Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Since I've been (wrongfully) told that I live in Fairy Tale world,...I've decided to TRY to create
a tiny one for the Grands and me...ok..and precocious little neighbor girl that lives across the street.  Nothing too extensive..simple..little...
 My little garage sale wheelbarrow that I love, will be the home of my Fairies!
AND I can move it around... *doin' a little delighted chair dance here!!*

A sweet blogger I visited..had made a Fairy Garden of one of
once I remove the remenents of last years annuals which are just along the edge, I will plants baby tears..some a few things I have bought and some more I will have to find..and
be on my way....hopefully. 

 I remembered that in my shed I had stored a little house. I went in search of it..

..and finally found it..(I'm not the most organized person!)
I also found a nice flat stone for the front porch..
I am going to add a bit of garden soil and moss..remove all those tiny dead leaves..
I've ordered just the right stones...for, you know..the pathway?
(I think)

Is this not sweet?  I am in love with this tiny soon as I get the moss for the floor I will show you the sweet..

Now...all I have to do is DO IT!  (the glaring spot is my hand pulling the flowers aside so you can see the front of the little dwelling.  The door opens and closes sweet. 

I WILL stick to this project...I just have to do some searching for a few things I want.. little people.  I've already looked at them and so far...nothing really seemed right.

NOW we are getting to WHY I start things and then regret it, however I've wanted to do this for a long, long we'll see.

Anyone ever made one of these?  I have to go back and find my blogging friend that has one already made! 
Tomorrow I'm off shops to find the floor to go inside the little house and a soft mossy carpet of ....something for my Fairies to walk on..
I can see it all now..tiny bridges, little benches....ponds...ok..I'm outa control already...:)

Luv'n hugs!

So...did you know...that the morning dew is just Druid diamonds carelessly dropped by Fairies??


  1. Oh I love it! I have made fairy gardens before and have already planned to make them with 4 of my grandchildren within the next week or so.Thank-you for the inspiration, and a little chuckle, I love the comments you add to your posts about yourself!

  2. Fairys should live in every garden, they need a home to work their magic in. My friend has one for her children. They made a path going up to a door on a tree trunk, with tiny fairy's hiding under toad stools and a few glitter sprinkles. The children love it. They collect fairy's from the charity stores.
    Go for it Mona.

  3. you know what would be so cool? they now have florescent paint and florescent pebbles. you could add some so this all glows in the dark. i love fairie gardens.

  4. Oh I love it! I could tip-toe into that teeny tiny house and stay for weeks:) Have a blessed day, and YES I start things all the time and regret it but so happy when it is complete! HUGS!

  5. I am doing the same thing with the grandkids as soon as I can get them all here. MyHero threw out my crusty,rusty old wheelbarrow- (I could have smothered him in his sleep but, sadly, that is illegal in my state). So I need to find a base for it now. Good luck- can't wait to see yours- xo Diana

  6. I am seeing quite a few fairy gardens around blogland. I must say, I've never heard of them until lately. Hmmm, what will yours look like? I adore your little fairy house too. Too cute!

  7. Oh Mona, your garden is going to be fabulous. I love your little house, how wonderful is that. The fairies are going to love their new home. Hugs, Marty

  8. Oh, that little door is so stinkin' cute! And you know, as we age we are allowed to live in fairyland and make believe if we choose to. You have raised your children, cared for husbands, loved grandbabies and kept a gorgeous house. So who says you can't do what you want to at this point in life?

  9. Now fairies will be even MORE welcome on your lawn! That's a perfect little house, and the door would be charming, just on its own against a tree trunk or the edge of a house.

    You're a wonderful hostess, no matter how small the guest, and Fairy-Barrow is going to be a splendid estate.


  10. You say no little people but sweetie, as soon as you doll the charmin' little house up as I know only you can, you'll have fairies linin' up round the block to move in!!!

    This is gonna be fun!!!

    God bless ya beautiful Mona and have a fabulously fun day!!! :o)

  11. Very cute! I hope there were no fairies in my garden this morning...we had frost! This project will make everyone who sees it smile.

  12. I guess that is my holiday home for the summer. Imagine all the greenery and pretty colours and I could put a swing on that stone. I love the fairy gardens, and we have a "Gnome Home" in our garden, built with beach driftwood and shells. I must take a photo and share. Love this.

  13. That is so very very pretty. I love the flowers your picked - every thing looked so nice. Bet you had fun!

  14. What a nice generous offer from the lady to give you a hat! And a nice one too! I love the idea of creating your fairy garden in a wheelbarrow. Very charming. I can't wait to see your final result. I'm sure you'll have loads of fun creating it.

  15. I love the sweet home for your fairies! It's perfect! Sweet fairy hugs, my friend!

  16. I have just a lit lit one, just one fairy and a big mushroom and a tiny rock...and lit purple pansys and a piece of blue and white glass from my great grandmother. I would like to a larger one but can't find fairy's to easy. I love the wheel barrow Idea. keep us posted...with love Janice


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