Thursday, August 1, 2013


My baby boy~
His name is Daniel, and he is my fourth child and youngest son.  His sister Sandy was just a year older and he has two older brothers.  Pat and Mike.
  We call him Danny.  His friends call him Dan.
Danny is the middle child of seven children... 
He is my youngest son and he was born July 9, 1960 when his father was on his way overseas.  It was just Danny and I.  We did it all alone.  It was awful not having his  Daddy there.
I had three other little ones at home waiting for the new baby.  All under the age of 6. The oldest was just starting Kindergarten.
The San Diego Union put a large photo of the two of us in the paper and titled it "Daddy hasn't seen him..."  This was wired to his Daddy aboard the ship before Pat ever made it to his destination.
That was the Marine Corp in the 50's. 

 Danny looks so much like his father sometimes that it's ...eerie.  It used to make me cry...
 Each of my children is an "only child"...

Here is another Danny...and then you have..
If there was one part of my life I would live all over would be having my babies.
There were my joy then..and they are my joy now.
I adore them..
Danny is the one that lost his kidneys due to his job working in furniture finishing from age 15. His sister, Erin, gave him one of hers..
Just a peek into my life...
I want to gather them all under my wings....God understands!


  1. Dear Sweet Mona, you are truly blessed with such a wonderful family.
    I had wanted a large family but I only got one that lived and I am so thankful for my son Shaun and his daughter Kelly. Hold them all close dear friend.

  2. oh my...he does look so much like pat! pat was such a dapper looking irishman! what a couple the two of you were!

  3. He's quite the handsome man! You have reason to be proud of your whole family! Lovely post!

  4. Oh he looks like so much fun. Our children are such a blessing and so much fun to have around. Such fabulous fun and so many precious memories. Hugs, Marty

  5. Handsome SON! What a blessing to have those memories of when he was born:) ALL of your children are SO lucky to have you as their Mama! Hugs coming your way sweet friend!

  6. What a handsome young man..and he does look just like his Dad! I'm glad he was given a kidney from his sister. My brother had a transplant and has done great. Your family seems like a fun are one lucky lady!

  7. How sweet to the ears to hear a mother's love for her child. Thank you for this beautiful post.

  8. Very handsome and does look like his father. You have so much love for your family.

  9. Mona - I have tears in my eyes reading this post. Happy Birthday to your Danny. Your son is very handsome and I think he looks a lot like his Dad. I, too, have four "only" children. They are all unique and special to me. xo Diana

  10. You have a beautiful family and this one is the spitting image of his dad.

  11. The resemblance of father and son is uncanny. Such a touchingly lovely post...poignant in the depth of emotion shared. A wonderful, proud Mother...a family of which to be justifiably proud, too!

    Hugs, Desiree xx

  12. Oops! And of course, Happy Birthday, Danny!!!

  13. Oh, my goodness, Mona...he DOES look so much like his daddy. Amazing....

  14. Danny is very appealing. No wonder you love him so... You have really seen life, haven't you Mona? Inside out and back to front, you've seen it all!!! Blessings x

  15. What a sweet post, Mona. I can tell there is a lot of love in your family and it starts with the mommy...Christine

  16. What a precious post. I'm sure Danny feels your love whether he is present or far away. Your love overflows......

  17. Haha - is he married - would love to introduce him to Kelly! He is cute. You have a lovely family. sandie

  18. Mona, as always, you take us deep into your feelings and your family and the joys and painful memories. Belated birthday wishes to your son, Danny, and keep those memories close always.

  19. I have come back and read this post twice, having forgot to leave a message. I do love all your photos, but especially love the last photo of "dapper Danny" - what a handsome fellow, as much like your Pat. I have always enjoyed your posts about your family and the way you write about them stays on one's mind. Have a wonderful day lol

  20. What a lovely post:). Your son looks like a joy!




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