Monday, May 14, 2012


Saturday morning found us bumper to bumper on the notorious 91 Freeway between Riverside and the beach cities out here in Southern California.  A GIANT parking lot.  At the point I took the photo's we were once again moving..but then all of a sudden...STOP! 
I was trying not to slam my foot into the Patient Husband began to look grim!

I cannot IMAGINE why! 
 This is my daughter's french toast cassorole all loaded with pecan..(I WISH I had my new camera!)
I love this baking dish in very soft apple green...I would steal it, but she would just come and get something of mine... THAT girl! :)   Yeah, yeah, I's blurry!  Sorry..
I'm not sure what this is?  But I know it's eggs and potato's, with cheese  and a slice of avacado on top.  It was delicious.
I forgot to take photo's until it was nearly too usual.

 The guys out on the patio smoking a cigar and bonding.  Not sure what this is all about because not one of us smokes.  ???

Little Great Granddaughter Emily..checking out my camera.  I let her her use it to take pictures and was surprised when she knew exactly how to turn it on..and then to hit the right button to snap a photo..and...took better pictures than I do!  Oh well...
I love this!  It was sitting on my daughters table.  The tiny gardening tools and wheelbarrow..
Now I am on the hunt for these...

Just looking for things to snap...see me in the mirror.
This is a marble topped antique HUGE hutch.
This was a pre Mother's Day luncheon...
Sunday we joined the rest of my children..
I hope your mothers day was as sweet as mine.
Love and hugs,
I didn't blog about my mother..but I think of her often..and I miss her every single day. 
If I could just call her and tell her all that has happened since she left us.  How good that would be.
Her favorite song was "In The Garden" and it just now began playing.. :) 
She knows. 

A favorite meme of mine...hosted by Marty @ A STROLL THRU LIFE..


  1. I love that little cloche! Now I am going to have to try to make one like it because I love it so much ~ oh and that French toast too. Yummo!!

    Susan and Bentley

  2. Hi Mona,
    Wow! That cloche is just about the most charming thing and I love the other pics too.
    Your grand-daughter is so adorable!
    That traffic, oh my, I am not used to that.
    Big Hugs my dear,

  3. My brother in law does the same thing: when the guys come over, they go outside and have a cigar. Yet none of them smoke! I do love the gardening tools under the cloche too. Charming. Have a great week.

  4. Hi Mona,

    I will e-mail you with information where you can find the miniature gardening tools.


  5. Awful traffic, I so feel for you. I am in love with the cloche and the little tools - so cute!! So is your granddaughter.
    Found you from TTT and am now following - looking forward to visiting often.

  6. Men! i love the cloche too. so sweet!

  7. I see someone else has your flair for decorating. I love that green glass.

  8. Thank you for sharing this post. There were so many interesting vignettes in it. I am so glad that you had a wonderful Mother's Day week-end.

  9. My darling Mona, how lovely is your daughters home. She has taken after you in her tasteful decorating.
    I'm glad you had a great day.

  10. Loved the ornaments arranged so prettily in these photos. Wished my place looked as dust free and shiney. Oh well, perhaps one day it will. Thanks for sharing.

  11. What a nice post! I too wish I could call my Mom one more time. I bet I will always feel that way! Glad you had a nice Mother's Day, I did too!

  12. It looks like you had a wonderful day -great food and family. What more could you ask for? One of my favorite old songs, too...In The Garden~ Blessings- xo Diana

  13. Family and food....can't be beat.
    Hate that kind of traffic...:(

  14. Ahhh..traffic. The only thing I don't miss from living in Chicago. We do have Amish horse and buggies that can cause a bit of a slow down. Yawn..we are boring! Looks like a fun Mother's day weekend for you. The cigar thing happens with my brothers..I don't get it myself. But they all look relaxed!

  15. I knew you would be on the hunt for that adorable cloche and the minature tools put it all together so beautifully. The traffic - wouldn't know about that - not for me - I do not know how you guys can sit in those bumper to bumper lineups and on the freeway - YIKES. The only line up we ever had here is for folks lining up to cross the border and now that has fallen way back too.
    Our boys n Dad used to smoke pipes - they never got into the cigar thing, however it is definately a male bonding thing, eh.

  16. What a beautiful post! It looks like you had a lovely day despite the traffic:).



  17. Oh Mona, sounds like such a great day. I love those tiny tools under the cloche too. You have such a lovely family and I am so happy you had a great Mothers Day. Thanks for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

  18. The business of the Ponderosa has been callin' me away from the computer. I wanted to post a Mother's Day post but it hasn't happened yet. I'm not givin' up yet! Heeehehehe!

    What a beautiful Mother's Day ya'll had. I had to laugh 'bout the cigar statement..."but none of 'em smoke"!

    Men...we'll never figure 'em out will we? :o)

    Your little Emily gets cuter by the hour girl! She must take after her great~grandma!!!

    God bless ya and have a wonderful Wednesday my gorgeous friend.

  19. Mona, belated Mom's Day wishes to you on what looked like a wonderful family time, despite the CA traffic jam.

  20. Mona, I love the cloche too...I never knew that it was called that..learn something everyday...the little tools are adorable...if you find out where to get them can you please daughters house looks like its lovely and granddaughter looks so sweet...with love Janice


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