Wednesday, May 1, 2013


Today was the day!  No more putting it off...I mean it's silly!  Such a small task..really simple.  So...
since I had another wheelbarrow that we don't use (garage sale for $5:) which has been sitting around for four years...WITH a flat tire..I had Patient Husband fix the flat (bless his heart)  drill the bottom full of nice  holes for good drainage.   I am starting another little mini garden to wheel about the yard.  I have plants from last season that never got planted.  Poor little things!  Their plastic pots were breaking apart, they were drying out and wilting those are going in.  NO idea what else..but it's a start.  I will let you know how it goes.

This is a much larger wheelbarrow than the last one.  The sides are all faded but you can see it was once  a rather pretty blue.  I decided to let it be..We shall see what a little WD-40  can do for it. 
Should I paint it or leave it all chippy?  Right now I guess it's staying chippy.
Yes, yes, I know.  I do a lot of digressing!
 I was hot into getting this done!  ON a mission!  I wheeled out my little light weight, handy dandy, lady like wheelbarrow and headed for the shed.  PH told me there is a nice big sack of potting soil there just waiting to be used..AND so it was!  Delightful!
I reach into the dim garden shed and drag out the garden soil...and with a mighty HEAVE I get it into my little wheelbarrow and head to the back 40 where my heavy duty wheelbarrow is waiting.  Things are going beautifully. 
I grab the big bag of soil and get the top ripped open wide enough to dump the entire bag in.  I dump  the entire contents in neat as can be...and then I SCREAM bloody murder!  Cockroaches..EVERYWHERE!!!
BIG ones, medium ones, tiny ones!!!
  I start slapping with my gloved hands..they simply CANNOT get away from me..up the sides they run..SMASH!  They try to dig into the soil and escape.  HUGE handfuls of soil I grab and SMASH!!  I swat, I squish I pulverize, I cringe and swat some more...and finally, things look calm.  I am breathing like I had just run a complete half block!
It's quiet..I take my little trowel and turn over soil..MORE run out and dash for the sides..some burrow!  I don't budge I keep right on squashing and shuttering...and ..ok, there were a few choice words there for the neighbors to hear (I hoped they were not home!) but I kept turning the soil and breaking up the clods and smashing!!  
I was on a total "search and destroy!"  Not a single prisoner was taken!!
Then I stood and watched, eyes darting this way and I  cringed and shuddered... 
Why didn't I spray them?  Are you kidding?  The wheelbarrow was right next to the house!!
NOT a single nasty critter was allowed to escape. 
Not once did I yell for Patient Husband.  HE would have said.."don't get excited.  I'll go get the spray!"  and wandered calmly off!   No! 
I did what was best.  I SMASHED them. 
Please don't tell me you are a naturalist or that they are a protected species..ok?
I am calling the terminator...I mean exterminator out in the morning!
Big hugs,
P.S. I hope to heavens PH didn't hear me curse!  He never said a word when he finally arrived to see what all the ruckus was about.  I KNOW I am going to have nightmares tonight!! :(  I just KNOW it!


  1. I am singing a chorus of , "I am woman, I am strong . . ." just for you!

  2. What a gal... hit'm smack'm and suish'm. Just like you I wouldn't let one live. Where you too out of breath to plant the plants.

  3. Have not seen one of these nasty critters in a long time, but know they don't squish easily. I would have gotten out the spray afterwards AND called in the professional terminators too. Our invasions come in the form of ants because of the dampness and humidity...the exterminator is on my call list here.

  4. Mona the Terminator - you go girlfriend, get 'em! Or "Monanator". Giggle.


  5. I am with you on smashing those critters:) Way to go Mona! Have a blessed and "cockroach free" day:) HUGS!

  6. Oh I can't stand those things either. I would have been just as upset as you only I would have yelled for help. Can't wait to see your new little fairy garden. Hugs, Marty

  7. i would have just died! now i am going to have nightmares too! i sat on an ants nest last week and had them all over me. sometimes gardening is not so much fun!

  8. When we purchased a home in Tempe, AZ in 2004, there was a garden and a garden/potting shed in the backyard. Talk about an infestation of cockroaches. We tore the shed down and had to clean up that entire area of the backyard. What a nightmare for my husband to have to deal with. I NEVER want a potting shed again because the water hose/line is a place that cockroaches love. Nope... never again.

  9. Geese, I don't even want to go one round in the ring with you. ha,ha
    YUCH, YECK, OOK - I HATE COCKROACHES - haven't ever seen one around here - must be too cold for em, but that would just creep me out............and dear Mona using cuss language - what is the world coming to. ha,ha Have a BUG FREE day after the guys spray. Love the wheel barrels and am anticipating how it will all look - I think lovely :)

  10. Now I know why I live in a cold climate! Yucky! I'm battling ants right now and that drives me crazy! Looking forward to seeing your new garden though. Hopefully no more little surprises!

  11. I can't wait for Frank Frazetta to get hold of this one!!

    I can just see our dear Mona, atop a hill, silhouetted against the flaming sky, with a big tank marked "TERMINIX" strapped to your back.

    Would you perhaps be a TERMINATRIX?

    Love and,


  12. OMG I hate those bugs.... We have the BIG Brown Water Bugs which is in the same family. I have nightmares about them.
    So glad you got rid of them. Looking forward to our fairy garden.
    Have a terrific weekend.

  13. They were in the bag......that is terrible. I would have been a mess. We have been catching mice, not any better. Yuck.

  14. Mona, I think I would have ran away. I've never seen a cockroach but I know I would have thought it was a beetle and ran anyway, I hate anything with a hard shell...even ladybugs! You are brave, and it's amazing how strong we can be when faced with an adversary!


  15. I don't think they are on anybody's endangered list!! In fact, they have survived since prehistoric times. I wish they would become endangered so we might finally have a chance of getting rid of them once and for all!! Awful, hateful, ugly, nasty, creepy, horrible creatures!! If they had shown up in potting soil I was going to use, I'd still be running in the other direction! ICKY, ICKY, POO! Shudder!! What a brave girl you are!

  16. Ewww, I have the same aversion to cock roaches. I'm glad you had weapons and gloves. Now this will be a hard earned garden!

    I dub thee, Knight Mona, slayer of dragons!

  17. Oh, what an experience. I would have screamed too.
    Have to tell you, you have the prettiest smile! ~ Sarah

  18. Well, if that doesn't make me start wearing garden gloves when I work in the yard, nothing ever will. I am terrified of cockroaches. I would have been cussing and screaming bloody murder.
    In the spring time around here we have giant flying wood roaches, usually they stay outside, but every other year or so, one will get in the house. They can fly at you. The stuff of nightmares. Luckily, they seem extra sensitive to bug spray.

    Fuzzy thinks he is a big game hunter if a spider or fly gets in the house. He gets my attention and keeps on their trail until I kill them. He is afraid of spiders and acts like they have an odor.

    I'm thinking I am going to get up right now and throw that bag of potting soil I have in my sunroom out the door.

  19. Girl I am sooooooooooooooo proud of you - you go girl -take no prisoners - they can live being sprayed. Get them.sandie


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