Friday, August 9, 2013


We spend so much time in our bedrooms..and I sometimes wonder if we even realize how much.
I know I didn't until lately. 
I love this little room..
Tiny teapot for fresh flowers, and some favorite magazines.. 
The crocheted white afghan was an ebay find for just $10 and I love it!  It is a perfect weight and so soft.
The tiny hooked pillow was something my daughter, Maryalice was going to get rid of ..I rescued it.
The tray was handpainted by Roses and Relic's on ebay.  Bea's things are everywhere in my home.

The roses entwined on the headboard are very old and made of some really interesting material.
A thrift store find.  Vintage Flair here in Riverside.  Tanza and Marydon visited it with me.
I keep scarves in the boxes. 
Notice the bi fold door on my bathroom?  What a time I had getting used to that!
The bedroom set is by Bob Timberlake.  I have had it about 15 years is all. 
The photo of the little toddler is my Sandy.

The quit rack is another garage sale item that I painted a long time ago...and the quilt on it is a thrift store find.  Most everything in this room is second hand.  Except the bedspread. 
(notice how neatly the pillow is placed! lol)

Me in one of my old hats that I have collected.
Mirrored closet doors help give the room a feeling of spaciousness.

This old trunk was found in the attic of my best friends home.  She didn't want it so gave it to me.
I repapered the inside after days of sitting in the sun..
I have had it about forty years now.  It is filled with baby books, and keeps sakes from my babies tiny years.  I found a key for it by going to a locksmith and he allowed me to take a huge ring of keys home and try until I found one.  Then I took the ring of keys back to him and paid a quarter for the tiny key.  People have been so kind to me in my life. 
I am grateful.
And lastly.. 
...and this is a picture of my "haunted" mirror.  Or at least I call it that.  After three tries, I was finally able to download one of the three photo's of it.  Each picture of the mirror has a different marking on it.  Sometimes an X, sometimes a oval and sometimes a sort of smiling face.  It only allowed me to show this one.  I have no idea where this mirror came from.  It somehow ended up in my two son's first apartment, someone gave it to them, and was painted light green at one time.  My son Mike refinished it..and gave it to me.  Once while it lay on my bed, a bolt of electricity went from one end to the other..making my girlfriend and I jump back. 
Why do I still have it?.  :)  Oh...who knows.  It's just a thing that stays around .and I like it.
I treat it with great respect!! 
S'bedtime!  So g'nite!


  1. Goodmorning Mona - I love your bedroom set, the chest, the colours and the photos, the teapot on the small tray with a book nicely placed there to read. This is all just lovely. I am presently looking at the photo of dressers and you in the hat - now, is that hat the same one hanging on the bifold door -- ooh -- now I see another hat by the mirror - maybe that's it.I really like the quilt rack - I am always on the outlook for one of those. I love the colours on the quilts and shams and the old phone. Now,the haunted mirror is really neat. What an interesting morning I have had reading my first post of the day. Good morning to PH and pat on the head to sweet Mele. Have a great day.

  2. thnks for the tour. you have some great finds! that quilt that you found at the thrift store is wonderful!!!

  3. Fun post Mona! I love all of the pretties in your bedroom! Sweet collection of memorabilia and thrify finds! Have a blessed day dear friend, stay away from that spooky mirror:) HUGS!

  4. What a pretty room! I love that you have lots of memories there. The picture of your Sandy is adorable. Makes me want to frame one of my own to hang. Would that be weird of me? Interesting story about the mirror! It looks lovely, but I might be weirded out by it. Brave you! Have a delightful weekend!

  5. That is a gorgeous room - I love pink and you love pink. I love the quilts and you must too. Love the way you described everything and told us about it. And you got to meet Marydon - cool! Love it. sandie

  6. Mona, The bedroom looks calming . That's good. Quilts are nice to cover with. xoxo,Susie

  7. Lovely---rosy and cozy.

    And of all the beautiful, colorful, pink-and-rose and lacy and sweet and romantic and comforting things that we two must have between the two of us---guess what we SHARE?!

    That plain old iron-strap travelin' trunk---sturdy and time-worn and strong as rocks.

    Mine's up in Sweetpea's room, and I laughed and called to Chris, "Do you recognize THIS?" when I saw it.

    Funny and sorta companionable, somehow, isn't it? Mine was fifty dollars at a yard sale ten years ago, out on the Old Post Road (Highway 40, which runs all the way across the country, I think, and is just a mile or so South of our house). I like to think she traveled and had a wonderful time, with at least one Trans-Atlantic crossing.

  8. Hi my sweet friend,
    Like I ALWAYS tell you, LOVE when you share !! ALWAYS soooo PRETTY !!! And again, I can say , I've been right there by you !! Everything looks soo cozy and pretty !! STILL LOVE those pictures from The pretty Victoria BLISS store !! I fell in love with those instantly !! I'm sooo happy that you STILL LOVE Roses and PINKS !! Such a girlie thing !!
    People change what they like all the time, and, I just can't quit loving what truly warms my heart !! I ALWAYS have and WILL hopefully NOT want to change it all out !! Sooo many collections and just treasures to me !!
    Well sweetie, hope this finds you feeling well, and doing what you love to do !! Keep making pretty:)
    love you as always ~Tanza~xo

  9. Your bedroom is very pretty. I love the trunk with the beribboned boxes sitting on it. All of the pretty roses in your bedroom make it look like a garden.

    The mirror is great with its oval wooden frame, but I can see what you mean about the distortion in the reflection in it, and when I read about you and your friend seeing the lightning in it, I got chills. Years ago, I read a book about a mirror that was a kind of time portal. I believe it was titled The Mirror. I remember it being a good read.

  10. You have a very pretty bedroom. And I just love your bedspread.
    Enjoy your Sunday!

  11. Dear Mona, Thankyou for the nosey around your delightful boudoir! Everything in there has obviously been placed with love and it really works well! So pretty and fresh. Great post as per usual! xxx

  12. Thanks Mona for letting me cozy up with you!

    Be well my friend . . . take care with that sore back!

  13. Dearest Mona!
    Another week has flown by...I have not forgotten my promise to send some photos, but time runs from me all the time!
    I love your pretty bedroom filled with so many darling treasures and mementos. So YOU! That mirror intrigues me and I am glad it allowed you to share its picture again. Wouldn't it be great to know its story and secrets.
    Sandy was such a beautiful little girl. Adorable!
    Loved seeing a close up of you modelling your vintage hat.
    As always, a treat to visit you! Thank you for opening your heart and home to us all. You enrich the world 😘
    Loving hugs, Des xxx

  14. Your bedroom looks like a wonderful place to enjoy sweet dreams, Mona. Thanks for the tour in photos and words. Thrift store finds are the best, I agree.

  15. Hi Mona,
    Such a lovely room, I adore it. All the quilts and soft linens. Such a dreamy room.
    Sending love, Elizabeth

  16. What a cozy and lovely bedroom....I wonder why as we age, we spend more and more time in our bedrooms?? :)
    I love to snugle in bed and watch tv and snack...especially in the wintertime.
    I am having fun getting things ready for the new bedroom. It's so big...I've never had such a large bedroom before. Hope I can make it as pretty as yours. We've got rid of so much stuff, I am buying a few new things that I am lovin' sooo much.:)

  17. How perfect to find such a wonderful bedroom. I am on a quest to make mine nicer and not the forgotten room where I stash everything.
    I love quilts and yours are so pretty.



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