Thursday, May 2, 2013


Every single one is precious!

Our trusty exterminators will be here in the morning.  The nice lady said he would treat the soil in the wheelbarrow and give the garden shed a going over!  STAYING out of there anyway.  My little gardening tools are right under my potting bench on the patio as is plant food etc.  So...nipped that in the bud (almost!)  
Last week I added this little red Bistro set to the patio.  It looks very fragile but believe me, it is NOT!  It is very, very heavy and not too much fun to move around. 
At least I know a guest isn't going to fall over when sitting in it.  It does demand some light weight chair pads though, don't you think?
See Mele out there soaking up the rays on the new mown grass!  My little girl is doing well.
No sign of any trouble.  Thank heavens!
I tell myself that I don't need to get out and walk Mele..she is tiny has plenty of room to get her exercise.  (Well, that's what I tell myself anyway..)
I have some snapshots of this and that...none that are interesting enough to bore you I am off to bed. 
One last thing...but most importantly...our dear
friend Balisha is in trouble.   She is the dearest and nicest lady ever, and very private, but her son is desperately ill and on life support..and she is terrified.  PLEASE, if you have a moment, go visit her and offer her your heart felt support.  She is shy about asking for your prayers...and I know exactly how she feels as my family and I have just gone through, and are still going through a difficult time.
Balisha is at NEVER ENOUGH TIME and I cannot seem to get a link to her.  She is on my PLEASE take a moment to do that?  I would love you for it..
My love to all of you..


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  2. I just finished putting the bag of potting soil outside!

    That little red bistro set is just perfect there on your patio. Your yard looks so lush and pretty. Miss Mele looks regal sunning herself in the grass. I am glad that she is doing well. Her coat is gorgeous. Fuzzy gets so hot in the sun because of his black fur, even though he doesn't have the thick coat that Mele does. I like your new header with the little door and Mele, too.

    Our weather here has been strange. Colder than normal and then two days in the high 80s and now rain and cold again. They are saying possibility of snow in parts of Missouri. No snow in St. Louis, though. Thank goodness. All of these changes are hard on my plants.

    I was able to leave a comment for Balisha yesterday I am keeping her son, her, and her family in my prayers.

  3. Love that sweet bistro set! Happy that you are getting your problem fixed:) I will pray for your friend and her family! Have a blessed day my friend, HUGS!

  4. that set is perfect for your patio! i will hope over there now!

  5. Love your little red patio set and yes, some rose flowered seat pillows would be perfect . . .

    I left a message for your friend with prayers for her Tim and family.

  6. I have just been over to your darling frien to give her all the support I can.
    Your red table and chairs look so good. Yess a soft cushion would be good.

  7. I love the bistro set...I have one in black and would love a bright color like happy. Mele looks so happy out in the grass. We take Milo for a walk once in awhile and he is so worn out when we get home!! Chasing squirrels in the yard doesn't seem to be enough exercise!

    I do follow Balisha's blog and I'm heartbroken over what she is going through. I hope we get good news soon.


  8. OH, Mona...You are so sweet. I come here to pass the time. I never knew that there were so many hours in a day. Tim hasn't improved, but we are still hopeful. Thanks for your prayers and everyone else's.
    After what you've been through...I hate to add more grief to your life, but I guess we "Moms" can handle most anything.We are tough when the going gets rough.
    Hugs to a special online friend,

  9. Mele makes such gorgeous lawn art! She should lay there all the time. LOL Gorgeous backyard and patio you have, Mona! Love it very much.

  10. I love the bistro set. It's beautiful.

    I'll stop by and visit your friend, and will be praying for them as well.

  11. Ooh, I do love the "Bistro" and so lovely in red. I think you should add a pillow seat to each - h-m-m-m, I wonder whatever colour you will pick - good to hear Mele is doing well and I love your long shot of the yard. I have just sent a note to your friend Balisha and family. Take care dear Mona.

  12. Love your Bistro set Mona.It looks so pretty on your patio. Thanks for the heads up on Balisha's son and I will be praying for him. Have a lovely weekend.

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  14. I will be praying for her - I will go over and tell her so. sandie

  15. Glad your buggies are under control and hopefully you won't have to go through that again! I love that red bistro would look perfect at my house! (don't worry, I live way to far away to "borrow" it!) I stopped at your friend's blog to offer a prayer. I hope she can find some comfort and peace during this difficult time. Have a good weekend Mona!

  16. I have really loved my little red bistro set!
    Your's is adorable Mona and your yard is so pretty.
    I think of you and your family so often, sending hugs and prayers too.

  17. I do like that bistro set! I was thinking the other day that I really should buy somnething like that to my garden. But it's a bit early to sit outside for any longer period of time yet.

    Have a great day!


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