 
A base favorite color and a top coat and a full month of lovely nails.
To be honest..the names of each polish made me giggle..and that's how I got hooked at first.
Now...just for drill...imagine a 76 (77 shortly) year old woman with ..(haven't used the PINK one)
"blue" fingernails???  I only tried it on.  I was afraid folks would think I had know...

Simply Shabby Chic containers that used to be sold at Target some years ago. 
I like them as much now as I did back then.  The cup?  Hand painted by someone and sold at a garage sale.  The clock?  Who knows..tiny ring holder..garage sale item.  Shelf by Bea @ Roses and Relic's on ebay. 
The collection of scented strawberries were handmade by a sweet woman on ebay who is no longer around.  :(  So many artists come and go..
I feel fortunate to still have Rebecca @A Gathering Place, in my life.  Her hand painted roses are amazing too.
G'nite y'all! 
(I know, I know.  This was a BORING POST..but..I'm peddling as fast as I can! :):)


  1. I thought it was a rosy fine post 'Mona Rose!'

  2. very pretty! i will have to try opi!

  3. Nothing wrong with a flowry post Mona - usually we see all the flowers in your garden and aboot the house - its nice to see this adorable collection in your very own batheoom. I love the lineup of your polish - that is so neat. I don't think I have ever heard of OPI and not around here anyway, although I do like them. I usually do not do mine either, but dressing up to go to out does require me to do mine sometimes - I didn't like the chipping either - I shall look for OPI on internet. I loved this post as you introduced us to your own sweet bathroom, but then, knowing you, I should have just figured it would be like this. lol

  4. All of your roses are SO pretty! I just finished painting my nails:) They are usually red! I haven't tried that brand of nail polish but will surely give it a try! I paint mine a lot because the polish chips off! Thanks for the tip:) Have a blessed and ROSY day dear Mona, HUGS!

  5. Oh I love your pretty pink bathroom with all the roses, how fun is that. To me it just looks like you. Hugs, Marty

  6. My mama would love your home...she adores pink roses anything :) You have some beautiful things....blessings

  7. Love all your roses. What a sweet, lovely post. I don't know a couple of those artists. I have to go check them out- xo Diana

  8. Not boring at all! What a sweet bathroom, I crave a bathroom of my own, maybe in our next home! Love all the roses! xx

  9. Not boring at all! What a sweet bathroom, I crave a bathroom of my own, maybe in our next home! Love all the roses! xx

  10. I have to admit that it's a bit too much punk for my taste :-) :-) :-)

    Have a great day my friend!

  11. Oh how pretty Mona. I love your rose decor. Have a lovely weekend.

  12. I love OPI and use it for my pedicures which I insist on treating myself too when I'm in the mood because I/we deserve it!!...:)JP

  13. Not a boring post! I loved seeing your little corner of the's as sweet as you! Have a wonderful weekend!

  14. I love roses and all of yours are lovely!



  15. Not boring at all.....I love cozy little flowers and the color pink. ((((HUGS))))


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