Saturday, May 4, 2013


Had a little message from blogger friend, Mellodee @ Mellodee musings  today and nearly fell off my chair.  I won't quote her...but trust me, it was funny.  We were discussing..aging..
You know?  Well, some of you out there don't, but at my age it begins to get tedious. 
And PLEASE don't write to me about some old lady (and you will say she is young!) my age is out there running the Iron Man Marathon.  I just don't wanna hear it! 

This morning..(it was one of THOSE mornings)..I got up and when it began to get light I went out and began cleaning out that blasted flower bed. 
What I have attemped to do in the past...(and never finished) was take my weeder tool, go out and sit down and start the back breaking task of pulling, not just weeds, but grass.  The kind with runners?
It looked like the lawn had jumped the curb and just filled in....and it had!
It was something I never finished, nor did PH.  ( I MUST find a better name for him..PH sort of sounds "medical" doesn't it?)  so anyway...

Suddenly it came to me what Grandaddy used to do..Dad too.  I was working way too hard and by Christmas it wouldn't be done. 
Yesterday we watered well..and the ground was all nice.  So I got my shovel and went to work.  I just loosened the soil and it was so easy, all the way to the Cyprus tree and then got my big red bucket and my bug smashing gloves and went to work.
All I did was pick up the grass and weeds, shake it and toss it in the bucket.  Total time probably less than a half hour.  Well, perhaps an hour.  I can't remember...but whatever!  It was done in no time flat!

I am watering again and tomorrow these poor sad half dead things (it's hot here!) are going in the ground after I toss in a bag of potting soil to richen it up a bit.  I was going to Home Depot..but now I'm not.
Well, :) perhaps just to look?

The wheelbarrow?  It's around the corner.  All of that potting soil is going in the trash.  There could be buggy eggs in it...I know it might sound wasteful..but..I just cannot bring myself to use it.

I feel like I've run the Iron Man marathon!  I collapsed with a diet coke with ice. 
I'm ok.  Not to call 911 or anything like that.  I just look half dead, I'm really not!  All that hard breathing and staggering around is normal for me.

Big hugs,

P.S.  OH HOW I want to share what Mellodee said.....LOL



  1. Oh the flower bed looks amazing, we have some bermuda grass in ours too, It really does jump the curb and take over everything. Your plants will be so happy with some good soil and a little water. Looking good. Hugs, Marty

  2. Ha Ha, I can imagine what Mellodee said. What a clever idea to loosen the soil first. I have a patch of sword fern that has mutiplied so much and is soooo hard to pull up. It cuts your fingers. Then there are all those bulby things underneath. grrrrr.

  3. While shopping at a local garden center this weekend, I noticed all kinds of little ornaments and things that you could use in your fairy gardens. I didn't know that kind of thing was so popular, but they sure had some darling miniatures that I'm sure you would just love. You gardens are so sweet, I'd just love to come and sit with you and have a Diet Coke with ice. Happy Gardening! You are inspiring me to get busy.

  4. Hi Sweetness,
    EVERYTHING looks WONDERFUL !! It is LOTS of hard work !! Love when it pays off !! I just got back from Rogers Gardens !! Such a BEAUTIFUL time of year to visit there !! I always come home soo inspired !!
    We had lunch at Fashion Island, shopped alot there .. LOVE LOVE LOVE Anthropogy store !! Amazing things ... went to Modern Romance .. was able to get a few pieces of darling clothing ... and, finished up at the Gardens ... such a fun-filled day, and, now, I too am pooped !!
    You have to share what your friend wrote .. we all need a laugh, I can only imagine .. you DO look amazing Mona, your full of fun, love, and sooo much energy !! Love all your shares my friend .. keep them coming ..
    Have a beautiful wee-end, and kick up your heels now ~~
    Love to you ~Tanza~ xo

  5. Oh, please do share.

    Wonderful progress for one day. amazing what we can do when we set our minds to it.

    PH could stand for Precious Hubby, Pretty Hot, Permanently Happy and Perpetually Handsome...depending on your mood so I wouldn't change a thing.

  6. The flower bed looks wonderful! And Mona, I really don't even think it's so much age that makes garden work difficult at times, so many of us develop of love for gardening later in life, when it slows down a bit! I really think that it's a hobby (job) that just makes us use different muscles and movements that we just aren't used to. The hardest part for me is bending and using my lower back to lift...I am so out of shape and I have a bad back.

    Well enough excuses. I have to admit that hubby does a lot of the heavy work. I will remember your shovel tip, I'm used to the crouching and pulling method myself!


  7. Your garden is beautiful and I think it's good to work hard - sweat - but no iron man run for me either. sandie

  8. I've spent the day outside doing just what you are...pulling weeds, moving dirt and mulch and planting..and I'm whipped! Yesterday in surgery we did a procedure on a lady who was 100! She fell off her skateboard! OK, just kidding about the skateboard, but she is 100! One of the nurses was commenting on how "cute" this elderly lady was...Oh brother..I think we all start out life "cute"...then we grow up and if we live to be 100 we become cute again, wear diapers, eat soft foods, need someone to help us do everything, get pushed in a wheelchair instead of a is just one big circle if you just live long enough to be "cute" again! Have a fun day you young chicky babe!

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  10. I know exactly how you feel about weeding. I finally had to pay more for the gardener to weed because I cannot get down on my knees and work.I have been in the garden also except Thursday and Friday, it was to darn hot.
    Glad you got rid of your little bugs.
    Have a great Sunday.

  11. good job mona! gardening is such good exercise. i am up early and waiting for the first light to get out there and get started! we need rain so bad!

  12. The sight of you crawling around on the ground, weeding those "runners" that jumped the curb . . . is the sight you would see if you were looking at me. I think my knee caps are bruised . . . The results are worth it though aren't they! Looking very nice Mona . . . By the way, I think you should share the "almost fell off the chair" funny . . . WAITING!

  13. Cannot wait to hear about that "almost fell off the chair" - I would like to share that laughter and by the comments above me the others would too. ha,ha We are all ironwomen in our own ways, whether we are running a marathon, etc, or weeding, planting, painting, staining, digging, washing, ironing, or cooking delicious meals, wiping runny noses, cleaning and giving forever hugs, RIGHT!
    You did a great job, and that was a big job. BTW, I like PH as a name. We all know it means patient husband and I think it fits him very well.
    Have a wonderful day

  14. Yes that's the way to do it, dry ground is almost impossible to work with and a good job You did!

    Have a great day!

  15. Very neat and tidy Mona. I've been doing the same thing but my soil is so dry. It definitely helps to water it first. Those weeds just slide out given the right conditions, right?

  16. Well Ms. Mona, your hard work SURE paid off! Looking very nice out there! Isn't it nice to have someone make you laugh? Yes, it is! HUGS to you sweet friend!


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